Any NordicTrack exercise machine is still functional in manual mode so yes, you can use NordicTrack equipment without iFit subscription. And you can also use its small selection of onboard workouts.

As of writing, you get a 30-day iFit trial with your NordicTrack fitness machine purchase. More about iFit membership here.

This free workout app access lets you enjoy hundreds of live and on-demand classes that match your needs and equipment.

You can even use it to plan healthy meals, prepare for competition or monitor your sleep routine.

However, once the trial expires, you have to pay for a subscription plan.

The question now is, is it worth the price? Is it okay to skip your iFit renewal?

Let’s learn more about iFit then. I’ll be sharing how you can use your NordicTrack machine without it.

Then, I’ll explain why you should consider or skip paying for the monthly subscription.

Can I Use NordicTrack without iFit Subscription?

According to NordicTrack and the iFit FAQ page, you can still use your exercise equipment once your membership expires.

So, for example, if you have an X22i Incline Trainer Treadmill at home, its speed and incline settings will still work even without iFit.

You’ll also be able to see your past workout stats and profiles on the console.

You may not be able to get the full benefits of this workout app, but you won’t be disconnected from iFit either.

It’s because iFit accounts have free and paid access. Your free account should work even without iFit and let you use some built-in workouts.

That means you don’t have to exercise in manual mode each time.

Why Should I Consider Renewing My iFit Subscription

Can I Use iFit without NordicTrack Equipment?

Now, here’s another interesting point. What if you are willing to renew your iFit subscription but use it without a NordicTrack machine?

You can do that, too. The beauty of iFit is that you can download it to any compatible device, like your phone or tablet.

Also, iFit has a roster of other workouts like yoga, free weights and strength training.

So, you do not need to have a NordicTrack exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine to use the app.

How Can I Use NordicTrack without iFit Subscription?

Based on the iFit FAQ instruction, you need to push the Start button of your NordicTrack fitness equipment to begin working out in manual mode.

Under this option, you would have to learn the controls and manually adjust your settings.

It may take some time figuring things out, but you’ll get used to them eventually.

Also, you will have better control of your routine this way instead of relying on workout software.

As for the pre-set workouts, your product manual should have instructions about accessing them.

Why Should I Consider Renewing My iFit Subscription?

iFit is popular among NordicTrack users mainly because it levels up regular workouts. Here are some of the best features that make an iFit membership worth it:

  • Extensive workout library. Daily workout sessions are never boring with the iFit app. You can take live interactive training one day and then choose a pre-recorded video next. Knowledgeable instructors facilitate the classes, too. With such a wide variety of choices, it’s easy to find a program that suits your fitness preference and capacity.
  • Virtual reality training. Do you enjoy travelling? iFit has thousands of world-trail videos for exercising with a view. A personal trainer will even control the incline of your machine to match your destination terrain.
  • User-friendly and versatile. iFit is easy to navigate, and as mentioned, you can use the iFit with or without a NordicTrack machine.
  • Sense of community. iFit gives you access to workout challenges and discussion forums, so you can connect and interact with other fitness enthusiasts.

The NordicTrack Blog describes the iFit workouts in detail. You can also watch the following video to see iFit in action.

Why Should I Skip Renewing My iFit Membership?

While a NordicTrack iFit subscription has several advantages, it still has its share of downsides. Also, other users can do without this workout app. Here are some reasons why:

  • Some users are not willing to pay extra fees. Fitness subscriptions are ongoing expenses that not everyone can afford. Moreover, some can do with the free pre-set workouts.
  • Experienced users prefer their programs. Seasoned users or athletes may already follow a routine or training set designed for their needs.
  • Others are not too keen on advanced features. Some users prefer traditional workouts and machine controls. And in this case, the manual mode would likely be their go-to rather than the innovative iFit.
  • Occasional users find it impractical. Some people would use home exercise machines only when they feel like it. And so, it’s a waste of subscription fees if you do not use iFit daily.
  • People are wary about apps requiring personal data. Renewing the iFit access needs your email address and credit card information. However, not everyone is okay with providing these due to security or privacy.

If you agree with any of these reasons, perhaps you’ll be fine without a new iFit plan.

The best way to know, though, is to give the free access a try, then see how it goes.

Bottom Line

The iFit app is undoubtedly one of NordicTrack machines’ best features.

Its excellent integration with your cardio equipment to your performance is unlike any other app available today.

With it, you get access to a slew of workout classes, making your fitness journey extra fun, too.

But then again, not everyone is willing to pay for a subscription for many reasons.

So, can I use NordicTrack without iFit subscription? The good news is, yes, you can. Your NordicTrack can function with or without the app.

And while you might miss out on those advanced workout videos, you still have a high-quality machine that can help with your goals.

For as long as you remain disciplined and committed to your routine, you’ll be able to stay on the healthy track.

Check out these NordicTrack 9.9 Elliptical and S22i Exercise Bike reviews and see which one can help you do that.

More Questions About the iFit Subscription

1. What is the new iFit+ package and is it worth it?

The iFit+ package includes a 3-year iFit Pro access plus one piece of fitness equipment of your choice for only $1,797. This subscription package is value for money. Also, you can share app access with other users (up to 5), and use iFit on your phone, tablet, or compatible NordicTrack or ProForm equipment.

2. Which is a better fitness app: iFit or Peloton?

The choice between iFit and Peloton apps depends on your preference, workout needs, and goals. iFit offers an extensive workout library paired with breathtaking sceneries. On the other hand, Peloton has pro-like indoor workout sessions with engaging instructors and online community. Test their free trials to experience both apps first-hand and see which one suits you.