Treadmill belts do not last forever. Over time, they will start to lose traction and show signs of wear and tear. And once you’ve decided to buy a new one, the next question is how much does a treadmill belt replacement cost?

Treadmill belt replacement can cost around $99 to $375. However, this price range does not cover treadmill repairs and shipping fees (if applicable).

If you notice, this range is relatively wide. And that’s mainly because of several factors affecting belt quality and price.

Let’s then highlight these factors. Also, read on to learn more about checking your treadmill belt and looking for signs that call for its replacement.

How Long Do Treadmill Belts Last?

A treadmill belt takes the brunt of your workout, making it prone to damage. And generally, it can last up to 300-500 hours of use, depending on belt quality and your training frequency.

An average home user would typically accumulate this exercise time within 3 to 4 years.

Treadmills in commercial gyms need belt replacement more often, though, about a few times each year.

But is replacing treadmill belts needed? Yes, absolutely. Not doing so will affect your workout and treadmill performance.

Old belts also strain the motor more, leading to faster machine deterioration. It might even force you to buy a new treadmill sooner than necessary, which is more costly.

What Are the Signs that a Belt Replacement is Necessary?

Before going in-depth about treadmill belt replacement costs, you need to know when to get a new belt.

How should you do the checking, and what are the tell-tale signs?

The treadmill abnormally slows down.

If you notice that your speed is not matching up with your settings, then it’s time to check the belt:

  • Are there frayed edges? Look for any tears, cracks, snags or cuts on the fabric. All these types of damage can deform the belt and affect treadmill speed.
  • Is the belt too loose? If the belt is not tight enough, it can go off centre and affect machine performance. Apply proper belt tension first and see if it can solve the problem. If not, it’s time to get a replacement to protect yourself from slipping off the treadmill.
Signs When Treadmill Belt Replacement is Needed

If you cannot find any issues with the treadmill belt, try checking the motor.

Both belt and motor should be in tip-top condition to make the treadmill work properly.

A weak motor will not be able to turn and rotate the belt roller, which, in turn, affects machine speed.

In that case, you need a treadmill motor replacement, not a new belt.

The treadmill belt feels bumpy.

Do you feel any peaks on the belt while walking on the treadmill? This sign calls for an immediate belt replacement.

Most treadmill motors can only work with a smooth and flat belt. Bumps and rough spots can get caught on the rollers, causing your treadmill to stop working.

Treadmill accidents are also more likely with a bumpy belt. And it’s better to pay for treadmill belt replacement costs than settle hospital fees.

Belt seams are loose.

The underside seam can quickly become worn out. It’s a common issue in most treadmill models. And your belt will likely turn into a trip hazard if you ignore it.

You can check this by running your fingers under the belt seam. Try to feel if there’s any frayed or worn-out spot.

How Do I Check the Treadmill Belt?

If you think your machine is slowing down or bumpy, inspect it first before purchasing a new belt. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off and unplug the treadmill.
  2. Use a screwdriver to open its motor hood. Refer to your manual to locate the screws you need to remove.
  3. After opening the hood, check and remove any foreign item caught inside the machine.
  4. Assess the belt tightness. Lift the belt from underneath with your fingers. If you create several inches of space, grab a wrench to adjust the tension.
  5. Check the lubrication status of your belt next. If the belt feels dry, apply enough lubricant for a smoother run.
  6. Run your fingers on the surface to feel any groove or bump. Also, check for indications of extreme wear.
  7. Finally, check the treadmill deck for cracks. If you spot this issue, you need to call for repairs or get a new machine.
Factors Affecting Treadmill Belt Replacement Cost

How Much Does a Treadmill Belt Replacement Cost?

As mentioned, a treadmill belt costs between $99 and $375. This cost can still go up to cover repair and shipping.

But before you go shopping for one, check your treadmill warranty conditions first.

Most treadmill manufacturers offer extended warranties for parts, including the belt.

What Factors Affect Treadmill Belt Replacement Cost?

But if you do need a new belt, remember that prices vary due to several factors. Here are some of them.

Treadmill Belt Grade

Treadmill belts have varying types and levels of quality. These factors dictate the belt price as well as its longevity.

For example, you can buy a generic belt compatible with your treadmill. Generic belts suit most models and are significantly more affordable than their premium counterparts.

But, if you use the treadmill often, generic belts require frequent replacement and higher maintenance in the long run.

And so, you need to balance your belt choice with your budget and workout needs.

Here’s an example of price differences from Treadmill Running Belts to explain this point further.

Belt GradeDescriptionRecommended Average UsageCost
Standard 1-ply1.6mm-thick belt with a 0.2mm underlay1 hour a day, 3-5 times a week$99
Premium 2-ply2.3mm-thick belt with a 0.8mm underlay3 hours a day, 3-7 times a week$119
Commercial 2-ply2.8mm-thick belt with a 1.5mm underlay and a lot tighter weaved belting6-12 hours a day$375

Here, the premium 2-ply type is a better option than the standard 1-ply if you work out a lot.

It’s quieter and tough and offers more cushioning. While it costs more, this type also gives more value for money.

But the commercial 2-ply is better than the premium 2-ply if you need it for a gym, sports training and the like.

Total Treadmill Belt Replacement Cost

Replacement and Repair Service

As I’ve mentioned, the total treadmill belt replacement cost may also include additional repair expenses.

That’s because treadmills are generally heavy, and most people lack the know-how to do the belt replacement themselves.

Replacement fees also vary, depending on how much the repair companies charge per hour.

If you want to skip this extra cost, you can opt to install the replacement belt yourself or have a friend help you out.

I suggest you do this if you can find an instructional video from the manufacturer of the exact model you’re using. Otherwise, it’s more cost-effective to have a pro do it.

Belt Supplier

Some treadmill brands offer a range of part replacements, including belts. This option is excellent and foolproof since you know you’re getting the right product.

The problem here is that branded parts are often more expensive. And so, if you want to cut down your expenses a bit, you can look for a reliable third-party source.

You can also buy a second-hand belt if you like. When choosing either option, make sure you know the exact treadmill belt size that you need.

You can also check this step-by-step guide for measuring treadmill belts correctly.


You’ll likely need a replacement belt later on if you use your treadmill regularly.

Hopefully, this guide helped you estimate how much to save up to cover your treadmill belt replacement cost.

Make sure to consider this maintenance requirement when choosing a new treadmill.

Aside from its features, check its belt size and quality. Then, plan where and how you will source your part replacement needs.