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Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge when you cannot regularly visit your favourite gym. But, for serious fitness enthusiasts, a complete home gym is the solution.

There are many rowing machines to choose from but if you are looking for the very best indoor rower for your own home, I’ve got a list of the best rowing machines in Australia to help you furnish it. Read our buying guide, too, and learn the factors you need to know before purchasing one.

Top 6 Best Rowing Machines in Australia for 2023

A rower or indoor rowing machine is among the best home gym equipment to add to your arsenal.

Aside from keeping you in shape, rowing can help burn calories and tone your upper and lower body. With this at home, you get a full-body workout anytime!

The best part is, a rowing machine is a low-impact home gym equipment with adjustable tension controls. This way, you can use your rower no matter what your fitness level or goal may be.

But like any home gym equipment like the exercise bike, there are several rowing machines available in the market. Aside from rowing machine brands, their design, size and resistance levels also vary.

So, to make decision-making a bit easier, I’ve shortlisted some rowers. Now all you need to do is compare these indoor rowing machines and match them with your requirements!

Here are the best rowing machines in Australia.

Image Brand/Model Resistance Storage Design My Rating Where to Buy
Lifespan Rower 760 Water Resistance Foldable 4.9/5
Air Resistance Upright with quick-release frame lock mechanism 4.8/5
Magnetic Resistance Foldable 4.7/5
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Lifespan Rower-445 Rowing Machine - non hydraulic Magnetic Resistance Foldable 4.6/5
Air and Magnetic Resistance Foldable 4.5/5
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Air Magnetic Resistance Foldable 4.4/5
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Image Lifespan Rower 760
Resistance Water Resistance
Storage Design Foldable
My Rating 4.9/5
Where to Buy
Resistance Air Resistance
Storage Design Upright with quick-release frame lock mechanism
My Rating 4.8/5
Where to Buy
Resistance Magnetic Resistance
Storage Design Foldable
My Rating 4.7/5
Where to Buy
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Image Lifespan Rower-445 Rowing Machine - non hydraulic
Resistance Magnetic Resistance
Storage Design Foldable
My Rating 4.6/5
Where to Buy
Resistance Air and Magnetic Resistance
Storage Design Foldable
My Rating 4.5/5
Where to Buy
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Resistance Air Magnetic Resistance
Storage Design Foldable
My Rating 4.4/5
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Lifespan Rower 760 Rowing Machine

Lifespan Fitness ROWER-760 Water Resistance Foldable Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for the best water rowing machine in Australia, we recommend the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760. Perfect for simulating on-water rowing at home, this reasonably priced machine also folds in half to save space.

Heavy-Duty Construction

This stunning oak wood rowing machine has a heavy-duty polypropylene fibre and latex cord to withstand intense workouts.

That means frequent repairs or costly replacements are the least of your worries. Its belt-drive system is also a huge plus.

Water rowers are typical noisemakers. But the belt drive can help minimise the overall noise, allowing you to enjoy the water sound the machine makes.

The robust frame of this indoor rower also supports up to 200 kg of maximum weight – perfect even for large-built users.

However, note that this equipment takes up a lot of room (220 x 52 x 56.5 cm) and is quite heavy (37 kg). So, before buying, find a dedicated space for it so you can work out comfortably.

Ideally, place it somewhere away from direct sunlight to prevent algae growth.

Ergonomic Design

The Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety. For instance, I find its two-rail design stable, especially when I row back and forth.

Rather than a cushion, this one has a contoured, ergonomic seat, which I think is more durable and long-lasting.

The padded handle also ensures your hands stay blister-free.

Realistic Rowing Experience

The Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 is your best alternative to on-water rowing. Aside from the Zen-like water sound, this machine has a natural resistance system.

Each stroke is smooth and has zero feedback delay. That only means this indoor rower can give you an authentic rowing experience and a good workout in one go.

Suits Any Fitness Level

One of the advantages of using a water indoor rower is infinite resistance. You can row fast or slow based on your fitness capacity.

That means the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 works for beginners and rowing pros alike. Experienced users can row faster for optimum cardio benefits.

On the other hand, newbies can use this machine to master the rowing basics and progress to more challenging workouts later.

Easy to Set Up and Use

One thing I like about the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 is the quick assembly and straightforward operation.

This indoor rower has minimal parts and comes partially assembled. The instruction manual is also easy to follow and downloadable from its product page.

You’ll need batteries to power up its computer display, though. This part tracks essential metrics like distance, speed, and time, displaying them in easy-to-read figures.

There is no touchscreen for this indoor rower or built-in connectivity. However, you can use its phone holder and Internet access to play music, movies, or programs from fitness apps.

After use, you can fold the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 in half and use the transport wheels to push it to a corner.

Compared with upright storage, I find this space-saving design safer and more manageable for all users. Plus, I don’t have to worry about ceiling heights.

Compatible with Multiple Fitness Apps

Are you a fan of virtual fitness programs? With the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760, applying modern variations to your rowing routine should be easy.

All you have to do is download your favourite app, use the built-in phone holder of your machine, and start rowing virtually.

The Rower 760 also works with several fitness apps, so you’ll never run out of new routes to try. Some of these compatible apps are:

  • Fitlink allows you to create a custom track by drawing on the map and experience live tracking as you tread your designed route.
  • Kinomap lets you train on different tracks, watch coaching videos, and monitor complete fitness metrics.
  • Zwift gives you access to immersive virtual races and structured workouts while interacting with your online community.

Overall, the Lifespan Fitness Rower 760 is an excellent choice, especially for those who want to bring realistic rowing indoors with a more affordable machine.

Its beautiful wooden frame and space-efficient design make it perfect for any home gym, big or small.

  • Heavy-duty oak frame and belt-drive system
  • High maximum weight capacity of 200 kg
  • Polypropylene fibre and latex rowing cord to withstand intense workouts
  • Provides an almost realistic on-water rowing experience
  • With infinite resistance levels to suit all fitness levels
  • Easy to assemble, use, and store
  • Has a battery-operated performance monitor and phone holder
  • Stable two-rail design with contoured seat and wide footplates
  • Compatible with several fitness apps
  • Slightly heavy and bulky
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Lacks a large screen and connectivity features

Concept 2 Rower Model D

Rowing machine fans find feature-rich machines very appealing. However, if durability is at the top of your list, consider Concept 2 Rower Model D as your ideal match.

Trusted Brand by Elite Athletes

The brand has been making top-of-the-line exercise machines for years. Olympians and elite athletes even use their rowing machines for training. That only means one thing: you’re getting the best with Concept 2!

The best is almost always expensive. And the Model D rowing machine is no different.

Despite its steep price, what makes this rowing machine a worthwhile investment is its impressive construction and functionality.

Commercial-Grade Quality

The look and feel of its parts are commercial-grade quality. No wonder it can support user weight up to 227kg!

This rowing machine’s aluminium front, steel rear, nickel-plated chain and firm rubber seat are undoubtedly robust and made to last. The black powder coating also gives the machine a luxurious finish.

Yes, the initial cost may turn off some buyers. But if you think about it, the design and materials of this rower are well-thought-out. The manufacturer did this on purpose.

That way, you can focus on using your investment rather than spending resources caring for this rower machine. The partially exposed chain even requires minimal oiling.

Comfortable to Use

While robust and fit for heavy use, the Concept 2 Rower Model D guarantees smooth and comfortable seat for rowing. The contoured and padded seat suits long rowing sessions. It’s a bit low, though, which may be a problem for users with knee problems.

But I do like how the 10-degree bend of the handle keeps your arms in a natural position. The adjustable footrests can fit a wide range of shoe sizes, too. They’re super comfy that you can even row barefoot.

Performance Monitoring

The Concept 2 Rower Model D will continue to wow you with its top-notch functionality. The performance monitor (or PM5), for instance, provides plenty of metrics for efficient fitness tracking.

This rowing machine lacks a touchscreen, and it may not be as interactive and animated as other rower monitors. However, it only needs two D cell batteries (included in the package) that draw power from the spinning flywheel.

Includes a Rowing Racing Game

This rowing machine comes with practical modes, too, including a fun boat race game and a “just row” function. It also enables workout info storage and online racing with other Concept 2 users.

With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can quickly transfer workout data or hook up with other devices, heart rate monitors or apps.

Full Control of Resistance

The Concept 2 Rower Model D is a variable resistance rower. That means you have absolute control of the resistance you get based on the effort you put in.

But what makes this air rowing machine exceptional is the addition of a 10-level damper setting. Adjusting this lever lets you control the amount of air that goes into the flywheel.

So, if you want to feel like rowing a heavy boat, set it on levels 6 to 10. To mimic a light, faster boat, switch it to settings 1 to 5. With this feature, the rower matches any fitness level or training goal!

Quick Assembly

You don’t have to worry about assembly and storage either. This rowing machine has minimal parts, and it only takes 30 minutes or less to put together.

Once assembled, the 26kg long rowing machine takes a fair amount of space. But, despite its large footprint, you can separate the unit into two and store both parts upright. The caster wheels should make it effortless for you to move them out of the way, too.

Keep in mind that air rowers can be noisy, though. While Model D has a quiet cog system and damper to minimise the noise, it can still create an audible whir.

To sum up, the Concept 2 Rower Model D may not be the most affordable option available. But it’s also a well-designed and long-lasting rowing machine.

And so, if you’re a consistent trainer who values quality and durability, then this machine is a good buy for sure.

  • Equipped with both magnetic and air systems for a more powerful resistance
  • With 16 automated resistance options and a variety of exercise programmes
  • Has cast iron flywheel and heavy-duty rowing cord for intense workouts
  • Contoured seat and large foot pedals with Velcro straps for a secure fit
  • With built-in transport wheels for portability
  • Comes flat-packed with minimal parts for quick and easy assembly
  • Compatible with the FitLink app, Apple Health and personal heart rate tracker
  • Large LCD display for more health metrics
  • Polar wireless heart rate transmitter is sold separately
  • Needs power for its monitor to work
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Requires enough ceiling clearance for upright storage
  • Limited maximum user weight

Proform Pro R10 Rower

Most rowing machines can be bulky and expensive. But the Proform Pro R10 is different. Aside from being a foldable mid-range model, it also promises a high-end workout experience that’s smooth and noise-free.

Solid Steel Construction

Most parts of the Proform Pro R10 Rower, including its monorail and stabilisers, are aluminium and alloy steel. These solid and quality materials keep the machine stable while supporting up to 115 kg.

Other rowing machines may have higher weight limits, though. But the metal components of this rower suggest high durability and a long lifespan.

They contribute to its steady and quiet operation, too.

Peaceful Rowing

The Proform Pro R10 has the patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance system ,plus an inertia-enhanced flywheel to ensure noise-free workouts.

These two components allow you to choose up to 24 digital resistance levels with minimal sound or friction generation. They also effectively work together to give you a more authentic rowing experience.

In addition, Proform Pro R10 has a 90-inch (229 cm) fabric belt attached to its handlebar, which also helps cut down the noise as you row.  

Customisable for Maximum Comfort

The oversized rail of the Pro R10 Rower, made of engineered steel, keeps the seat stable during workouts. The lightly padded and moulded seat also supports your bottom and tailbone.

The rounded handlebar is long enough to give you multiple grip options, depending on your preference. The soft handle lining also helps prevent hand blisters, allowing you to exercise longer.

Below the handle are foot pedals with nylon straps. Both are oversized to accommodate any foot size or shoe type. Also, their adjustable Velcro-type closure and ankle pads keep your feet secure without constricting natural movement.

Space-Saver Design

Like other rowing machine models, the Proform Pro R10 Rower takes up space. Specifically, it is 220 cm long, 55 cm wide, and 115 cm high.

What sets it apart from others is its unique SpaceSaver® Design. With it, you can lift and fold the rower in half for a much smaller footprint. The two handles strategically placed on its rails make this an easy task.

Once folded, the locking mechanism clips the front and back parts together, so you can safely move the machine using its two front-mounted transport wheels.

Full-Colour, iFit-Enabled Touchscreen

If you’re into interactive rowing workouts, you’ll enjoy the 10-inch HD touchscreen of the Pro R10. Aside from its crisp resolution, it is also compatible with iFit.

After installing the app, you can row to your heart’s content while streaming studio or outdoor workouts. iFit also offers trainer-led classes with automated resistance adjustments.

For the best viewing angle, you can use the console knob and move the screen up or down based on your eye level.

The best part? The machine comes with a free 30-Day iFit® Family trial membership upon purchase.

  • Attractive design with robust steel parts
  • Stable monorail and legs
  • Easy to fold, unfold and move
  • Has 11 quick buttons for resistance adjustment
  • Good seat height for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Large footboards and straps to secure feet and allow ankle mobility
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Works with the iFit app for thousands of outdoor and studio classes
  • Needs a mat long enough for its length
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Lifespan Rower-445 Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine Australia - Lifespan Rower 445

If it’s your first time buying a rower, the Lifespan Fitness Rower-445 Rowing Machine is an ideal starter. Users will surely appreciate that at a very reasonable price point, this exercise equipment has top-notch construction and design.

Wide Tension Range

One impressive feature is its 16-level dial that lets you adjust the resistance on the fly. With a wide tension range, users will have no trouble finding the right rowing machine setting for their rowing skills.

This feature is a great way to guide and motivate beginners to keep improving their routine, too.

Quiet Yet Heavy Duty

Despite being an affordable rower, the Lifespan Rower-445 is far from being substandard. Lifespan Fitness is one of the best rowing machine brands in Australia.

The quiet and heavy-duty magnetic flywheel, for example, is factory-tested for optimum performance. Through load testing, this magnetic rowing machine can deliver a maximum resistance of 18kg/F (or 150N) at level 16.

It is also one way of ensuring product reliability and user safety. Lifespan also uses the extra-durable polypropylene fibre and latex for its rowing cord – a far more superior material than nylon.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

Comfort and ease of use also make this magnetic resistance rowing machine model worth considering.

The large foot pedals combined with the contoured seat allow you to row with ease even for extended periods. The pedals also come with adjustable straps and textured footplates for security.

Monitoring your fitness progress is also effortless, thanks to the LCD screen of this home rower. This add-on has a readable digital display so you can check your time, calories burned and stroke count at a glance.

Easy to Assemble

I like how easy it is to assemble this magnetic resistance rowing machine. Its minimal parts are flat-packed, so setting it up takes no time at all. There are smooth, four-roller transportation wheels, too, for mobility.

Compact and Space-Saving Design

As a compact rowing machine, its size measures (195 x 48 x 57cm), foldable space saver design (100 x 55 x 135cm) and lighter weight (30.5kg), it’s easy to manoeuvre and store. The Lifespan rower is also known as the best folding rowing machine in Australia.

While the Lifespan Fitness Rower-445 Rowing Machine is a piece of well-made home use exercise equipment, it has its share of downsides. Its max user weight, for example, is only at 160kg, while other models have significantly higher capacities. Also, you have to unscrew the rail before you can fold it up for easy storage.

Other similar units are much easier to fold and reuse. Some users may also prefer a more stable double-rail system over this rower’s single-rail design.

Despite its drawbacks, the Lifespan Rower-445 Rowing Machine is still a great buy being a good rowing machine. It’s a unit from a reliable manufacturer that includes all the essential features without breaking the bank.

  • Has heavy-duty polypropylene fibre and latex cord for intense rowing workouts
  • With a 16-level dial to adjust the magnetic resistance system
  • Factory-tested, quiet and heavy-duty magnetic flywheel
  • Contoured seat and large foot pedals with adjustable straps and anti-slip grooves
  • With built-in transport wheels for portability
  • Lighter weight with small footprint and convenient foldable design
  • Comes flat-packed with minimal parts for quick and easy assembly
  • Includes a performance monitor with easy-to-read display
  • Lower maximum user weight and height capacity
  • Needs to unscrew the rail every time to fold and store the unit
  • Users may find its single-rail system less stable
  • Lacks specials features like a heart rate monitor and device holder

BH Fitness Rower R590 Rowing Machine

When it comes to designing and engineering first-rate fitness machines, BH Fitness ranks high in the business. The BH Fitness Rower R590 is a unit that caters to the training needs of professional rowers.

It is a must-try for pros and fitness enthusiasts who want to hone their capabilities no matter the weather.

Adjustable Monitor

The high-quality and durable BH Fitness Rower R590 comes with professional programs and high-tech features that will help unlock the competitive potential of rowing pros and amateurs.

It includes an onboard workout console that features a good range of programs; options include the manual program, ramp, pacer, and white water.

An adjustable monitor, which measures 5.5 inches, comes in handy so the rower can accommodate users from all heights and positions.

Easy to Read Data

The data readout that the rower features include time, calories, distance, resistance, and watts. It makes keeping up with rowing performance convenient and easy to do. There’s no need to use a fitness watch or band, thus, you save on additional fitness accessory expenses. 

Combined Air and Magnetic Resistance

Another exciting feature that rowing buffs will appreciate is that the Rower R590 was designed to combine air and magnetic resistance – this means users get to row at a high-intensity rate without the excess noise.

This makes for a piece of excellent strength-building equipment if you live with mates or family. The resistance levels are adjustable as well so you can build up strength first and once you’ve gained the strength you’re after, you can maintain it by lowering resistance rates.

Long Beam

The design of the Rower R590 accommodates everyone because apart from the adjustable monitor, it comes with a longer beam, too. The beam measures 134 cm (52 inches) so even 6-foot-tall folks can use it without a hitch.

Easy to Maintain

The rower functions using a belt instead of a chain system. This means it requires minimal maintenance. The nylon belt is of commercial-grade quality, too so you can bet that this one will last you hundreds of uses.

Premium Foot Support

The angled footrest and heel support are capable of turning so users can move without hassles during workouts. Excessive strain on the feet is avoided as well thanks to the rower’s stretchable straps.

Easy to Transport and Store

Worried about carrying heavy fitness equipment and scratching the floor during the process? Fret no more since this nifty unit includes transportation wheels. And it’s foldable to boot so storing it is a breeze.

The BH Fitness Rower R590 is a great buy not only for professional rowers; amateurs interested in rowing can also take advantage of the unit since it has excellent programs and various resistance levels. It’s durable, has exceptional build and design, and accommodates a good range of users.

  • High-grade, durable built and design
  • Air and magnetic resistance
  • Commercial-grade, long-lasting belt system
  • Extensive program range and data readout
  • Accommodates a good range of user heights
  • Includes movable angled footrest and heel support
  • Has stretchable straps
  • Comes with transportation wheels
  • Foldable design
  • Large size might not fit small spaces
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Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000 Rowing Machine

Whether you’re just getting started or you want to advance to professional levels, the IMPETUS HIIT Rower IA-8000AM – Rowing Machine is a good choice. A model made specifically for HIIT workouts – this rowing unit has the ability to withstand heavy use and deliver excellent results with consistent sessions.

Durable Aluminium Structure

The whole structure is made of top-quality aluminium to maintain stability during its hectic use. Since rowing workouts demand the engagement of the whole body during each movement, it’s crucial that the rowing machine remains rock solid with each stroke.

This is something the IMPETUS HIIT Rower IA-8000AM can do, allowing you to put 100% of your concentration on the workout.

Multi-Level Air Resistance

The unit comes with 8 resistance levels, allowing you to move up and down the intensity scale depending on your workout goals.

You can choose to do HIIT workouts at lower levels or get the maximum and lower your reps for some strength training. No matter what you pick – keep in mind that rowing is a full-body workout that engages not just the major muscle groups but also your cardio goals.

Easy and Comfortable Use

The IMPETUS HIIT Rower IA-8000AM can accommodate up to 150kg of its user’s weight – making it perfect for those who are starting from a high number. The great thing is that the model also comes with an extra-large seat and adjustable pedals.

This allows the user to be perfectly comfortable when using the unit with each session. The heavily padded seat gives sufficient padding to prevent after-workout pain.

Smart Lift Technology

The model has a relatively large footprint so if you’re getting this, better make sure there’s enough space in your property for set-up. Dimensions are 232cm in length, 28.3cm in width, and a height of 115cm.

However, if space is a concern, you can always store it if not in use. The product comes with a Smart Lift Technology and transport wheels that allow you to easily move it around to somewhere more spacious. Overall weight is 57.4kg so keep that in mind when lifting.

Multiple Program Settings

The model allows you to choose your ideal workout session depending on a fixed set of parameters. You can program the workout depending on time, calories, strokes, distance travelled, and even a HIIT setting. This allows you to put some variety into your workouts so they’re never boring. Plus, it removes the guesswork from the routine.

Large LCD Screen with Info Access

The LCD screen is positioned perfectly in line with your eyesight. Exercise parameters like distance, strokes, calories, and time are all on display so you can properly measure your training milestones.

  • Manual operation with batteries as a power source for the LCD
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Comfortable seating
  • With 8-level tension knob to adjust the resistance
  • Fan resistance provides a steady breeze for a life-like rowing experience
  • Features large and comfortable foot pedals (includes quick stretch foot straps)
  • Has a large footprint when unfolded
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A man on a best rowing machine Australia (fitness equipment)

Things to Consider When Buying a Rowing Machine

An exercise rowing machine is a fitness investment. A little bit of research will help you evaluate each rower option. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on if you’ve been googling “best rowing machine Australia”.

Construction quality

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, comfortable, quiet or stylish rowing machine for home use, you need to consider its construction. Usually, brand and price are the primary indicators of a high-quality rower, but that is not always the case. Here are the specific parts to inspect when you’re after cost-efficiency:

  • Handlebars – These should be easily adjustable with ample and comfortable handgrip.

  • Footplates – Large adjustable footplates with straps to keep you secure as you row are best. If possible, look for ones made of metal as plastic is more brittle against pressure.

  • Seat – Choose a rowing machine with a padded seat. It should mould to your bottom for optimum comfort.

  • Flywheel – It’s best to choose a rowing machine with heavier flywheels to ensure smoother strokes for upper body workouts. Just make sure the weight won’t compromise its portability.

  • Frame or rail – This part supports your body weight and comes in metal or wood. Choose the metal alloy ones for durability. Wood, on the other hand, is a little less durable but significantly quieter than metal. This material is common in indoor rowing machines. Keep tabs on the unit’s maximum weight capacity when buying a rowing machine.

  • Drive – The drive connects the wheel and handle of your rower to let you move forward and back. It comes in either chain or belt mechanism. Chains are more durable but noisier, and they also require regular lubrication. If you’re looking for a quieter, low-maintenance rowing machine, then go for the belt type. It’s best to choose one without a shroud or casing to protect the belt from fraying.
Rowing machines

Resistance type

A rowing machine is a piece of long-term exercise equipment with adjustable levels of resistance to match different fitness levels. The top rowing machine Australia has to offer would be those with more resistance level options.

You may want to consider these four main resistance types when buying a rowing machine:

  • Air resistance rowers – The air resistance system type has a spinning fan flywheel. As you row, the rowing machine generates wind and creates resistance. The harder you row, the higher the resistance level. This type of rowing machine is best for cross-fit and high-intensity workouts for cardiovascular fitness.

  • Water resistance rowers – Water resistance rowing machines have paddles that spin as you pull the handle. It is similar to air rowers where the harder you pull, the faster the paddles will spin. Faster spinning also means more consistent resistance and exercise intensity. Known as the Rolls-Royce of rowing machines, these are quite expensive and take up a lot of space. However, this type of rowing machine gives you a more realistic rowing experience.

  • Hydraulic piston resistance rowers – While one-piston hydraulic rowing machines are available, most have two pistons on each handlebar. The adjustable knob on the piston lets you control the resistance. It’s quiet, compact and more affordable than other types. This type of hydraulic rowing machine is ideal for rehabilitation exercises where an independent arm workout is crucial.

  • Magnetic resistance rowers – This type of rowing machine has a spinning metal flywheel with a magnetic brake system to adjust resistance levels. It does not generate friction and is very quiet. Like the hydraulic type, magnetic rowing machines have a compact design and are ideal for small spaces. While magnetic rowers have multiple resistance options, they don’t give as much resistance power as air rowers or water rowing machines.
Health Constitution_Magnetic Rowing Machine Type

Built-in console or monitor

A screen display attached to your rowing machine comes in handy when you want to keep track of your workout progress. The parameters it can display, however, vary and are dependent on design and cost.

Health stats include calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, speed and strokes. It’s a great add-on if you’re using the rower for your health and fitness goals or if you need to monitor certain health conditions.

Others even come with smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth function and pre-programmed workouts.

Depending on your needs, there are some manufacturers that offer smart rowing machine with a multi-angle LCD monitor.

Health Constitution_Water Rowing Machine Type

Size and weight capacity

How small or big your rowing machine should be is dependent on your space and its users. Make sure to measure your home gym first and compare it with the product dimensions of the rowing machine before buying. Your weight should also suit the capacity of the rowing machine.

Some space-efficient rowers have shorter rails or frames. However, you might have to skip these types if you’re sharing the rower with taller individuals. As an alternative, choose a foldable rowing machine instead or those that you can easily dismantle, stored vertically or upright.


As mentioned earlier, the construction, design and technology of a rowing machine are factors affecting its price. But then, the best rowing machines in Australia are not dependent on cost alone.

Your choice should centre on your purpose for buying a good home rowing machine. So, it’s not simply just buying the best rower out there.

For example, low-priced machines less than $500 may lack high-end features but will work for occasional rowers looking to do basic cardio exercises. Mid-range machines below $1000, on the other hand, are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who need balanced costs and features.

Athletes and health buffs should go for high-end ones. Well-built rowing machines can withstand everyday use and have specialised features to suit their more specific needs.

A woman on a rowing machine Australia (fitness equipment)

FAQs About Rowing Machines

 Learn more about rowing machines and their effects on the body in this FAQ section.

1. What benefits do you get from using a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is very versatile and can benefit most users and body types. Some of the great reasons why you should include rowing in your workout routine are rowing machines encourage weight loss, improves cardiovascular fitness, improves posture and avoid injuries. Rowing machines are low-impact cardio equipment so they are also beneficial as rehab equipment for recovery.

Rowing machines in use

2. Do rowing machines build muscle?

Using a rowing machine does help build and strengthen our muscles, particularly in our upper body, core and leg regions. It may be a cardio machine, but the rowing action engages large muscles effectively when the correct posture is applied during the operation.

3. Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Rowing machines are one of the best low-impact cardio machines that can help to encourage the reduction of belly fat. It is a piece of amazing full body workout equipment to take advantage of but rowing alone cannot solve this stubborn problem. Combining rowing as a workout routine and adopting a healthy eating habit should get you to your goal.

air resistance rowing machine

4. How long do I need to row on a rowing machine?

Exercise duration varies from person to person. Also, some use the rowing machine to lose weight, while others prepare for a competition. But, in general, the Australian exercise guidelines recommend up to 300 minutes of moderate activity or up to 150 minutes of vigorous activity each week.

Final Thoughts

The rowing machine is 100% exceptional. With this in your home gym, you can get a great full-body workout you need and reap the benefits in a short amount of time. And based on the above rowing machine reviews, the Lifespan Rower 750 Rowing Machine stands out from the rest.

The rowing machine’s durable build quality, high maximum weight capacity, ergonomic design, and mid-range price point suit most users. The oak wood frame and realistic on-water rowing experience also make the machine beautiful inside out. All in all, this rowing machine is your perfect match if you want a long-lasting machine with excellent value for money.

But then again, every rowing machine is unique. That’s because each user has a different set of fitness needs. And if you’re looking for the best rowing machine Australia has, research is crucial.

So, before buying the first indoor rowing machine you see, consider giving it an in-depth look. After all, any rowing machine is no good if you won’t use it regularly to stay fit and healthy!

Hope the rowing machine reviews above can help you pick the best rowing machine in Australia to suit your needs.

Last Updated on 04/12/2023