A treadmill belt size chart is a helpful reference when choosing your exercise equipment. After all, a machine with the wrong belt size can significantly affect your treadmill workout.

So, what belt size is right for me? An average treadmill is around 51cm wide and 152cm long. And most runners find this size comfortable.

However, taller users would be better off with a 157cm-long treadmill. On the other hand, users who prefer to walk should be okay with a 40cm x 127cm machine.

But why does belt size compatibility vary? The main reason is that belt choice depends on your size and your goal for using the machine.

Read on to learn more about treadmill dimensions and how you can match them to your requirements.

What are Treadmill Dimensions?

There are two measurements you need to know about your treadmill. One is the exterior dimension or deck size, which indicates if the machine will fit into your gym space or not.

The other is the belt dimension, which indicates how wide and long your tread belt is. Keep in mind that usually, a bigger belt size means an equally big machine.

The width and length are often the measurements you’ll see in a treadmill belt size chart:

  • Belt width usually ranges from 41cm to 56cm.
  • Belt length usually ranges from 122cm to 157cm.

The belt dimension is crucial as it dictates what treadmill exercises you can do on the machine.

Specifically, intense running is hard to do with a too-short belt.

On the other hand, getting a bulky and more expensive machine for your walking exercises is not practical.

Treadmill Belt Size Chart with Width and Length

How are Treadmill Dimensions Relevant to Your Height and Exercise?

The treadmill width usually coincides with your gait or side-to-side movement while walking or running.

However, most treadmill widths are suitable for walking, jogging and running. That’s because the difference between your height and gait is not that significant.

And so, for this aspect, your choice is mainly dependent on preference and comfort level.

On the other hand, the treadmill length is a more crucial measurement. And it’s because your height and choice of exercise directly affect it.

Height corresponds to your stride. If you are tall, your legs will naturally be longer. And during exercise, the distance between your feet apart is longer than a petite user.

Here’s a more in-depth comparison.

Walking Stride

Your walking stride is shorter than when you are jogging or running. And so, a long tread belt is not necessary for this exercise.

If you love walking, you can check this treadmill belt size chart. Then, match your height with the belt length of your machine choice.

Height RangeMinimum Belt Length
Less than 170cm tall132cm
Between 170cm and 193cm tall140cm
Between 196cm and 211cm tall152cm

Jogging Stride

While jogging, your feet are further apart than when you are walking.

So, if this is your favourite treadmill exercise, ensure that the belt size can accommodate your stride.

Here’s a guide you can use.

Height RangeMinimum Belt Length
Less than 170cm tall137cm
Between 170cm and 193cm tall147cm
Between 196cm and 211cm tall152cm

Running Stride

Running creates the longest stride among the three treadmill exercises. Naturally, it requires an extended tread belt to accommodate your feet.

Athletes and people into high-intensity interval training (HIIT) would typically need a long belt size, too.

And it’s because longer belt lengths allow several training options at full running speed. Below is a treadmill belt size chart for your reference.

Height RangeMinimum Belt Length
Less than 170cm tall147cm
Between 170cm and 193cm tall152cm
Between 196cm and 211cm tall157cm
Treadmill Belt Size Chart Sample

Which Treadmill Belt Size is Best for You?

Here’s a treadmill belt size chart with some of the best and most affordable treadmill machine options.

I’ve also included the exterior dimensions to help you gauge their footprint.

Treadmill ModelBelt WidthBelt LengthExterior Dimensions (LxWxH)
Sardine Sport C2 Walking Pad40cm120cm145 x 52 x 13cm
Lifespan Fitness Reformer40cm120cm165 x 75 x 29cm
Everfit Titan45 Running Machine45cm120cm169 x 76 x 32cm
Endurance Athlete50cm128cm156 x 88 x 117cm
Endurance Spirit46cm125cm161 x 74 x 134cm
ProForm Pro 200051cm152cm151 x 90 x 151cm
Adidas T-19X51cm152cm197 x 87.5cm x 154.5cm
BH Fitness Pro-Action Series58cm160cm212 x 94 x 153cm
NordicTrack X32i Incline Trainer56cm165cm194 x 102 x 185cm

From this tabular presentation, we can see that some models have similar tread belt sizes. However, they significantly vary in exterior dimensions.

Consider this when looking for a compact treadmill with the proper belt size. Keep in mind that usually, large-sized treadmills have a higher price point, too.

Also, if you need a treadmill for walking, you should be looking at units like Sardine Sport C2 or Lifespan Fitness Reformer.

On the other hand, ProForm Pro 2000, Adidas T-19X and similar models are ideal for jogging.

As for runners and large users, consider getting machines such as BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill and NordicTrack X32i Incline Trainer.


There are a lot of commercial treadmills out there, making selection difficult. But product research and a little know-how of the specs should make buying the best treadmill easier.

So, arm yourself with a treadmill belt size chart to trim your options. Then, match their measurements with your height and exercise routine.

And while you’re at it, make sure to take note of other features like treadmill weight and max speed as well.