How is Cycling Good for the Heart?

Cycling is one of the cheapest and simplest forms of exercise. You can integrate it into your daily life in many ways. You can ride your bike when running errands or when visiting your friends in the neighborhood.

If you are a student and your school is just nearby, you can ride your bike to and from the school. Many schools provide a safe parking area for the students’ bicycles.

Aside from providing you the workout that your body badly needs, you can also save on fare money. Those whose working places are near their homes can pedal to work every morning and back home in the afternoon, providing you the chance to exercise without going to the gym or spending time on it while at home.

Cycling allows you to burn calories despite your sedentary lifestyle. It strengthens your leg and calf muscles, as well as your thighs and glutes.

In addition, cycling with friends can be a fun experience. It brings you close to nature as you follow narrow paths that are seldom used by man. It can help you lose weight and prevent suffering from heart diseases.

Several studies conducted in different parts of the world showed that cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise. These findings supported the belief that middle-aged men and women who spend their time sitting and sleeping will benefit from simple exercises such as walking and cycling.

Here are some explanations on how cycling is good for the heart: 

Cycling Enhances Aerobic Fitness

When you are capable of transporting and using oxygen to the maximum, then you are aerobically fit. This means that your heart pumps blood efficiently so that oxygen is delivered to your muscles, organs, and other parts of the body.

The blood must flow smoothly on the veins. If the heart cannot pump blood to the veins or if the flow of the blood is hampered, you can have a stroke or heart attack. Every time you hit the pedal, your heart beats faster and pumps more blood to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Cycling Reduces the Risk of Developing Heart Disease

A study conducted in Denmark revealed that people who commute using a bicycle have very low possibility of suffering from heart diseases. This is because cycling gives the heart muscles the workout that they need.

As a result, the heart becomes stronger and healthier. It can pump blood that carries oxygen around the body. When the heart is weak, it cannot deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. This can result in cardiac arrest or stroke.

Cycling Helps Get Rid of Fats in the Body

When you go biking, your body makes use of fats as a source of energy. Unused fats in the body can accumulate on the walls of the veins and harden. This makes the passage narrow and blood may not be able to flow smoothly.

The blood circulation becomes slow as well. When blood that carries oxygen cannot easily reach the different organs of the body. Poor blood circulation can affect the brain and cause a stroke or heart attack.

Other signs of poor blood circulation are feeling pain on the leg when walking, suffering from pain on the legs when walking, numbness, feeling of weakness, chest pain, and erectile dysfunction. Since cycling improves blood circulation, this activity will help you get rid of these symptoms.

Cycling Increases the Amount of Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance that helps the body to produce hormones. It also serves as a detoxifier. There are two types of cholesterol – the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol.

The good cholesterol leads away fats from the bloodstream to prevent them from causing the veins to harden while bad cholesterol can deposit fats in the arteries. When arteries are clogged with the fats, stroke or heart attack can happen.

Obese people are more prone to have a high level of bad cholesterol because of too much fat in the body. Various studies have shown that cycling for at least 20 minutes a day can increase the level of good cholesterol and decrease that of the bad cholesterol.

Get a bike now and start pedaling your way around. It can make you healthy and strong and help you stay away from the diseases of the heart that can endanger your life.

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