How much is a treadmill? It is probably your first question when you have decided to get one for your home gym. But your choice should consider several other factors aside from its price.

More advanced models will naturally have higher price points.

But the real question is, do you need high-end machines to meet your fitness goals? Does price automatically translate to quality?

Let’s answer these by first understanding treadmill types in terms of cost.

Then, I will follow it up with relevant factors that you need to weigh in when deciding which model to buy.

Hopefully, this article can help you pick a treadmill that works best for you and your budget.

How Much is a Treadmill?

In Australia, you can get one for $1000 or less. However, most models will cost more than that, up to $3000. And some can even go as high as $5000.

Prices vary because units have different features, brands and warranty coverages.

Let’s compare budget, mid-range and high-end treadmills to understand this further.

Budget Category: Priced under $1000

Entry-level running machines come with basic features only, so don’t expect advanced fitness functions or accessories.

Typically, these units have a short 140cm treadmill belt, 16kph max speed and 10% incline (if available). In most cases, incline control is also manual for budget-level models.

Of course, some brands like NordicTrack and ProForm have models that include features you’ll see in pricier treadmills.

Still, given its basic functionality, this type is best for casual users who are into walking or jogging.

Budget Treadmills

Mid-Range Category: Priced between $2000 and $3000

Mid-priced running machines include features beyond the basic. Examples are touchscreen monitors, a good workout tracker and Bluetooth connectivity.

They usually have a wide belt, about 147cm. Some models even have 152cm tracks that suit taller users with longer strides.

Mid-range treadmills also have higher maximum user weight capacities, more powerful motors and better warranty coverages.

Deck cushioning system is better than their budget counterparts, too.

This type should suit walking and jogging exercises and even casual running.

High-End Category: Priced $4000 or More

How much is a treadmill built to last for years? If this is your priority, you should be looking at expensive running machine options.

Aside from durability, these units are also very versatile. They typically come with several built-in workout programs and steep automated incline options.

An extra powerful motor for 19 kph max speed supports these superior functions.

In addition, luxury models have long 152cm tread belts and advanced shock absorption, making them suitable for users of any shape or size.

High-end treadmills also require lower maintenance than budget machines. Most expensive units have lifetime warranties, too.

This category is best for runners, athletes and those into long hours of training.

High-End Treadmills

Which Treadmill Price Category Should I Choose?

How much you should pay depends on these questions.

What is My Budget?

Your money on hand is probably the top deciding factor in getting an entry-level or premium treadmill.

If you have a limited budget, look for an affordable machine that’s easy to use, quiet and comfortable.

You can also consider second-hand, refurbished treadmills. Previous owners or sports stores that sell used fitness machines would have these.

But if you have enough for a mid-range unit, I recommend getting this type instead.

It’s more durable and has better features. Mid-priced machines are also easier to sell later if you wish to get a more expensive model.

What are My Fitness Goals and Capacity?

All treadmills, including budget ones, can help you lose weight or improve your cardio health.

However, your machine category should depend on what exercises you plan to do to achieve either goal.

For example, entry-level treadmills are excellent for walking. But if you prefer to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a mid-range or high-end treadmill is ideal.

Experienced runners are also better off with an expensive machine that can withstand frequent, heavy use.

This machine type will meet their needs and help avoid costly repairs.

Some suggest that beginners should get low-priced models. And there’s nothing wrong with a low-cost starter.

But you also have to think long term, especially if you plan to make your fitness regimen a lifelong habit.

It might be more cost-efficient to get a high-quality budget machine or a mid-range one from the lower end.

Which Features Do I Need?

It’s a waste of money to get an expensive machine with features that you don’t need.

And remember, advanced features are the main reason for high machine prices.

So, research well and choose wisely before buying. Identify your exercise goals first, then match them with the capacity of your treadmill options.

If you do not need a music player, workout app or high incline levels, start your search among entry-level treadmills.

On the other hand, check high-end models if you need a machine with all the bells and whistles.

How Much is a Good Treadmill

Final Thoughts

Knowing how much is a treadmill should go beyond its price. It is an investment, after all. So, make sure to get to know your options well.

Study their specs and features, then match them to your goals, budget and fitness level.

And remember, a good treadmill is not the most expensive model.

The best choice is one that you will enjoy using every day.

Start searching for your perfect fitness partner with my treadmill review and buying guide.