NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 are top treadmill favourites. Although the treadmills have different price points, both have an excellent array of specs for a good cardio workout. But which one is better?

Let’s have a side-by-side comparison of these models from sister treadmill brands.

To simplify things, I identified some essential comparative factors that make these two machines distinct.

I also added categories that you should be looking for when choosing a treadmill.

NordicTrack Commercial X22i vs Proform Pro 2000

Honestly, I find the Proform Pro 2000 more suitable to my requirements. I’m not a serious runner who needs a heavy-duty machine, like the NordicTrack X22i, with a powerful motor or high incline range. Also, I prefer mid-priced but feature-packed treadmills that fit my apartment space.

However, we all have different fitness goals, preferences and lifestyles.

Ultimately, the final decision is up to you.

My in-depth reviews of the NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 should help you decide, too.

But for a quick comparison, here’s a table summarising their distinct features.

Scroll down further to learn more about each factor.

TREADMILL FEATURESNordicTrack X22iProform Pro 2000
Construction and weight limit150 kg136 kg
Deck size, tread belt and roller size55 x 155 cm; 2-ply commercial grade; 2.5” precision rollers51 x 152 cm; 1-ply standard grade; 1.9” precision rollers
Motor size4.0 CHP3.25 CHP
Incline and speed levels40% incline and -6% decline; 0-22 km/h12% incline and -3% decline; 0-22 km/h
Exercise programsIncludes free workouts, manual mode and iFit compatibilityIncludes free workouts, manual mode and iFit compatibility
Step-up height38 cm24 cm
Deck cushioningReflex™ Cushioning; feels softer on the legsReBound Pro™ Cushioning; feels firmer on the legs
StabilityHeavier and more stable at high speedsMore lightweight and slightly bouncy at high speeds
Display and program selection22-inch screen with one-touch keys on the console10-inch screen with one-touch keys on the console
Noise levelQuieterLouder
Other accessoriesIncludes Bluetooth connectivity, 3” speakers and storage pocketsIncludes Bluetooth connectivity, 3” speakers and storage pockets
Folding systemNon-foldingFoldable
Dimension and weightBulky and heavy; needs a dedicated spaceLighter with a smaller footprint; the folding system saves floor space
CostHigh-end; more expensiveMid-range; more affordable


A. General Features and Engineering

Construction and weight limit

NordicTrack X22i has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg, while Proform Pro 2000 can support up to 136 kg.

Generally, it’s better to buy a treadmill with a higher weight limit because of its many benefits.

Specifically, treadmills with high-weight capacities often suggest durability and longevity.

Also, the construction materials used to make them are usually of better quality to withstand a lot of weight or pressure.

However, heavy-duty treadmills are also typically bulky and more expensive.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. With a 150-kg maximum user weight limit, people of varying body types and weights can also use the machine. This treadmill is also better if you plan to use it for intense workouts.

Deck size, tread belt and rollers

Steps on How to Maintain NordicTrack Treadmill

NordicTrack X22i has a deck size that’s 55 cm wide and 155 cm long. On the other hand, Proform Pro 2000 has a 51 x 152-cm deck.

Both options have above-average deck width and length, making them suitable for most users (based on height and stride length).

These deck sizes can also support any treadmill exercise, including walking, jogging, running or HIIT.

As for tread belt type, NordicTrack X22i is a 2-ply commercial-grade belt with a flat finish. Proform 2000 has a standard 1-ply belt with a textured finish.

Both are excellent quality, although NordicTrack’s is a more durable belt grade.

However, keep in mind that replacing this belt type can also be expensive.

The rollers are treadmill parts that make the belt move. And the bigger the roller, the smoother your treadmill runs will be.

NordicTrack X22i has 2.5” precision rollers, while Proform Pro 2000 has 1.9”. Most high-end treadmills have roller sizes between 2” to 3”.

So, even if the Pro 2000 has smaller rollers, they are still pretty good for a mid-range treadmill model.

  • Winner: Both. They have deck size, belt quality and roller size made for efficient cardio workouts. However, if you are tall (between 196 and 211 cm), the NordicTrack X22i would likely feel more spacious and comfortable. You can also check this treadmill belt guide to learn about replacement costs.

Motor size

NordicTrack X22i has a powerful 4.0 CHP motor, whereas Proform Pro 2000 has 3.25 CHP.

Motor size is critical for heavy and frequent treadmill use.

A high CHP rating indicates high speed/incline capacity and better capability to keep the motor temperature under control.

But it also means higher power consumption.

Proform Pro has an in-home efficiency booster for controlling electricity use, though.

So, it’s also a good choice if you prefer to save energy.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. Although it may consume more power than the Proform Pro 2000, we only use treadmills for a short period. So, regular workouts will not cause your electric bill to blow up. The benefits of getting a more powerful treadmill motor far outweigh the cost. Also, I like how the treadmill motor was under the running deck to reduce the motor compartment size.

Incline and speed levels

These factors are worth checking out when considering exercise variety and difficulty.

The NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 have incline/decline settings, but the X22i has a higher range.

Specifically, the X22i has a max incline of 40% and a decline of -6%.

On the other hand, Proform Pro 2000 has incline and decline levels of 12% and -3%, respectively.

As for speed range, both can go from 0 to 22 km/h.

  • Winner: Proform Pro 2000. Although NordicTrack X22i has a higher incline/decline range, most mid-range treadmills like Proform Pro 2000 lack this feature, making it a more cost-efficient choice. Also, NordicTrack could have a better speed range, given its motor size and premium price.

Exercise programs

Image is taken from NordicTrack Australia website.

Both treadmills offer limitless workout programs through iFit. They also include a 30-day free trial of the app upon purchase.

Installing the app lets you access a multitude of studio and global workouts.

The machines also work with Google Maps, allowing you to design your route for the day anywhere in the world.

Also, both allow interactive training sessions where your treadmill settings automatically adjust depending on your selected terrain.

Free built-in programs and manual mode are included in these machines, too.

But you do need a Wi-Fi connection to get program updates.

  • Winner: Both. These treadmills provide the same expansive workout variety and progressive training potential for their users. However, if you’re considering an iFit subscription, Proform Pro 2000 may be easier on your budget since it’s a more affordable machine.

B. Look and Feel

Step-up height

Step-up height is the distance from your floor to the deck. It’s an essential factor to some users as it indicates how easy (or safe) it is to get on and off the treadmill.

For instance, Proform Pro 2000 has a manageable step-up height of 24 cm (about 9 inches). However, NordicTrack X22i is 38 cm (about 15 inches).

I’m petite with short legs, so I can instantly tell that the X22i is a bit high. It may need some personal adjustment if you’re really petite, but you should be OK.

I believe this extra height is necessary to have the space for the inclination/declination and the cushioning.

However, a high step-up height may not be ideal for users with mobility or balance issues.

  • Winner: Both. This factor should depend on your height and preference. Also, if you are into optimum hill training and better cushioning, you’ll likely have a high treadmill deck.

Deck cushioning

A cushioned deck reduces leg impact while running on a treadmill. It allows you to enjoy extended workouts and quicker recovery time.

And both machines have their deck cushioning technology.

NordicTrack X22i has the patented Reflex™ Cushioning that simulates real-road running.

On the other hand, Proform Pro 2000 has the ReBound Pro™ Cushioning.

Both are great for protecting the joints. However, NordicTrack is more flexible and responsive to the impact of your feet and body weight.

Proform provides plenty of shock absorption. But it can feel slightly firmer underfoot.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. Its cushioned deck works by having four steel springs under it, making it gently descend with every step. The deck will automatically flex less with a lightweight user or during walking exercises. Heavier users or intense running will make the deck flex more.


Both treadmills look similar in build and design with moulded plastic and metal parts. Their bases also look equally wide and sturdy.

But on closer inspection, the frames of the NordicTrack X22i are noticeably thicker and more robust than the Proform Pro 2000.

I noticed their difference more when I started using both machines.

Specifically, the Proform Pro 2000 tends to shake or bounce while running at high speed. I didn’t experience this with the NordicTrack X22i.

It’s not a big deal, though. However, I’m only about 56 kg and 163 cm tall.

And I think taller or heavier users might find this bouncing slightly more bothersome.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. The X22i is about 153 kg, while the Pro 2000 is only around 119 kg. This weight difference explains why the former is generally more stable, no matter your treadmill settings.

C. Performance and Technology

Display and program selection

A screen with high resolution is the perfect complement to your built-in or iFit workouts.

And good thing NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 have quality consoles for this purpose.

Both display crisp graphics. You can also tilt either screen to adjust your view based on your height.

Their touchscreens are also responsive. However, Proform Pro 2000 has a considerably smaller 10-inch screen size.

I find the 22-inch screen of the NordicTrack X22i more user-friendly. Its buttons are clear, too.

Users with vision problems will find it easier to navigate this screen.

Both treadmills have one-touch keys on the console area for adjusting the speed and incline.

These come in handy when you don’t want to fiddle around the up/down buttons.

However, I think the overall console layout of the NordicTrack X22i is better. It looks cleaner and more well-thought-out for easy access.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. If you plan to continue working out with the iFit app, getting a treadmill with a good-sized screen is the best way to go. Also, larger buttons and a better console layout should suit users with limited vision.

Noise level

Even high-quality treadmills produce some noise, especially when shifting settings, turning on the workout fan or during intense running.

But between the two machines, the NordicTrack X22i is quieter.

Proform Pro 2000 produces a more audible noise than NordicTrack.

However, both machines return to a subtle whirring sound once they reach the selected setting.

Adjusting the workout fan power of the Pro 2000 also generates noise and gets louder on higher settings.

On the other hand, the X22i produces minimal fan noise.

  • Winner: NordicTrack X22i. If you plan to position your treadmill in a shared space, apartment or upstairs, a quieter exercise machine is always the best choice.

Other accessories

Both machines have Bluetooth connectivity for syncing wireless headphones and chest straps for heart rate.

It also lets you connect your phone or tablet to the machine, so you can listen to your favourite playlist or podcast while working out.

Also, the NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 have 3” and 2” built-in speakers, respectively.

As for storage, NordicTrack X22i has dedicated areas for two water bottles and side pockets for holding small things like phones and keys.

On the other hand, Proform Pro 2000 has two large storage pockets behind the console.

Both do not have tablet holders, though.

However, you can tilt the display screen to create a small lip to set your gadget.

  • Winner: Both. These treadmills have similar additional features to enhance your cardio workout experience.

D. Buying Considerations

Folding system

This one is probably the feature that makes Proform Pro 2000 better than the NordicTrack X22i.

That’s because Pro 2000 has a neat mechanism, so you can fold the deck upright and lock it into place.

It’s even equipped with a hydraulic system, allowing you to press the foot bar to let the machine unfold.

The NordicTrack X22i is a non-folding treadmill and requires a dedicated space.

  • Winner: Proform Pro 2000. I especially like this folding system. It’s easy to use, and you can fold it with one hand. Once folded, the total footprint becomes half — perfect for apartment or condo dwellers with limited floor space. It makes cleaning underneath the machine very easy, too.

Dimension and weight

Perhaps, another issue with the NordicTrack X22i is its large footprint and heft.

This treadmill is about 183 cm long and 101 cm wide.

It’s also 153 kg heavy. With this machine size, you need to plan your workout area.

Aside from the floor space, ample ceiling height is also necessary, given that this machine has a 40% incline.

You’ll need a height of about 220 cm (or 7’4”) to work out comfortably with a maxed-out incline level.

  • Winner: Proform Pro 2000. A 119-kg machine is more manageable. Also, its folding feature allows you to save floor space. Remember that size and weight are important considerations when setting up the treadmill yourself.


NordicTrack X22i is a high-end machine that costs more than $1000 than the Proform Pro 2000.

The price gap, of course, fluctuates, but generally, the mid-range Pro 2000 is a more affordable model.


The NordicTrack X22i and Proform Pro 2000 are two exceptional machines to consider when hunting for a high-quality treadmill.

While both are excellent, one will fit your goals and preferences better.

So, if you’re an athlete or seasoned runner, the workout variety, motor size and durability of the NordicTrack X22i are best for you.

However, for regular fitness enthusiasts like me who are into more affordable and space-saving machines, the Proform Pro 2000 is an excellent choice.

With so many treadmill features, a side-by-side comparison between two excellent machines like this can still feel overwhelming.

Try identifying your top three factors from this review, then narrow down your options based on them.

Lastly, pick the model that best represents balance in construction, performance and comfort.

And if you think you need to consider other models, reading my fitness treadmill reviews and buying guide next might help!

What is Better on Treadmill Incline or Speed

1. What is iFit membership?

iFit is a fitness training app that works with specific equipment or gadgets. After downloading this workout app, you can access high-energy studio classes and global workouts with the best personal trainers. Purchasing compatible exercise machines, like NordicTrack and Proform, include a free iFit trial for a limited time. Once it expires, the user will have to pay a subscription fee to continue accessing it.

2. Can you use NordicTrack equipment without an iFit subscription?

Any NordicTrack exercise machine works in manual mode and without an iFit subscription. You can also use its small selection of free, built-in workouts. However, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to get occasional updates on onboard programs.

3. How do I maintain a NordicTrack treadmill?

You can divide your NordicTrack treadmill cleaning tasks into routines. For instance, daily care should include wiping the machine after each use. Weekly cleaning involves vacuuming your treadmill area and checking the belt or deck. Then, find time to clean the motor compartment and tighten any loose screws at least once a month.