It is convenient to burn calories and tone muscles with an indoor rower at home. But is it too expensive to own one? What’s the ideal rowing machine price range to consider?

A quality rower can cost between $1000 and $1900. This mid-range category has machine options with a robust frame, warranty and feel. Also, these rowers often have balanced features that suit most fitness capacities or needs.

But then again, you can always spend lower or higher than this. This gym equipment, after all, comes in various types and brands that affect cost.

Let’s learn more about the different rowing machine price points and see which category is best for you.

How Much is a Rowing Machine?

You can get this machine for as low as $300 in Australia. But most units will cost more than that.

High-end ones, for example, cost around $2000. Advanced and highly technological models from major brands can even go as high as $5000.

It’s a wide price range, and that’s because rowers vary in construction, features and warranty coverages.

No matter the price category, this exercise machine is a significant investment.

And usually, the higher its price, the better the quality.

What’s important is that you get your money’s worth.

Let’s compare budget, mid-range, and high-end rowers to help you decide.

Lifespan Fitness Rower-445

Budget Category: Priced under $1000

Most hydraulic rowers are under this rowing machine price category. These cost between $200 and $300.

Less expensive ones are naturally not too stable, and the rowing motion may not feel smooth or natural.

Spending anything above this price range should give you entry-level magnetic and air rowers.

These should probably be a better option if you want basic functionality and a more durable machine.

But then, if you can spend more than $1000 on fitness equipment, I recommend heading in this direction.

While budget rowing machines are generally easy to use and compact, they’ll likely show signs of damage in a few years.

The cheaper construction materials used in these rowers may not withstand regular or heavy use either.

Also, only a few budget rowers have features that make your routine more comfortable or challenging.

Best budget rower: Lifespan Fitness Rower-445

Budget rowing machines are not that bad. But you need to do thorough product research (test a few out if possible) before buying.

It’s also a good idea to search for what reliable manufacturers have on offer.

For instance, Lifespan Fitness is a reputable fitness equipment brand with exercise machines at varying price levels.

It should be easier to find a good rower under this brand that fits your budget. Currently, the Rower-445 is their most affordable model.

While it’s low cost, this quiet magnetic rower has 16 levels of resistance and a foldable design.

Features like a contoured seat, wide foot pedals and strong rowing cord are also a plus.

Concept 2 RowErg

Mid-Range Category: Priced between $1000 and $1900

This rowing machine price range is for you if you’re willing to spend more on high-quality rowers.

Aside from enhanced durability, mid-range rowers have better features than their budget counterparts.

It’s also the ideal price point if you’re a frequent user. Mid-priced machines have more robust materials that do not wear out quickly under high-intensity workouts.

Another excellent point of mid-range rowers is their good warranty coverage.

The overall full-body workout experience they provide is significantly better, too.

You can find high-quality hydraulic rowers under this category if you need a compact machine.

Most magnetic rowers are at this price level, too.

A few good-quality air and water rowers are also available at the higher end of this bracket.

Best mid-range rowers: Concept 2 RowErg and Lifespan Fitness Rower-760

Concept 2 is the go-to brand if you want rowing machines that athletes and Olympians trust. And what I like about their RowErg unit is the flywheel design.

Air rowers are known for being noisy. But Concept 2 designed RowErg with a specialised flywheel that minimises noise and allows smooth rowing.

The built-in damper also makes it easy to adjust the airflow. This product also has Bluetooth connectivity to sync with heart rate belts, fitness devices and apps.

But if you’re looking for a more realistic rowing feel without spending too much, do check out the Lifespan Fitness Rower-760.

Aside from the smooth and progressive resistance system, its stunning oak wooden frame should easily fit in any interior.

BH Fitness Rower R590

High-End Category: Priced $2000 or More

You won’t find a hydraulic type in this rowing machine price category. However, you can expect the best rower models here.

High-end machines boast heavy-duty construction and better longevity.

They have the most comfortable seats, pedals and handles for an excellent full-body workout experience.

The display screen is also clear and intuitive. If you have this budget, getting a water or air + magnetic rower is ideal.

Water models are the most expensive rower. But they give the most authentic rowing feel and sound.

They look like luxurious furniture, too. Most water models also do not have pre-set resistance levels.

That means you can row as slow or fast as you can or adjust the water in the tank for optimum results.

Air rowers with magnetic mechanisms also have highly variable resistance levels.

Here, you can set the intensity and add your rowing effort to make every stroke more powerful.

When choosing an expensive machine, be wary of its features, particularly those that require a monthly subscription.

Remember, you’re paying a high initial cost. And extras that you do not want or need will only add to your expense.

Best high-end rower: BH Fitness Rower R590

Like Concept 2, BH Fitness is a renowned brand that NBA players and high-profile Olympians use.

Their rowers are particularly popular for their signature magnetic and air resistance technology.

And the Rower R590 model is one good example. In addition, this unit comes with sophisticated training programs suitable for professional rowing.

Construction and design-wise, R590 is excellent, with its heavy-duty frame, low-maintenance belt drive, an adjustable monitor and angled footrest.

Its row beam is 134cm long, too – perfect for tall users.

Should I Get a Budget Rowing Machine?

The truth is there is no significant difference between a budget and an expensive machine in terms of rowing performance.

Your movement pattern is almost the same no matter how much your rower is.

Budget rowing machines may be unstable or noisier, but you’ll still burn calories and tone your muscles.

So, if these are your main goals for choosing a rower, then getting a budget rower is more value for money.

But here’s the catch. Cheap rowers typically do not last as long as expensive models.

Also, budget ones lack features that make rowing progress easy to track.

These factors are particularly essential for intense rowers and athletes. If that’s your case, it is best to avoid the budget types.

You’ll only waste money by buying a rower that cannot support frequent training.

If you’re on a limited budget, I believe going for mid-range options is the best way to go.

Alternatively, you can also wait for sales events to get expensive machines at a better deal.

Best Rowing Machine Price Category


Rowing machine price is perhaps everyone’s top deciding factor when buying a rower.

But getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive model available.

Aside from the cost, make sure to identify the features that you need, too. Also, think about what type of rowing machine and resistance system you prefer.

That way, you’ll pick the machine that suits your budget and fitness needs.

Lastly, do your research and read rower reviews or buying guides for added info.

1. Who makes the best rowing machine?

Concept 2, Lifespan Fitness, Reebok, BH Fitness, Pure Design, Waterrower and NordicTrack are some of the well-known rower brands in Australia. Make sure to know the delivery and after-sales service of your selected manufacturer. Also, spend time reading customer reviews and their first-hand experience.

2. Where can I buy a rowing machine?

You can buy rowing machines in most fitness equipment stores in Australia. Third-party retailers or distributors, like Kogan and Amazon, also have rowing machines available online. Depending on your selected brand, you can also purchase one directly from the manufacturer.

3. Is buying a rowing machine worth it?

If you want a machine that can improve your cardiovascular health and muscle tone, then it’s worth getting a rower. It’s also one of the few exercise machines that can target your lower and upper body in one go. With proper use, form and exercise variation, a rowing machine can also burn lots of calories within a short period. Check out this article for more reasons why you should buy a rowing machine.