Exercise bike price ranges from $100 to $4000 in Australia. The safest choice is probably mid-range models, which cost between $1000 and $1500. Ultimately, the decision depends on your needs, preferences and budget.

The massive exercise bike price gap is mainly because of varying brands and product features. The type of stationary bike also dictates machine cost.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors so you’ll know exactly how much to pay for the indoor bike you want.

How Much Do Exercise Bikes Cost by Type?

While brands and features typically dictate costs, the type of exercise bike is also a reliable price indicator. There are 4 general types of exercise bikes: spin, upright, air and recumbent.

Let’s see how different these bikes are in terms of cost. Note that the following are approximate prices based on online stores and brand websites.

1. Spin Bike

A spin or indoor cycling bike is simple yet sturdy. Usually, it doesn’t come with high-tech features or electronics. It’s ideal for people who want to tone their glutes and experience realistic cycling indoors.

Most users do not find spin bikes comfortable but they are the go-to for challenging workouts.

Here are some of its price points:

  • Budget (up to $500). Budget spin bikes are neither the best-looking nor the most hi-tech machines around. However, they are good enough for casual cyclists. These also fit petite users more because of their lower weight limits.
  • Mid-range (about $1100). Mid-price exercise bikes have better construction and design than their budget counterparts. They are more suitable for users looking for a balance between longevity and performance.
  • High-end (about $2300). Premium spin bikes usually have large consoles or screens and automated resistance. These also allow you to link and work out with a fitness app or tracker. Construction-wise, high-end indoor cycles are sleekier and more heavy-duty with higher load limits.

If you’re interested in getting a mid-range indoor cycling bike, check out my review of the BH Fitness SB3 Magnetic Spin Bike.

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i is also an excellent high-end option.

Upright Bike Price

2. Upright Bike

Upright exercise bikes are your levelled-up spin bike. They look more attractive, with neat plastic shrouds covering most of their parts.

Most people prefer upright models as they are more forgiving to the arms and back. They are also more suitable for regular cycling than intense workouts.

This type usually includes large and complex screens plus automated controls, making them more expensive. However, they also come in different price points to suit any budget:

  • Budget (up to $950). Affordable upright bikes look and feel more durable than most spin types. These have the basics for a good cycling workout, but some lack a built-in console. Most have a tablet or phone holder, though. Plus, there are models you can use with a work desk.
  • Mid-range (about $1800). Most mid-range upright bikes have regular consoles, built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • High-end (about $3000). High-end upright bikes have the best features, settings and load limits. These include automated functions, a wide range of resistance levels, a large touchscreen with a coloured display and built-in programs. Exercise bike models under this price range are designed for more comfortable rides, too.

An excellent upright bike doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, the Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Bike has the perfect price and performance balance. It also has a heavy-duty cast-iron flywheel.

3. Air Bike

Air or assault bikes are unique as they have spinning fan blades to create resistance. Due to the type of resistance, air bikes can be noisy. This type of exercise bike is usually best for seasoned cyclists who prefer HIIT and full-body workouts.

That’s because air bikes have infinite resistance adjustments, meaning your workout intensity depends on your input or pedalling speed. Most air exercise bikes are dual-action and work like an elliptical machine. Instead of a stationary handlebar, these models have movable levers to activate the upper body.

Compared with upright bikes, fan-based types are slightly more affordable. The exercise bike price gap between entry-level to intermediate models is noticeably smaller.

So, if your budget falls within both categories, it is best to compare bike features well to get the best deal.

Here are its price points:

  • Budget (up to $900). Models at the higher end of this range typically have the cross-trainer design. Also, most units have a small variety of built-in programs and an LCD monitor. They work with optional heart rate monitors, too. The maximum weight capacity is usually between 130 and 140 kg.
  • Mid-range (about $1300). Mid-range air bikes boast stunning designs and commercial-steel construction. The fan wheel diameter is also larger for more intense workouts at higher resistance.
  • High-end (about $2000). Premium air bikes have larger screens with an easy-to-read digital display. Most have built-in heart rate monitoring, too. Extra features like water bottle holders, dual-sided pedals and multi-position hand grips are also common. Their construction quality also suits HIIT and large-sized users.

Are you into high-intensity training? The BH Fitness Airdyne HIIT Air Bike H889 is a mid-range model with 12-minute HIIT programs. It has a built-in workout fan to keep you cool. Plus, it works even without electricity.

Air Bike Price

4. Recumbent Bike

The cycling form of a recumbent exercise bike is very different from all the other types. Its seat has a backrest, allowing you to pedal in a reclined position. The pedals are also closer to the front. This design lessens knee strain and lets you pedal at a more leisurely pace.

The recumbent type is perfect for body recovery or rehabilitation. Its lower seat positioning also makes it easy for seniors and users with mobility issues to get on and off the bike.

Recumbent bikes can take up space. Their size also explains why exercise bike price under this type is slightly pricey:

  • Budget (up to $1000). Affordable recumbent bikes include an adjustable seat with ample lumbar support and a pulse sensor. They typically have quality consoles with easy-to-read displays, too. It’s also common even for budget types to have high weight limits.
  • Mid-range (about $1700). Mid-range models have significantly more built-in programs and resistance levels than budget options. Advanced consoles with a coloured display are also a common feature. Some work with compatible fitness apps, too.
  • High-end (about $2500). Premium recumbent bikes have lots of features for comfort. Most models have oversized padded seats and large self-levelling pedals. You can also adjust the seat at different angles. The construction and design are top-notch as well.

Check out my review on the Endurance Elite Fit Pro Recumbent Exercise Bike if you think this type is for you.

Bottom Line

Exercise bike prices vary based on the machine type. However, other than brands, two factors seem to influence the cost of any stationary bike: the build quality and the added tech.

More expensive bikes naturally have better construction materials, more resistance levels, larger or heavier flywheels, and striking designs. Intuitive touchscreens, automated functions and connectivity options are also common in premium bikes.

Nevertheless, the question is, do you need all these extra features to get a good cardio workout? The decision, in the end, boils down to your fitness needs. So, don’t limit your choice to price alone. Do your product research, study different bike specs, and read reviews or buying guides. That way, you’ll pick an exercise machine worth the investment.

Recumbent Bike Price

1. Is buying a stationary bike worth it?

An exercise bike is worth buying if you prefer to work out at home or cycle indoors. According to Harvard Medical School, stationary cycling is also one of the physical activities with a high caloric burn rate. On top of weight loss, exercise bikes are ideal for boosting cardiovascular health and toning the muscles. Plus, with so many types and exercise bike price points available, it’s easy to choose the machine that suits you best.

2. Should I get a cheap or expensive stationary bike?

Get a stationary exercise bike that will give you a higher value for money. Match the bike with your exercise habits, preferences and fitness goals to avoid paying for features you don’t need. Generally, mid-range bike models are the safest choice. They typically have balanced longevity and performance without costing a lot.

3. What are interactive bikes, and are they better than regular ones?

Smart bikes, like these Peloton bike alternatives, are the high-tech version of regular spin bikes. They are Bluetooth-ready, work with compatible apps and have automated functions. However, these interactive bikes are also more expensive. Standard exercise bikes are just as good. And they make excellent substitutes if you have a tight budget or limited home gym space.