While looking for the best fitness equipment, you probably encountered the workout app called iFit. What is iFit membership exactly? And is it necessary and worth the subscription?

This FAQ post should help settle your most pressing concerns about iFit and its features.

What is iFit Membership?

iFit is a fitness training technology in the form of an app that works with specific equipment or gadgets. 

After downloading this workout app, you can access high-energy studio classes and global workouts with the best personal trainers.

With it, you’ll be working out with world-class coaching in destination locations from all seven continents!

Purchasing compatible exercise machines include a free iFit trial for a limited time.

Once the trial expires, the user will have to pay a subscription fee to continue accessing it.

What Comes with My iFit Membership?

There are two types of iFit membership. One is the individual type that is ideal for users of iFit-enabled machines like a treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical.

But if you are in a household with multiple fitness enthusiasts, the iFit family type is best.

Here, you can share app access with up to four other users.

Each secondary user has different login info for individual workouts, stats and goals. 

But you can all access and enjoy the same features, including:

  • Wide range of interactive videos. There are several categories to choose from, like weight loss, HIIT and destination location workouts, to match varying fitness goals.
  • Best personal trainers. Trainer-led global or on-demand classes make the iFit workout experience even more immersive. Trainers also control your machine’s speed, incline or resistance to match your terrain for a distraction-free fitness routine.
  • Real-time tracker. Your exercise machine records your stats during your workout for your summary report after.

You can also check out this NordicTrack Blog article for detailed descriptions of every iFit program.

What Comes with My iFit Membership

Do I Need an iFit Membership for My Machine to Work?

If you are wondering “what is iFit membership”, perhaps you are also asking if you need one to use your treadmill, rower or elliptical.

The quick answer is no. You do not need iFit to use your exercise machine. Instead, you can exercise in manual mode or view the small selection of onboard workouts.

An iFit subscription is only necessary if you want to access its complete programs. My previous article on iFit has more details about this.

Currently, iFit is available on machine brands NordicTrack, Proform and Freemotion. You can also use the app even without any equipment.

All you need is to download it on your Android™ tablet or iPad®. It also has a TV app version that works on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV and Android TV.

Can I Simultaneously Use iFit on Multiple Machines?

Yes, you can log in to iFit on several exercise equipment simultaneously. Ideally, purchase your fitness machine straight from its affiliate brand websites.

Aside from getting high-quality products, you also get top-notch delivery and assembly services.

You can learn more about this from my reviews and first-hand experience with the NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike and Commercial 9.9 Elliptical.

How much Does iFit Membership Cost?

In Australia, the 1-year individual iFit subscription costs $249, while the 1-year family subscription costs $599.

You can select the payment method or instalment option that you prefer.

You can also check iFit’s international sites for subscription fees in other countries, or use the website’s LiveChat Box for enquiries.

Can I Cancel My iFit Membership

Can I Cancel My Current Membership?

Yes, you may cancel your iFit membership at any time. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Start by logging in to your iFit account.
  2. At the top-right corner, hover over your name and click Settings.
  3. Next, look for and click Membership Plan on the left side.
  4. Scroll down and click End Benefits.
  5. Click Continue and wait for Confirm Your Membership Cancellation message to pop up.
  6. Finally, click End Membership.

If you have subscribed to iFit through Google Play or the App Store, you can cancel your membership through your mobile phone or tablet settings.

Note that your cancellation date and fees depend on the chosen commitment period during your iFit purchase.


The iFit app truly takes your regular workouts to the next level.

It also makes it easier for you to do away with monotonous routines and optimise your exercise machine.

If you want to know more about this one-of-a-kind app and its workout library, iFit has an excellent guide to help you get started.