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BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 Review

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Fitness enthusiasts like me love an outstanding piece of exercise equipment especially if it’s meant for cardio exercises. While stationary bikes are a standard in both traditional and home gyms, indoor bikes like the BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 have their distinctive qualities which make the unit a level above standard fitness bikes.

If you are rather curious about what wind resistance bikes can do to your workouts, you might be interested in what this particular model delivers.

HIIT And Stationary Bikes

Many fitness buffs are into HIIT workouts because it reduces training time compared to the usual cardio routines. HIIT also ‘hits’ the spot for many gym buffs because you don’t need to be a professional athlete or seek the help of a fitness trainer to perform the workouts. The only thing you need is to find a suitable workout for your fitness level.

Wind resistance bikes like the BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 are an integral part of many HIIT routines because, unlike regular bicycles, it delivers total body exercise. This type of resistance bike is also referred to as an air bike.

Air bikes are quite different from traditional stationary bikes since it’s the user who controls the resistance. The more effort you put in, the harder the workout gets, thus pushing your upper and lower body to engage fully in the routine.

The arms and the legs are involved in the exercise together, pushing the heart rate to soar around 20 per cent higher compared to merely using your legs to pedal the bike. This, in turn, not only works out your body but burns plenty of calories at the same time.

Wind resistance exercise bikes are also kinder on the joints. It’s only your heart and lungs that are pushed to their limits. The structure of the air bike also allows the body to sit up straighter so there’s less pressure placed on the spine.

BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889: An Overview

The BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 is a fan bicycle model that incorporates the HIIT concept along with wind resistance. The model is made to work out the upper and lower body. A great thing about this air bike unit is that it accommodates all fitness levels – users can adjust airflow resistance to suit the intensity of their choice workouts.

Thus, if you are a beginner, you can opt to use a less intense workout. Seasoned air bike users can play around with the dial for workouts that are more rigorous for their taste.

If you want to further motivate yourself with air bike HIIT routines, you can also create a different workout each time. It also makes for a safer workout since you get to match your current strength with a resistance that is appropriate for you.

There’s no exercise burnout with this one since you can always modify workout intensity. You can also choose a suitable workout for your specific fitness goal, whether you want to build more muscle, lose weight, or maintain cardiovascular health.

The Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889, as mentioned earlier, utilises wind resistance to power workouts. It comes with a built-in, powerful fan that accommodates a good deal of fitness levels. It provides a whopping 20 resistance levels – enough to serve from beginners to the more experienced gym buff. No workout will be boring if you are presented with resistance rates this plenty.

The model also offers dual-action features. You can choose to combine both for a full-body cardio exercise. You can also move the handlebar if you only want your upper body to get a workout, or engage the lower body only by adjusting the footpegs.

When it comes to bikes, many people typically check out the saddle. The best ones in the market offer versatility. These units are not only comfortable to use, but the saddle is also adjustable so the bike can accommodate a good range of user sizes.

An air bike’s mechanism is something users should always consider; we can all agree on that. However, if you want something that can accommodate lots of user sizes and at the same time, is reliable enough for lots of workouts, then you have to consider the quality of its frame, too.

The overall frame of the Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 is something you can trust. It’s quite strong and durable, which is given actually since the model serves plenty of resistance levels and user sizes. This one will not wobble even if you tinker with the highest intensity.

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Features of the BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889

Anyone who is keen to train hard consistently must give this fitness exercise a go. Here are more of its advantageous features.

Innovative HIIT-Style Exercise

HIIT is a type of training that involves short bursts of intense exercise thus cutting training time. It’s only right that this concept also made its way to exercise bikes. The Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 provides users with a physical routine that will only take 24 minutes max, thanks to the HIIT model.

With this unit, you can perform 12-minute short cardio routines plus 12-minute functional exercises and call it a day. Use the bike 3 times each week and you can work your way to your fitness goal in the comfort of your home.

It’s quite a convenient way to exercise at the intensity that you prefer. Your routine will never be boring since the bike is versatile. If I want to build up my muscle strength, I can increase the intensity. For those who wish to maintain their current weight, they just need to go for an intensity that suits their objective. HIIT is known for its capability to boost metabolism and it also produces afterburn effects thus you get to maintain a fit and sound body at the same time.

Another excellent thing about air bikes is that they do not require electricity to function. Is your place prone to frequent power outages? No problem, you can still carry on with your physical activities since this air bike relies on wind resistance and your legs to operate. Put it anywhere in your house and you can always proceed to accomplish your fitness goals.

Reliable Wind Resistance

The Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 includes a built-in, durable fan that generates its resistance and delivers whatever intensity the user is after. You can be aggressive with one part of the workout and tackle a less intense routine the next.

The huge size of the wheel is an advantage since it offers many resistance rates for every fitness level. The air produced also helps you feel a bit cooler and more comfortable during a routine – in the leg area, at the least. Any factor that keeps one cool during a workout is always a plus for me.

Furthermore, the bigger wheel provides dynamic resistance for workouts that deliver results. When you work hard on this bike, you will get a greater resistance. Therefore, expect to see results with regular use.

Dual-Action Capabilities

The Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889, as I have mentioned previously, features dual-action capabilities. It means that it not only provides a total-body workout, it also leaves users with the choice to work on their upper body only or the lower body.

The handlebar can be moved so you can keep your upper body in top shape or improve it. If you want to concentrate on your lower body, you can make do with the footpegs.

Strong, Dependable Steel Frame

The unit’s frame feels quite solid, an attribute that is one of the high points of the Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889. Because it incorporates HIIT principles, it presents intense workouts. Used thrice a week, the air bike will surely get plenty of beating especially if you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast.

The bike makes use of a durable steel frame so it will not readily give after several uses. The structure is also quite practical and reliable since it does not make do with just a single metal panel. Instead, the frame utilises two panels that are hemmed in with a cylinder-shaped structure. You get a heavy-duty, hard-wearing piece that will last you years of successful HIIT workouts.

Adjustable And Comfortable Saddle

A workout can be tiring and the effort one exerts to reach his or her fitness goal is exactly the point of an exercise. It will bring sweat, but if it brings you tears due to discomfort, then something could be wrong. When it comes to exercise equipment, the unit should give you the intensity you need. However, it should provide you with comfort as well so you can carry on with your routine.

The saddles in fitness bikes are parts that I check meticulously since I do not want discomfort to interrupt my routines. More so if it’s a wind resistance bike that uses HIIT concepts. While you will only spend a few minutes per routine, you also need to tackle intense exercises so comfort is a must.

It’s a good thing that the Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 is designed with horizontal and vertical seat adjustment. That way, it can accommodate several user sizes. That means regardless of the intensity of the exercise, you will feel good using it between sweating, huffing, and puffing. You will not fall off the bike, that is a guarantee. It’s completely padded as well so you get ample support during your workouts.

The saddle was also designed in a manner that it will not get in the way of your thighs during exercise. Thus, users will not experience annoying, unnecessary burns on the thighs.

If you are interested in how much weight it can tolerate, this air bike can also accommodate up to 160 kg of weight. I think the sturdy frame and build of the bike can readily handle such a variety of user weights.

Other Features To Consider

Apart from the usual main features, let us take a look at the bike’s other essentials. The Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 features a double screen console for functional and HIIT exercises. The addition of the monitor instinctively motivates users to keep track of their routines to reach their fitness goals.

Programs included in the bike are Quick Start, Target Time, Target Cal, Target Distance, Target Watt, a Watt program, interval training, and a 4 HRC. The air bike also includes a water bottle holder so you won’t forget to hydrate yourself during workouts.

The transportation wheels and floor levellers also make moving the bike a breeze. This way, you can exercise wherever you prefer around your space.

Pros and Cons

  • Has 20 resistance levels
  • Dual-action features
  • Durable steel frame
  • Adjustable, padded saddle
  • Seamless, sleek, professional design
  • Easy-to-read double-screen console
  • Includes floor levelers and transportation wheels
  • Max User Weight: 160kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 158cm x 67cm x 175cm
  • Pretty sizable unit, thus might not fit smaller spaces

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Final Take on the BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889

If you are after exercise equipment that caters to all fitness levels and sizes, you will definitely appreciate the workings of the BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889. It utilises the HIIT concept so expect a workout that will push you hard for results.

The availability of several intensity levels is something that makes it exciting, too. This means it will serve not only seasoned exercisers but beginners as well. There are no boring moments with this BH Fitness wind resistance bike since the variety of intensity levels will challenge you every time.

Southern Fitness Wholesale is very generous to offer Health Constitution’s readers a 5% discount. For a high-value product like an air bike, the 5% discount is already a gem.

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