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Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM Review

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Rowing is an incredibly effective way of losing weight and trimming your physique to toned muscles. As a sport, rowing is a weather-dependent workout and if you’re a professional rower, this can mean going for months without practice due to bad weather. This doesn’t mean you have to lose precious training time though!

Enter the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM with commercial-grade features within a reasonable price point. This setup is designed to be versatile and accessible even to complete beginners of the sport. Read on and find out more about its features.

Overview of the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM

The Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is described as a “robust” rower specially built for high-intensity interval training sessions. Professional rowers or just individuals who want to make the most per minute can have this unit in their homes for an accessible full-body workout.

The machine itself has a fairly large footprint, measuring 232 cm in length, 115 cm in height and 72 cm in width. A notable feature of the rower is the smart lift-up storage system which helps minimise the storage space.

The model is made from durable materials and is equipped with an LCD display for easy control of the programs. The machine is self-powered with a battery attachment to run some of the electronic features. Through the display, you gain access to some of the essential stats for an effective workout such as calories burned, time, distance, and variable targets.

The rower works with an air-magnetic self-powered set-up that allows you to work out even without access to a power source. This makes it perfect for the garage or an outdoor setup so that it doesn’t take up precious space in your home.

The body is made primarily from aluminium with an overall weight of 57.4 kilograms. While moving it around the house may be difficult, the weight of the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM gives you that added assurance of stability during an intense workout.

Prior to its release, the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM went through rigorous testing by Intertek using the EN ISO 20957 standards. This guarantees that the rower is perfectly safe and performs beautifully in helping users achieve their workout goals.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM

Impetus is a highly respected name when it comes to fitness machines. The Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is actually just one of the products they have on offer. Here’s what you should know about its features.

Uses Air Resistance

The unit uses air resistance to increase the challenge of rowing. You can intensify the workout using various levels depending on your fitness goals at the time. The beauty of air resistance is that it offers a fairly wide range of intensity – allowing you to push your limits for both cardio and strength training.

An added bonus of this resistance type is the fan which helps blow wind to your face during rowing. This definitely helps refresh your workout and gives you the feel of the outdoors while working up a sweat.

Life-Like Rowing with Multiple Resistance Levels

There’s a total of 8 resistance levels for the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM. This makes it perfect for beginners and professionals alike. If you’re starting from zero but want a machine that can accommodate you even at a top-performance level, then this is an excellent unit to have.

Switching up the resistance can be done easily through convenient levers. Since the model also has a maximum user weight of 150kg – it’s recommended for those who are starting from a heavy standpoint. The rowing action itself is incredibly realistic and allows you to experience the smooth glide of the actual sport.

Multiple Programs

The Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is created specifically for people who want to do a HIIT workout or High-Intensity Interval Training. This is considered to be one of the best ways to lose weight fast. Combined with the pre-set target goal programs, the machine is an effective way of approaching weight loss goals – one session at a time.

Programs included in the unit include a 5-minute target, a target time, a target distance, a target stroke, and target calories. Users can choose their preferred unit of measure for improvement and use this to track their progress with each use!

The model also comes with interval training programs for a HIIT session. With just a few adjustments, you can get started with a HIIT exercise and make the most out of the routine.

LCD Display

The LCD display runs on batteries and provides a wealth of information to help you gauge the intensity of your workouts. Display feedback includes resistance levels, time, and time per 500m, strokes, distance, calories, calories per hour, pulse, watt, and total strokes.

You can use this information to determine the quality of your workout and measure improvements on a weekly or even daily basis. The LCD display is also incredibly easy to use and gives you quick access to the information you need with just a few touches of the button.

Comfortable Seating and Pedals

The rower’s seat is heavily padded and extra wide to provide additional support for its user. This guarantees comfort with each use, especially when combined with the adjustable pedals that cinch tightly around the feet. This gives the user a firm grip with each stroke, allowing them to sustain the flow and make the most out of every movement.

Since it is extra wide, the seating works well with individuals who are starting from a high point of weight or just want to make sure they’re getting excellent leverage with the machine.

Adjustable Pedals

The pedals can be adjusted to match the height of the person using the rowing machine. The maximum stroke length can be up to 110 cm, making it ideal even for the taller portion of the population. Much like the seating, the pedals are made with ergonomics in mind so that you’ll have a solid grip on your feet.

Solid Structure

The Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is made from solid and durable aluminium. It weighs more than 50 kilograms overall and offers a stable build that’s perfect for HIIT workouts. The design is meant to support a user with a maximum weight of 150 kilograms – even during a HIIT routine!

This is important since the added intensity of HIIT tends to jostle and vibrate a machine towards quick depreciation. Since this rower is built specifically to accommodate HIIT workouts, you can expect the solid aluminium build to withstand any kind of pressure you put on it.

Easy Storage

The product comes with a smart-lift storage system that allows you to put it aside when not in use. This is a good idea for homeowners with little space to spare for their workout routine. Note that while storage isn’t exactly “very” easy – there’s enough leeway there for convenience compared to other rowing machines in the market today.

User Friendly

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is the fact that it doesn’t have a steep learning curve. You don’t need previous experience with a rower in order to navigate through the product. There are online tutorials and everything can be done manually with the setup.

Adjustments are done old-school with levers and buttons, allowing you to manipulate the unit according to your exact specifications. While this might make it seem that the unit is not ideal for sharing – that’s actually far from the truth. With an easy-to-use build, the Impetus may be used by multiple users without any problems.

Pros and Cons

  • Doesn’t need an external power source
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Comfortable seating and foot support
  • Easy access LCD monitor
  • Provides extensive information on workout statistics
  • Sturdy construction capable of accommodating up to 150 kg of user
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Meets industry safety standards
  • Air resistance rowers can produce fan noise during operation

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Seamless Buying Experience

With Southern Fitness Wholesale Australia, you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you ordered online. All products are in stock and are properly described down to the last specification. This way, you’ll be able to make the right decision using complete and accurate descriptions of the product you’re buying.

Beyond the product, however, Southern Fitness Wholesale Australia has the logistics capacity to deliver large products across the country. Keeping in mind the relative size of the area, Southern Fitness Wholesale can provide approximate dates for delivery so buyers will know exactly when their orders will be arriving.

Select locations in Australia also give some residents the opportunity to simply walk into their local store, purchase the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM, and have the item set up in their home by dinner.

Assessment of the product online through their portal should give you the opportunity to thoroughly study the product before placing that order. The site is incredibly user-friendly and makes navigation quick and easy – even through your phone or tablet.

Pop-up ads or distracting product placements have been successfully blocked from the site, allowing you to browse with ease without worrying about malware or distractions.

There’s also a chat function where visitors can initiate conversations and ask further questions they may have about the item. You can be sure that there’s always someone ready to answer questions and clarify any issues you may have about placing an order.

Southern Fitness Wholesale Australia also has a solid refund policy in place. All replacements can be processed through the same seller should you have any problems with the parts during the warranty period.

All payments made through the portal undergo rigorous security checking, making sure that all your private information remains completely private from third parties.

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Final Take on the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM

While it may not look it, rowing is actually a full-body workout which means that it engages all the muscles. It’s therefore not surprising that this fitness equipment is a favourite by individuals who want to improve their cardio and strength at the same time. But how does the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM fall with this goal?

To wrap it up, the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM is the perfect machine to have if you want a full-body workout combined with a HIIT approach. If you’re looking for a long-term investment for good health, this unit would be a good place to start.

Just keep in mind that this rowing machine demands space for use. The sound made by the fan may be too loud for some homes so try to consider that when buying this product. Otherwise, all other aspects of the Impetus HIIT Rower IA-8000AM prove favourable to its eventual user. Whether you just want to lose weight, improve your strength, or actually get into the sport of rowing – this Impetus model delivers.

Southern Fitness Wholesale is very generous to offer Health Constitution’s readers a 5% discount. For a high-value product like an air bike, the 5% discount is already a gem.

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