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NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer Review

4.9out of 5


A treadmill is typically at the top of people’s list when setting up a home gym. Modern models of this cardio machine now come with innovative features that put fitness and entertainment together.

And the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is exactly like that and more. This machine may be a high-end treadmill, but it has abilities that make it a worthwhile investment.

Check out its impressive features and extras in this review and see why you should be with this heavy-duty fitness partner.

Overview of the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer

High-tech will probably be the best way to describe the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer. On top of the usual adjustable speed and cushioned deck, you can adjust its incline up to 40%.

Pair this feature with Bluetooth connectivity, a large display and an iFit app, and you get a home-based workout with first-class technology!

It works even on manual mode, too. Non-tech-savvy users will surely sweat it out with its Sled Push mode or built-in workouts.

nordic treadmill australia

NordicTrack Australia kindly lent me the X22i Incline Trainer so I was pumped to try it myself and share my experience here. As usual, my opinions are objective and borrowing fitness equipment from a manufacturer does not influence my review.

Read on to learn more about this treadmill’s best features and my first-hand experience. Plus, I’ll provide ordering, delivery and assembly details that you might find helpful.

Best Product Features of the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer

The following exceptional features make the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer a worthy addition to your home gym.

Hard-Wearing and Powerful Machine

The X22i is a perfect example of a heavy-duty treadmill. With its reinforced steel construction, this machine will last for years.

This treadmill model also includes a lifetime frame and motor, 2-year parts and 1-year labour warranties.

It has a 150kg user weight capacity. While surprisingly low for its build, it is reasonable considering its 40% max incline level.

The machine weighs around 153kg — another indication of its strength. It is rather hefty and non-folding, so transporting it from room to room is not ideal.

Size-wise, the X22i is 183cm long, 101cm wide, and 178cm high. That means it is a must to have a dedicated space for it.

Despite its bulk, this machine has a self-cooling 4.0 CHP motor, making incline transitions quiet and effortless. With such power, you can easily reach up to 22 kph.

This powerful motor capacity is one of the highest you’ll encounter for a home treadmill. It is also higher than most commercial models.

Handy Sled Push Mode

It’s common to find treadmill models with 0 to 22 kph speed levels. However, the Sled Push function of the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer makes it a standout.

With it, you can set the machine to 1.6 kph, hold onto the push bar and use your leg power to move the belt manually.

It’s a unique treadmill ability that boosts your caloric burn. It also transforms your lower-body-dominant machine into one that engages the upper body to build strength and muscles.

And you can get your full-body workout without damaging the treadmill motor or rollers!

Outstanding Decline/Incline Range

Here’s another treadmill feature you won’t find in most home treadmills. The NordicTrack X22i has a -6% decline and a maximum incline of 40%! It’s a massive incline range that average and seasoned runners will appreciate.

With this function, you’ll be able to build power without breaking into a jog and stressing your joints with constant impact. It promotes optimal muscle growth, too.

In a 2019 research, authors even concluded that an incline trainer like X22i lowers various cardiometabolic outcomes.

These include body weight, fat mass and diastolic blood pressure. Findings also showed increased aerobic fitness among participants.

Long Cushioned Deck

nordictrack treadmill

A large treadmill deck can take up space. However, it’s also a crucial feature that allows users of any size or height to use the machine.

The NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer, for example, has a 55cm x 152cm commercial tread belt. This size can easily accommodate users up to 196 cm (or 6’5”) tall.

A generous deck like this is also an excellent way to build strength. Specifically, you can perform exercises like walking lunges, skips, lateral shuffles and side squats on your treadmill.

Performing these with varying speed and incline levels should strengthen your core, glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and calf muscles.

Also, such strength exercises are perfect for keeping your body active in between bouts of running or sprinting.

One noticeable feature of the X22i treadmill is its superior deck cushioning. NordicTrack’s patented Reflex™ cushioning will surely meet the needs of impact-conscious runners.

Crystal Clear Display

nordictrack equipment

What is the best way to keep you engaged in your treadmill routine? Watch workout videos on a massive screen, of course!

With X22i’s 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor (about 56 cm) and its quality imaging, it should be easy to focus on your instructor-led classes.

Moreover, there are over 40 pre-programmed workouts for you to try. But let’s not forget that the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is an iFit-enabled machine.

With this workout app, you get an extensive library of live and on-demand classes. A personal trainer will even change the incline and speed for you to simulate your chosen real-world terrain.

iFit software also connects you to other app users by sharing your workout results, participating in challengers or posting to message boards.

The good news is your NordicTrack Australia X22i purchase includes a 30-day iFit family membership to test it out for free!

Great Add-Ons

A good workout may be tiring, but it doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. And the X22i made sure of it by incorporating convenient and helpful accessories.

For instance, its built-in dual fan system should keep you cool during your workout. You can move the vent up or down to direct airflow. Plus, there are three fan speed levels and an auto mode.

It also has two 3-inch digitally amplified speakers on either side of the fan for video and music playing. You can even connect your phone’s playlist via Bluetooth or plug your headphone into the port.

These options should let you play music on full blast or keep things toned down. There is no USB port on this model, though. So, make sure to charge up your gadgets before hopping on.

As for storage, there are two water bottle holders and two phone holders on the side to keep necessities within reach.

Product Test Drive and Personal Experience

Using the X22i Incline Trainer that NordicTrack Australia lent me, I was able to try this exceptional machine and test out its features.

Check out the summary of my experience from this pros and cons table. Then, scroll down below for a detailed review.

Pros and Cons

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Feels stable even on high speed
  • Smooth, quiet tread belt and incline/speed transition
  • Patented cushioning protects the knees and joints
  • Includes water bottle and phone holders
  • Large 22-inch responsive touchscreen
  • With one-touch side buttons for incline and speed adjustment
  • Impressive incline/decline function for more challenging workouts
  • Has Sled Push and several onboard programs for manual workouts
  • Easy-to-navigate NordicTrack Australia website
  • Efficient delivery and customer services
  • Needs a dedicated space with ample ceiling height
  • Deck might be higher than usual
  • Needs subscription renewal after free iFit access ends
  • Steep incline may not suit larger users

It’s a durable but heavy and bulky machine.

“Woah, this is such a huge piece of equipment!” was the first thing I said when I saw the fully assembled NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer.

I know it’s big, but it was bigger than I thought. And being petite, well, you can imagine my surprise.

It took two men to set it up as there are several parts, most of them heavy or bulky. So, I highly recommend finding a permanent spot for it at home.

It’s not something you would want to move around the house even with its transport wheels. And it is also best to measure your workout area before purchasing.

Aside from the floor space, consider measuring the ceiling height as well, given that this machine has a 40% incline. You’ll need a height of about 220 cm (or 7’4”) to work out comfortably with a maxed-out incline option.

Despite its size, the machine feels durable to the touch, though. Every aspect seems well thought out, too, from the finishing and angles of the handlebars to the water bottle holders.

First-hand experience was smooth and easy.

After turning the power button on, a quick start-up guide appeared on the large screen. I think this is helpful for beginners, and it should appeal to users not very fond of reading the manual.

Then, I tried out the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer for the first time. And my short legs immediately noticed how high the deck was! It was around 38 cm (or 15 inches) when I measured it.

I realised this extra height was to have space for the inclination/declination and the cushioning.

So, yes, it might surprise you if you are short like me. But you should be OK after some time.

And honestly, after stepping on it a couple of times, it feels natural and doesn’t feel too high for me anymore. The machine also feels very stable even when at high speed.

The belt is very smooth and doesn’t make too much noise except when running on it. And the faster you go, the louder it becomes.

I tried running at varying speeds from 2 km/h to 10 km/h to check the cushioning, and my joints loved it! My knees didn’t hurt at all.

As for the accessories, I like how the fan and screen are adjustable to suit different users within the same household. The phone holder is handy, too.

The water bottle holders are also easy to access. But short users may struggle to reach them as the sled grips can get in the way.

Touchscreen display is responsive.

Similar to my S22i Exercise Bike review, the large 22-inch screen of the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer was the first thing that caught my attention.

It’s not the same pivoting monitor, though. But the imaging is just as high quality and vibrant. 

I had no problems using the controls either. There were no lagging issues, and the touchscreen was sensitive to the touch.

And if you don’t want to use the screen, you can always access the side buttons for adjusting the speed or incline level. The sound system perfectly matches my immersive workout, too.

Of course, an incline treadmill with the iFit app and a big screen makes the experience even more engaging. Manual and limited iFit workouts are also better with this responsive monitor.

Incline and decline functions are impressive.

At this point, everything was wow and impressive, but it’s the 40% incline I’m most excited to test. I wanted to try and see it with my own eyes!

And as expected, the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer didn’t disappoint. Being impressed is an understatement.

The advancement and technology of this beautiful piece of equipment that can go from -6% to 40% incline left me in awe.

But I must admit, adjusting the incline to 40% for the first time was a bit scary. It is so high and steep!

It’s a good thing that the tread belt glides so smoothly, so, overall, it was a great first experience. Inclination shifts were quick and pretty quiet, too.

Working out at 40% incline is hard work for sure. I felt like I was hiking.

And since it simulates mountain trekking, I think it’s a great piece of exercise equipment for athletes who are into outdoor or vigorous training.

But remember, the machine has a 150-kg max user weight capacity. While the machine is heavy-duty, large users may not feel as stable when working out on such a steep incline.

So, make sure to keep the treadmill weight limit in mind.

It is value for money.

The NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is not a budget treadmill. And if you plan to renew your iFit subscription, there will be additional (or long-term) costs on top of its maintenance needs.

However, the impressive performance and quality of this machine justify its price. Moreover, it has distinct features that you won’t see in other premium treadmills.

And even if I believe continuously subscribing to the iFit app gives the user optimum benefits, the machine is still functional without it. If you want to learn more about the iFit membership, this post may be of interest to you.

The manual workouts with the Sled Push, adjustable speeds and challenging incline levels are undoubtedly worth the investment.

You won’t go wrong in investing in a long-lasting machine with good warranty coverage, either.

Where to Buy Online

The NordicTrack Australia website has the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer and other high-quality product ranges. From its homepage, you can click on the Treadmills category and select the specific model that you want.

The category page has brief descriptions of each treadmill type, making it easier to find a machine that suits your needs and budget. The X22i is under the Incline Series range.

Clicking on the treadmill model should take you to its product page, complete with payment details, feature description, specs and product measurements.

You can click on other product pages to compare and contrast. When ready to order, click the add to cart button.

Also, check the NordicTrack Australia accessories page to see other treadmill-related items like a maintenance kit, heart rate monitoring strap and mat.

Or, you can click the “Check Price” button below to view the most up-to-date price from the product page directly.

Customer Support

There is a Request Consultation section at the end of each product page. You can use this to forward any enquiries you have on NordicTrack Australia machines.

Their staff will email or call you at your best time after submitting your form. And don’t worry. Consultation is free!

However, if you need a quicker route, you can also use the LiveChat box on their website. Their agents will be happy to assist you.

And in case no agent is available, you’ll have the option to leave a message instead.

Shipping, Delivery and Installation

Ordering NordicTrack Australia equipment is not the only easy thing. Their actual delivery and assembly services are just as flawless!

It took exactly two weeks to process all three machines that I borrowed: NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer, NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Bike and NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical.

I was impressed with how smooth-sailing things were at this point. And I was getting timely messages, too, informing me about the status of my order.

I would also like to note that the X22i Incline Trainer includes UK and US plugs but not AU. I asked NordicTrack about this, and they promptly offered to send the correct adapter if I needed one.

It’s a good thing I have an international adapter at home, so problem solved. But keep this in mind if you plan to get this treadmill.

About the Delivery and Installation

Winning Services is NordicTrack Australia’s partner for delivery and installation. And in my case, the company sent two gentlemen to deliver and assemble all three exercise machines.

Both worked politely and professionally. Before actual delivery, the main installer even asked permission to view my apartment in Melbourne.

He did this extra step to ensure he and his colleague can deliver and install the equipment without issues.

I think it’s a big plus for us buyers who want things done the right way. It’s a big time-saver, too, since they had to set up the machines on the highest level of my apartment building.

About the Winning Services Staff

The two gentlemen complied with the health safety procedures. They kept their masks on from start to finish.

They also laid out a mat first before putting all the heavy treadmill parts. During assembly, the men were so meticulous.

They took excellent care of every part of the equipment. Both made sure everything was attached or aligned correctly. These gentlemen are strong yet gentle and tidy when it comes to installation.

After setting the machine up, they cleaned the area, stored the plastics and Styrofoam in the cardboard boxes and loaded everything back in their truck.

They also provided care instructions and showed me how to use the equipment.

I sent a thank you text to the installer, and he replied, “thank you for your appreciation. Those words encourage us to work even better for our customers”.

Overall, my experience with NordicTrack Australia and Winning Services was a winner.

About Setting Up the Treadmill Yourself

The assembled NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is approximately 153kg, with a box weight of 189kg. It is large and heavy, and it has to come to my apartment on a pallet.

The men also had two rounds of unboxing from their truck before carrying the individual parts upstairs. The first round has the belt component and bars, then the console part for the second round.

I have previously read some treadmill reviews about this product, and most noted that its assembly might be taxing. One even estimated installation time to be about 3 hours.

But in my case, with the Winning Services staff, unboxing started at 11:35 am. Then, it was up and ready by 12:30 pm. That’s less than an hour!

So, if you want to save time and energy, I highly recommend having the professionals help you.

I had no problems with the Winning Services staff either. And I think it is best to have the pros assemble complex machines to avoid accidents or errors.

Final Thoughts

The NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is not the most affordable treadmills around. And you can get a budget option that will likely give you the same cardio benefits.

However, this treadmill comes with exceptional features plus bells and whistles that justify its price. More importantly, the X22i is an inclusive machine.

With its 40% incline feature, walkers can burn calories without hurting their joints. On the other hand, runners and athletes can sprint, prep for a race or try hill training in an exotic location.

Even users who are not too keen on technological frills will enjoy this treadmill’s manual mode and sled push function.

The X22i got everyone’s fitness needs covered for sure. Any single machine that can boost your endurance, power, strength and speed is 100% a good deal!

If you think the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer is your fitness match, click below to check its current price. Otherwise, the article comparing this treadmill with the ProForm Pro 2000 may be of interest to you.