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ProForm Pro R10 Rower Review

4.7out of 5


Getting a rower is perfect if you’re into combined cardio and body-building workouts. The problem is it can be bulky and expensive. Not the ProForm Pro R10 Rower, though.

With this mid-range rowing machine, you get a high-end workout experience without spending a lot. It also folds in half and is easy to roll around the room.

But that’s not all. This rower has several other features that make it worth your gym space.

Check out this detailed ProForm Pro R10 Rower review to learn more impressive things about this machine.

Overview of the ProForm Pro R10 Rower

Most people have ProForm as their go-to brand for quality mid-range exercise machines.

And one of their best product yet is the ProForm Pro R10 Rower. This attractive rowing machine is mostly steel, giving it a robust look and feel.

Its steel seat rail is long, but the good news is you can lift and fold it in half to save space. This feature alone makes rowing exercises possible in tiny homes and apartments.

But there’s more. It also has a 24-level magnetic resistance and inertia-enhanced flywheel to ensure smooth and noise-free workouts.

It comes with a full-colour HD touchscreen and is iFit-enabled, too. Plus, you can explore the app for free using the 30-day trial included upon purchase.

With this magnetic rower, it’s easy to put full-body workouts and interactive training in one session, no matter your fitness level.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the ProForm Pro R10 Rower

Here are the reasons why ProForm Pro R10 Rower is an excellent addition to your buy list.

Solid and Stable Construction

The ProForm Pro R10 Rower is about 54 kg heavy. And most of its parts, including its monorail and stabilisers, are aluminium and alloy steel.

This construction quality gives the machine its capacity to support up to 115 kg. Its user weight limit may be on the lower end compared with other rowers, though.

But the metal components make the machine feel stable and not flimsy at all. These contribute to smooth and noise-free rowing, too.

Smooth and Quiet Rowing

With 24 digital resistance levels, the Pro R10 is ideal for budding and seasoned rowers. This wide range of resistance allows progressive or interval training, too.

While rowing, each stroke is noticeably smooth, steady and silent. There are two reasons why. One is its patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance, and the other is the inertia-enhanced flywheel.

These two technologies let you fluidly shift from easy to intense rowing with minimal sound or friction. The gear ratio and weight placement also ensure a more authentic rowing feel.

Customisable for Optimum Comfort

Aside from performance, comfort is also a must for a good-quality rower. And the producers of the Pro R10 Rower ensured this by making crucial parts solid or adjustable.

For instance, the oversized rail made of engineered steel keeps the seat stable as you row. The moulded seat also provides ample support for your bottom and tailbone.

The rounded handlebar has a soft lining, protecting the hands from blisters and allowing you to row for longer. Its length also lets you position your hands based on preference and comfort level.

Also, the 90-inch (229 cm) strap makes it easy to pull back as far as possible for optimum rowing workouts.

There are two oversized foot pedals with nylon straps to suit any foot size or athletic shoe type. The adjustable foot straps have Velcro-type closure, so you can quickly secure your feet or remove them after the workout.

The ankle pads also let you flex your feet while rowing.

Space-Saver Design

Like most rowing machines, the ProForm Pro R10 Rower has a large footprint. It is 220 cm long, 55 cm wide, and 115 cm high.

Good thing its unique SpaceSaver® Design lets you lift and fold it in half, so it takes a much smaller space. It’s easy to do, too, with the two handles strategically placed at the top and side of the fitness machine.

Once folded, it clips the front and back parts together. This locking mechanism makes it safer to roll or move the machine using its two front-mounted transport wheels.

Full-Colour, iFit-Enabled Touchscreen

The 10-inch HD touchscreen of the Pro R10 is a huge bonus, especially if you’re into immersive workouts.

With it, you get a crystal-clear display while streaming studio or outdoor iFit rowing workouts. This app also has thousands of personal trainer-led classes with automated resistance adjustments.

The two built-in, 2-inch speakers behind the screen also complement the whole rowing experience.

But, if you want to keep the noise down, you may listen to your favourite workout playlist through Bluetooth headphones or the auxiliary port.

The console is also adjustable. That way, you can row with the perfect viewing angle. The best part? Each purchase of this machine includes a free 30-Day iFit® Family trial membership. See FAQs on iFit membership.

Product Test Drive and Personal Experience

ProForm Australia was able to send and lend me a ProForm Pro R10 Rower unit to try and review. I was excited to give it a go and test out its features.

For a quick look, here’s a table summarising my first-hand experience with this rowing machine. Scroll down further if you’re keen on knowing more.

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive design with robust steel parts
  • Stable monorail and legs
  • Suitable for tall users
  • Easy to fold, unfold and move
  • With adjustable console height
  • Has 11 quick buttons for resistance adjustment
  • Comfortable seat and handlebar
  • Good seat height for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Large footboards and straps to secure feet and allow ankle mobility
  • Gives a good cardio workout
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Works with the iFit app for many of outdoor and studio classes
  • Large footprint may not suit small spaces
  • Needs a mat long enough for its length
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It features a sporty look with heavy-duty construction.

After setting up the ProForm Pro R10 Rower, the first thing I noticed was its attractive design. It looks sleek in black, and the red front stabilisers give it a sporty appeal.

The steel components feel smooth, too, and should be easy to wipe clean. I also tried sliding the seat along the monorail with my hand, and it glided steadily without noise.

When unfolded, the machine legs are stable on the floor with no unnecessary rocking. I sat on it (I’m about 56 kg and 163 cm tall) and was impressed with how sturdy it felt.

It would have been better if it supported more than 115 kg. But judging from its length, taller users should have no problem using this machine as long as they are within the weight limit.

It is easy to fold and stow away.

The ProForm Pro R10 Rower does take up space. So, it is good that it’s foldable, cutting its total footprint in half.

I had the machine assembled in an apartment space, and it fits just fine. However, that may not be the case for smaller homes.

To be sure, I highly recommend measuring your workout area first. Make sure you have enough room for a 220-cm-long machine.

As for the folding mechanism, it is easy enough to do if you plan to fold and unfold the rower often. The two handles make it simple to manoeuvre, too.

You might want to do this carefully to protect your floor, though.

Currently, ProForm does not have an equipment mat long enough for the Pro R10 Rower. But hopefully, they’ll have something available soon to make the folding/unfolding task less meticulous.

Once you’ve lifted the rower and folded it, everything else is easy. I also find the two front wheels convenient when moving the rower for storage.

It is comfortable to use.

To test how comfortable the ProForm Pro R10 Rower is, I performed a 40-minute rowing session and 20-minutes daily for 2 weeks. And here are the things I noticed:

  • Console. Before I started, I moved my screen using the knob to set it within my eye level. I appreciate this feature a lot because I’m petite. And some rowers tend to have screens too high or low for me. I also like how I can easily reach the 11 quick buttons for adjusting the resistance levels, even with my feet strapped.
  • Seat. I find the monorail seat comfortable, and my butt doesn’t feel fatigued after exercise. It must be because of its light padding and slight contour to support the back. The seat fits me well, but other users may find it slightly small.
  • Seat height. Based on my measurement, the monorail seat is about 38 cm high (or 15 inches) off the floor. I think it’s a good height since I had no issues getting on and off the rower.
  • Footboard and pedals. I have tiny feet (size 36), so I think the thick Velcro straps are perfect. They kept my feet secure throughout my rowing session. I also tried rowing at different resistance levels, and I didn’t feel the straps becoming loose, despite pushing hard against the footplate. I also like how the ankle support gives my feet enough room to bend while rowing.
  • Handlebar. Similar to the seat, the handle is also lightly padded for comfort. It’s also rounded and slim enough for my small hands to grip, so I didn’t experience any discomfort. The handle is not for single-arm rowing, though. Also, you might need to get it out of the way, so you can easily strap your feet.

I’d also like to point out that this foldable rower has no on/off button, so you’ll have to plug it in and unplug it each time you use it. It’s unusual but not bothersome.

Rowing workouts are quiet and engaging.

After my first-time session with the ProForm R10 Rower, I could attest that this machine can give a good cardio workout. I felt the burn on my legs, core and upper arms for sure.

One thing I noticed is how extremely quiet this rower works.

Whether on low or high resistance, the only sound I hear is my selected program on the screen and the seat gliding.

Aside from the magnetic resistance, the fabric belt also contributes to cutting down the noise. The strap may feel a bit slack on low resistance, though. But it doesn’t affect the workout output or experience.

Setting up the iFit is easy, too, and I think installing the app allows you to get the most out of the 10-inch touchscreen. I especially like the outdoor classes with scenic locations taken around the world.

Some programs even have trainers that automatically adjust the resistance for you. This way, you can concentrate more on your rowing (and the view, of course!).

There are also studio classes, plus other exercises like yoga, strength training and more. But I think for this, a movable screen is a lot better.

A swivelling screen will make it easier to perform other workouts off the machine without the monorail getting in the way.

Another thing to note is that the machine has no built-in workouts. So, once the iFit trial expires, you can only do rowing in manual mode. It’s not bad, but it’s something to note, especially if you like rowers with more interactive workouts.

Where to Buy Online

You can purchase the ProForm Pro R10 Rower online through the ProForm Australia website. They also offer other exercise machines like treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals.

To place your order, click on the Rowers option above, then select the model you want. The product page should have the details you need to know about the unit.

You can also go to the Accessories page and see other helpful add-ons like a heart rate monitor and a mat.

Once you’re ready to order, add it to the cart, then follow the checkout instructions.

Image is taken from ProForm Australia website.
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Customer Support

If you have further enquiries about ProForm rowers, the website has an online Request Free Consultation form that you can fill out and send.

You can find this below each product page. Once forwarded, you should receive an email or call from one of the ProForm staff.

For quicker replies, the LiveChat box is another option. Their agents should be there to assist. You can also leave a message there if no one is online.

Shipping, Delivery and Installation

Some online reviews about ProForm products reported problems with delivery or customer service.

However, I didn’t experience any issues with their website or delivery. The process, in my case, was quick and straightforward, from ordering to assembly.

It was even raining on delivery day. I also got a call from them, telling me the assembly staff and machines were on the way.

I borrowed three pieces of ProForm equipment, and everything was delivered and assembled on the same day.

But to avoid ordering or shipping issues, I recommend buying directly from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer.

Try reading customer feedback or look for good delivery records, too.

About the Delivery and Installation

ProForm Australia works with Winning Services for delivery and installation. They were the same service company that helped me with the NordicTrack machines I tested before.

On the day of delivery, they sent two gentlemen to transport and assemble all three exercise machines in my apartment.

Both were polite and efficient. I’m impressed at how fast the men worked and that it took them less than 30 minutes to assemble the indoor rower.

It’s probably because this model also has fewer parts to put together, and most of the installation work was on the console.

About the Winning Services Staff

The two gentlemen from Winning Services were very meticulous during assembly. Before getting to work, they laid a mat on the floor to protect our flooring.

Also, they made sure each part was correctly aligned and attached. After setting everything up, they cleaned up the area and loaded the packaging materials into their truck.

The assembled ProForm Pro R10 Rower is about 54 kg, with a box weight of 55 kg.

It is not as heavy as the other ProForm equipment assembled that day.

The instruction manual included with the product is detailed, too. So, the assembly shouldn’t take long if you want to do it yourself.

Still, I think it will be easier to have someone help you. Or, let the pros handle it and opt for delivery and installation services. It’s much faster and should help prevent accidents or errors, too.

And based on my experience, I had no problems whatsoever with the Winning Services staff. Also, I think it’s best to have professionals assemble complex machines like this to avoid accidents.

Final Thoughts

The ProForm Pro R10 Rower may not be for users with a larger build or those looking for a machine with a higher weight limit.

Seasoned rowers might also find the fixed resistance levels too limiting and prefer air rowers.

But, overall, the Pro R10 Rower is an excellent cardio machine. Despite being in the mid-price category, its construction and design are top-notch, suggesting quality performance and a long lifespan.

It even comes with features like app compatibility, an HD touchscreen and automated functionality that you typically see in high-end models.

Moreover, the quiet operation and unique folding design make it perfect for cardio workouts in tiny homes, shared spaces and apartments.

Ready to add the ProForm Pro R10 Rower to your home gym? Click below to check its current price!

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