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BH Fitness SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike H919N Review

4.2out of 5


With today’s tight schedules, it’s hard to find time to hit the nearby fitness centre and spend a good hour or two exercising. It’s a good thing there are exercise equipment that can be taken home, such as this BH Fitness Magnetic Spin Bike, which allows athletes, training cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts to keep up with their fitness goals.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, like myself, consider BH Fitness Magnetic Spin Bike a wise investment. With this well-designed stationary bike, indoor cycling is made easier, more comfortable, and more effective. In particular, the features SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike are suitable for moderate to heavy training. Read on to know what I have to say about this semi-professional indoor bike and why it is worth the investment.

SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike H919N Overview

Unlike conventional exercise bikes, spin bikes in general are designed to model the position of a road bike typically used for racing. Seasoned cyclists will know the difference in position and posture of a spin bike versus a stationary bike.

To my satisfaction, the handlebars of the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike H919N are ergonomically inclined for maximum comfort and conveniently oversized for multiple grip positions. If you’re seriously training, you are wise to choose spin bikes over stationary bikes, which project an upright sitting position, much like riding a commuter bike.

What is more endearing is that the SB3 spin bike model features a magnetic brake system that runs smoothly and quietly. Now I do not have to worry about my neighbours in the apartment building complaining about unnecessary noise. With a magnetic control system, the magnets do not touch the flywheels. They simply move to and away from the flywheels as a way of creating resistance.

Apart from this, the SB3 Magnetic uses a Poly-V belt that is easy to maintain and does not create noise when it is set in motion. The energy transfer is smoother when using a belt than a chain. A belt-drive mechanism is also cleaner and better suited for long drives compared to a chain drive. Because of these benefits, a belt-drive system is increasingly becoming a popular choice for bikes.

One of my top favourite features of the SB3 Magnetic Fitness Spin Bike is the dual-sided pedals that allow me to choose between heavy-duty training using cycling shoes and light training using sneakers. The design is well-thought-out, indeed, as it keeps in mind the fluctuations that can happen in a person’s fitness journey.

Let’s face the reality – there are really days when my energy drops and all I want is to cheat my way out of my fitness goals. I am grateful that this magnetic spin bike allows light training. This way, I can remain consistent. I don’t need to skip exercise. I only have to put on my everyday sneakers and start cycling lightly even for a few minutes.

Material-wise, the SB3 Magnetic Fitness Bike H919N consists of an oversize steel frame. It is, therefore, highly durable and resistant to corrosion. It even features a sheathing that covers the top of the flywheel and the magnetic control system to block off sweat.

People commonly think that the dripping sweat is no concern. But sweat is composed of water and trace amounts of urea, lactic acid, and minerals like sodium. It can, therefore, be highly corrosive and damaging to the spin bike. And need I say that with indoor cycling, a person experiences an increased amount of sweat, as the lack of wind in an indoor setting reduces the rate of evaporation.

With all these advanced features, the SB3 Magnetic Fitness Bike H919N keeps the needs of semi-professional athletes and active cyclists in mind. It requires low maintenance and lasts long even with rigorous, lengthy training.

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Features of the BH Fitness SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike H919N

Anyone who is keen to train hard consistently must give this fitness exercise a go. Here are more of its advantageous features.

High-Rotational-Inertia Flywheels

Having high rotational inertia simply means that a greater force is required to cause a rotation. On the contrary, low rotational inertia implies that only a small force is necessary to cause a rotation. As for the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike, it features an 18-kg high-rotational-inertia flywheel that is made of aluminium. Greater force is required, therefore, to perform one cycle. This makes it ideal for indoor heavy training, either for personal or commercial use. I also like the fact that the flywheel is CNC machined, resulting in accurate and ergonomic proportions.

Computer-Aided Performance Monitoring

Investing in any fitness equipment should be done with a goal in mind. I’m satisfied to know that the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike comes with an onboard computer with a clear display, showing performance measures, such as revolutions per minute, duration, distance covered, speed, and even caloric consumption. I can also strap the display around my chest with a strap.

Magnetic Brake System

The magnetic control system requires less maintenance compared to a friction resistance system. Magnetic spin bikes are virtually silent since the magnets do not touch the flywheel. If you have audio sensitive neighbours or family members living with you, then you can best appreciate magnetic spin bikes.

Sturdy Belt-Drive System

Do you want to build that endurance for your upcoming marathon? Then level up your training with this magnetic spin bike.

The magnetic brake system of this spin bike, combined with the belt-drive mechanism, results in enhanced durability. The SB3 Spin Bike H919N is designed with a 6 PK Poly-V belt drive, which has larger contact areas than standard or flat V-belts and can, therefore, transmit more power. This results in smooth, quiet, and long-lasting performance.

Adjustable Seats and Easy-Grip Handlebars

With my old fitness bike, I used to complain about backaches after exercising for long hours. I later figured that it is not the duration per se that caused the backaches, but my body positioning. My old stationary bike was too big for my size. It is quite a refuge to know that the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike features adjustable seats, so this makes reaching the pedals convenient.

SB3 Magnetic also features ergonomic oversized and easy-grip handlebars. With its large surface area, I can easily hold my grip in multiple ways. This helps prevent muscle sores. Remember that in cycling, regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor, comfort is king.

Dual Trekking Pedals

I can’t stress enough how crucial proper shoe-to-pedal fit is in preventing exercise-related mishaps such as slipping and straining. Foot grip is equally important as the handgrip since cycling gives leg muscles hard work for a prolonged period. This magnetic spin bike features dual pedals that can fit both cycling shoes and ordinary trainers or sneakers. Cycling shoes, recommended for heavy training, vary in form and functionality from that of ordinary trainers or sneakers, which are okay to use for light training.

Durable Steel Frame

It appears that durability is etched in every nook and cranny of the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike. For one, it features a commercial-grade crankset design and heavy-duty bearings that contribute to seamless cycling. It also features a rigid bottom bracket with thermal protection and high reliability, resulting in increased cycling efficiency.

Anti-Sweat Protection and Easy Storage

Its steel frame is protected from premature corrosion because of its anti-sweat protection feature. Particularly, there is a sheathing that covers the magnetic control system and the top of the flywheel. As the sheathing helps prevent premature corrosion, it contributes to the durability of the spin bike.

And in terms of storage, I find it convenient that the spin bike comes with transportation wheels attached to the front feet. This means that I don’t need to carry the heavyweight when I transfer it to another area. Those who are living in an apartment with limited space can appreciate an easy-to-transport spin bike.

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomic and comfortable handlebars
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic brake system
  • Has transport wheels for easy storage
  • Uses high rotational inertia flywheels
  • Has anti-sweat protection for durability
  • Sturdy belt drive system
  • Adjustable seat
  • Dual trekking pedals
  • 18kg flywheel
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 104cm x 64cm x 119cm
  • Max user weight of 110kg – not suitable for heavier individuals

Positive Buyer Experience

The product, with all its features, spells value for money. The buyer experience, though, deserves to be shared as it significantly affects my decision to purchase.

Southern Fitness Wholesale, the store that carries the SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike, maintains a website that facilitates seamless browsing. The online products are organised in a way that facilitates focused reading. If you’ve tried browsing a multi-product marketplace, you’ll understand how the organisation of content contributes to reading focus.

Seasoned cyclists may still have questions about the technical features of a magnetic spin biker. It’s nice knowing that there’s a chat feature that allows the user to raise their questions to the store. A customer service representative responds to your queries quickly. This kind of customer service, albeit online, is top-notch for me.

Lastly, the store delivers to any point in Australia – very convenient! This is the beauty of online shopping. You can browse multiple products in one sitting without physical exhaustion and time-consuming navigation.

Final Take on SB3 Magnetic Fitness Spin Bike H919N

When buying an exercise bike, it’s crucial to determine your fitness goal. Your goal will help define your choice. SB3 Magnetic Fitness Spin Bike is a wise choice if you are keen to develop strength and build endurance. It is durable, smooth, and ergonomic. You can go full 20 hours of indoor training in a week and this sleek steel-framed spin bike right here won’t falter.

Combining the magnetic brake system with a belt-drive mechanism is a clever design idea for a spin bike. It requires less maintenance as anyone who is training for a marathon or a competition would think less of cleaning equipment and concentrate more on training.

Such a clever combination also adds value to the user in terms of focus. The lack of noise enables the user to focus more on his/her posture, position, and performance statistics, as displayed on the bike computer screen.

This fitness spin bike is also made to last long. It is made of steel, therefore durable and stable. At the same time, it features anti-sweat cover protection. Corrosion is the least of my worries. And again, this spells value for money, knowing that I do not have to spend on repairs every so often.

In terms of material and functionality, the SB3 Magnetic Fitness Spin Bike H919N will keep a fitness enthusiast happy. Its semi-professional features can even pass for a gym fitness bike. Appearance-wise, this model looks clean yet complex, owing to its advanced and versatile features. A newbie may feel intimated to use it. But really, it is fairly easy to maneuver.

If you’re new to cycling or still testing the waters, you may want to start with a stationary bike first or a spin bike with lower rotational inertia. SB3 Magnetic is best suited for advanced users.

Southern Fitness Wholesale is very generous to offer Health Constitution’s readers a 5% discount. For a high-value product like a magnetic spin bike, the 5% discount is already a gem.

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