Are you looking for a high-quality exercise machine with a matching fitness app? If yes, prepare to get your money’s worth with the all-new iFit+.

With the iFit+ package, you’ll get a 3-year iFit Pro access plus one piece of fitness equipment of your choice – all for only $1,797.

Keen to know more? Read on to know what this fitness app is about and why you shouldn’t miss out on this great combo deal.

What is the iFit App?

Before we get into the package details, what is iFit exactly?

iFit is a fitness training app for compatible exercise machines, TV, or mobile gadget.

By downloading iFit, you can access an extensive and ever-growing library of studio classes or global workouts with the best personal trainers.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you will surely appreciate how iFit simplifies your workout for the day and makes each session engaging.

iFit Membership

Purchasing iFit-compatible exercise equipment gives you free iFit trial access for a limited period.

Once the trial expires, the user must pay a subscription fee for continuous access.

The subscription fee depends on your chosen iFit membership type.

The iFit Pro lets you access the app on your phone or tablet, and on the built-in screen of your NordicTrack or ProForm equipment. This membership type holds up to 5 users.

On the other hand, the iFit Train gives you app access through your phone or tablet only. This membership options holds one user profile.

You can learn more about the different iFit membership plans here.

iFit Features

So, what’s in the iFit app that makes even the iFit+ package worth considering?

Subscribing to iFit allows you to experience the best and most advanced fitness technologies to date, including:

  • GlobeTrek workouts. Train in beautiful beaches, iconic streets, and other beautiful world destinations without leaving home using iFit trainer-led global workouts.
  • Automatic training adjustments. Automatically adjust your speed, incline, or resistance settings to match your chosen terrain with the iFit app. With this feature, you can experience total training immersion without any distractions.
  • Custom-fit fitness tracker. Create personalised workouts and meal plans by entering your fitness goals into the iFit app. The app gives you regular updates and adjustments based on your caloric expenditure and intake.

You can also read this NordicTrack Blog article for in-depth descriptions of the workouts available in the iFit app.

iFit+ Features and Benefits

What Makes iFit+ Worth Getting?

We now know how outstanding iFit is and its inclusions. But what makes the iFit+ different and possibly a better option?

High Value for Money

The iFit+ package includes a 3-year iFit Pro access and one iFit-compatible exercise equipment. Currently, this offer costs $1,797 in Australia.

It’s an excellent deal with huge savings, considering that a separate 3-year iFit Pro subscription costs more than $1,000.

Mid-range iFit-enabled exercise machines are also more or less within the same price.

Excellent for Shared Home Gyms

iFit Pro allows you to create up to four more secondary accounts (total of 5 users), so others can use the same equipment and app.

Investing in an iFit+ package is worth it if you have several fitness enthusiasts at home. Also, it’s a better, more practical option than buying multiple machines with individual iFit access.

Getting the iFit+ is also a great way to encourage friends and family to start a more active lifestyle!

Top-Notch Workout Experience

The iFit+ gives you the best of both worlds.

Aside from letting you access the impressive iFit app and sharing it with others, you’ll be experiencing its features on high-quality iFit-enabled equipment.

Here’s an overview of each piece of equipment you can include in your iFit+ package. Note that the equipment options will likely change in the future.

Proform Vue

The ProForm Vue is a pivoting 61 x 152 cm reflective surface with a built-in touchscreen that lets you see and improve your form while working out. You can pair this with the iFit app, so you can master your yoga poses or attend HIIT sessions with a personal trainer. The rear side of the ProForm Vue also houses a bar, dumbbells, and weight plate set – perfect for toning and strength training.

Proform Pro R10 Rower

The magnetic resistance-based Pro 10 Rower has 24 adjustable resistance levels to suit beginner and experienced users. This heavy-duty machine operates quietly and folds in half, making it ideal for small home gyms and apartments. And with its 10-inch HD touchscreen, those iFit rowing workouts with automated resistance adjustments will surely be fun and immersive. Check out our ProForm Pro 10 Rower review for more details.

Proform Trainer 10

Trainer 10 is the perfect choice if you want workout quality and variety. This treadmill has a 51 x 140 cm tread belt, so every stride or sprint is comfortable and well executed. Your legs and joints also get full support from its cushioned deck. To put your skills to the test, you can set its speed up to 20 kph or adjust the incline to 12%. Or switch on the iFit app to start walking, jogging, or running in world-class terrains.

Level Up Your Daily Workouts with the iFit+

The iFit+ is a complete package that’s worth getting for sure.

With an interactive fitness app and a high-quality exercise machine, engaging and enjoyable at-home workouts are now within easy reach.

Best of all, you get both for a reasonable price.

Ready for an iFit sweat session? Visit the iFit page to learn more about this incredible deal.

1. Do I need an iFit subscription to make my exercise machine work?

iFit-enabled fitness machines can work with or without the app. Currently, NordicTrack, ProForm, and Freemotion are the brands that offer iFit-compatible equipment. These are still functional in manual mode and have a small selection of onboard workouts. Downloading the iFit app does not affect equipment use. But it can significantly boost your workout experience.

2. Which is a better rower: the ProForm Pro R10 or the NordicTrack RW900?

Both rowing machines have their pros and cons. However, if you prefer a more affordable indoor rower that is comfortable to use, go for the ProForm Pro R10. Also, unlike the non-foldable NordicTrack RW900, you can fold the Pro R10 in half, which is ideal for tight spaces.