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Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Bike Review – All You Need in an Exercise Bike

4.6out of 5


Exercise bikes are some of the most popular home exercise equipment to buy today. The newly designed stationary bikes have already changed from bulky and ugly to sleek and ergonomic. Anyone looking to have a full-body cardio workout is going to love an exercise bike.

There are a lot of stationary bikes on the market. Some of them range from cheap to expensive and there are those who sport so many unique features. For a starter exercise bike, one of the popular choices is the Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike.

The Exer-80 Exercise Bike promises to be a versatile bike with a lot of programs and customisable options to reach your fitness goals. I’ve tried this before in a friend’s house and here’s what I think about it.

Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike Overview

The Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike is designed for beginner or exercise bike enthusiasts. It boasts 16 levels of variable automatic resistance and 12 automated training programs. Anyone who is looking for a guided workout can appreciate the comprehensiveness of this bike.

One of its best features is the heavy-duty cast iron flywheel. While a lot of exercise bikes have this kind of mechanism, Lifespan Fitness improved on the material used for this flywheel. Instead of the usual stainless steel or aluminum alloy, the Exer-80 Exercise Bike uses a cast iron make. This means it has maximum durability.

The cast iron flywheel’s mechanism is responsible for the variable automatic resistance that you’ll experience when you use this bike. This system has an electric motor that dynamically changes its resistance when you make changes on the control panel.

There are other small additions to this bike that are usually underrated. One is the pedal straps. These straps help your feet stay in place when you already have the momentum for your workout. Another is the saddle. You can adjust the saddle in so many ways.

Features of the Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Flywheel

Considered the most important of the Exer-80 Exercise Bike, the 6-kg heavy-duty cast iron flywheel is responsible for the resistance you’ll feel when you pedal the bike. The resistance you feel is caused by the magnetic mechanism found inside the flywheel.

To trigger the changes in resistance, the flywheel is connected to a motor that’s wired to the control panel. When you change the resistance via the control panel, this is communicated to the flywheel. Only then will you be able to feel the change in resistance.

16 Levels of Variable Automatic Resistance

Speaking of resistance, the Exer-80 Exercise Bike has 16 different levels of resistance. You can find them in the control panel by pressing the up and down buttons.

Variable automatic resistance refers to the change in resistance caused by the electric motor and magnetic field found on the flywheel. I’d like to think of it as a fancy term for having different resistance levels. With a wide range of levels, you can choose from HIIT or low-intensity biking.

You can also make your own workout by adjusting the resistance buttons.

12 Automated Training Programs

For those who haven’t used a stationary bike and don’t know how to build a workout with it, you can take advantage of the Exer-80 Exercise Bike’s 12 preset training programs.

These programs were designed to give you different choices of personal workouts that will fit your goals. They differ in the speed, resistance, and length of the workouts. You will have more than enough choices to choose from. And for all of these programs, you can still track your calories, progress, and heart rate.

As an additional feature, you can make 1 customised program. If you want to do more, you can just delete your pre-made program.

4-Way Adjustment Saddle

The saddle can be adjusted in two ways – backward or forward, and up and down. There are knobs just below the saddle that you unlock by twisting them. When the frame is a little loose, you can choose from the holes at the right level that would be perfect for your size.

The Exer-80 Exercise Bike can easily fit people who are more than 200-cm tall and have a maximum of 150 kg. The ideal weight should be less than that to ensure the right fit with the saddle and the frame.

Large Control Panel with LCD Display

The only thing you’ll see in front of you apart from the armrests is the control panel. This panel is large enough to hold your iPad or tablet. It also comes with a holder for books.

The only problem with this control panel is the LCD display. I personally think the display is too small for my liking and the whole space wasn’t maximised. You might struggle a little to see the screen.

Pros and Cons

  • Has a lot of preset programs you can try
  • You can make your own customisable program
  • Ergonomic design for arms and legs
  • The saddle is easy to adjust
  • The cushion is soft and does not hit the thighs
  • Comes with a book or tablet stand
  • Very slim for an exercise bike, so it fits in small corners
  • Very heavy to carry or to transport
  • The LCD display is small
  • The LCD display and armrests may be too high for short people

Final Words on the Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike

There’s no doubt that the Exer-80 Exercise Bike has all the basic features you need to start your exercise at home. However, I’m not going to deny that I wish there were some improvements to the design so that it can be more comfortable.

A few things it could work on are the adjustability of the LCD height, the positioning of the saddle, and the dynamic angles of the pedals. With these additional improvements, I’m sure that the Exer-80 Exercise Bike can be so much easier to use.

As for performance, this exercise bike performed better than I thought it would. Sure, it’s just like any of your exercise bikes but it has so many programs to choose from that you might not need to make your own program. Nonetheless, I find that their versatility with the programs is very helpful for people who have other fitness goals.