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Best Peloton Bike Alternatives Australia 2024

Have you long been planning to enroll at your local gym but the thought of it being so crowded makes you stop for a second? I have been contemplating on hitting the gym in my desire to shed off the extra pounds and boost my overall health. So, the idea of me creating my own personalised home gym suddenly got me interested.

I find cycling very appealing. In fact, I’ve been so fascinated about smart exercise bikes that I told myself, “This is what I have been waiting for my whole life!” I did my research and started looking for the best smart exercise bikes in the market. I asked my fitness enthusiast friends for recommendations. I browsed online for suggestions. And from what I gathered; Peloton bikes are on top of the list.

Peloton exercise bikes have become bona fide hits. These smart bikes have hundreds and thousands of users and have currently sold almost half a million units. It’s no secret: peloton bikes have successfully gained a cult of following.

Best Peloton Bike Alternatives in Australia 2024

While this brand has gained millions of followers worldwide, did you know that there are alternatives to Peloton bikes that are just as good as this cycling machine? I actually did not know this until I came across possible alternatives while I was doing my research. There are several smart bike brands but I suggest these three.

Image Product Name Screen Size Max User Weight Google Map Integration My Rating Where to Buy
22″ 150 kg Yes 4.9/5
10.1″ 130 kg Yes 4.7/5
22″ 115 kg Yes 4.5/5
Product Name
Screen Size 22″
Max User Weight 150 kg
Google Map Integration Yes
My Rating 4.9/5
Where to Buy
Product Name
Screen Size 10.1″
Max User Weight 130 kg
Google Map Integration Yes
My Rating 4.7/5
Where to Buy
Product Name
Screen Size 22″
Max User Weight 115 kg
Google Map Integration Yes
My Rating 4.5/5
Where to Buy

Things to Consider When Buying a Smart Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are proven to provide amazing cardio workouts. With the right smart bike, coupled with sheer determination, I believe these cardio machines can help me increase my muscle tone and strengthen my legs. However, looking for the best smart exercise bike today can be challenging. The options are overwhelming.

Choosing the perfect one can be a headache; believe me, I’ve been there. My advice is to first figure out what exactly it is that you want your bike to do. Do you need bikes with whistles and bells? Or just a simple but durable machine to bike on? Will the machine be permanently secured in one room, or does it have to be portable? Let me help you narrow down your options by discussing the features you should look for in a smart exercise bike.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Never forget to double check a bike’s maximum user weight capacity. This is to ensure that you are safe to get on that bike. Knowing the max weight limit of a unit will also tell how durable and sturdy the bike is. The higher the weight limit of a bike is, the better and sturdier its built is. Plus, heavier bikes mean they don’t move and wobble when you do your routine. Ideally, go for bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs (approx. 136kg).

Height Limitations

Getting this info can be a bit tricky because some makers don’t provide details height limitations of their bikes. However, the bikes normally used these days can comfortable fit people between 5’5” and 6’1”. You need to make sure that the weight limit will correspond to the height limit of the machine.

Other Features

Now that you have an idea on how to go about your smart exercise bike hunting endeavor, there are also other features worth checking. Here are some optional features that you may want to include in your bike hunting. Although every feature varies from each user, it’s still helpful to know these considerations to guarantee that your bike of choice works for you.

The Display Screen

Although smart exercise bikes are relatively new in the market, you might be surprised to realise that not all of them feature a display screen. Display screens are useful if you are keen with tracking your time, distance, calories, and heart rate. There are even those that can monitor your RPM or power outputs. If you wish to have a machine that’s preloaded with workout routines, you get to visualise how intense your resistance is.

But keep in mind that not all display screens are equal. Some screens have the usual unlit black displays, while there are those with dual backlight displays. There are bikes that have small screens, while there are those that feature dual screens, or one big display monitor. One is not necessarily a good option than another. This will just depend on your preference.

Workout Programs

I prefer bikes that offer programmed exercise routines; otherwise exercising will get boring over time. The type and number of programs vary from one bike to another. There are bikes with 8 programs, while others can go as many as 29. The more typical types of pre-programmed routines are the profile program. This includes intervals, hills, cardio, or random exercises. Moreover, custom programs allow you to design your own program.


I believe this is one important factor to consider when buying an exercise bike. High-intensity workouts mean you also have to have a bike that can give enough resistance to keep up with your routine. How much control over a bike’s resistance do you need? This normally ranges from level 8 to level 25. Higher levels do not necessarily mean they are more resistant. Only, their resistance is gradually changing until it changes its optimum level. You might want to consider going for bikes that feature higher levels of resistance because you get to have more control over your routine.


I like listening to music while doing my exercise which is why this feature is important to me. Thankfully the more modern bikes these days come with built-in speakers.


Exercise bike machines should also have Bluetooth compatibility. It helps that your workout statistics can be accessed thru your phone so you can still evaluate it even while you’re away from your bike. There are different apps you can integrate with your bikes and these are usually free. Some bike makers even design their own apps to help you keep up with your workout stats.


Obviously, all bikes have one. What differs is the amount of adjustability in each bike. What differs is the amount of adjustability on each brand. Most bikes allow you to adjust the front and back of the seat, and also the height. Seat comfort for me is another important issue. Upright and recumbent bike sites are ideal because they are more comfortable. These seats have larger back rests, making it suitable for those with achy joints and bad backs. I suggest you avoid spin bike seats since they are not comfortable.


Before buying a smart exercise bike, identify first where you’re putting your bike. If you like to have a bike that you can easily move around and store when you’re not using, go for easy to transport units. Good thing though, most bikes today have transport wheels for easy storage and transport.

This leads us to another critical consideration: the space you have for your bike. If you have a limited space, upright bikes and spin bikes are your choices. The modern recumbent bikes occupy more space. Make sure you check the dimensions from each bike for your reference.

FAQs on Smart Exercise Bikes

Are smart exercise bikes worth the money?

Investing on the proper smart exercise bike is a good move. You contemplate on buying this machine because perhaps you know deep inside that it’s about high time that you finally become a better version of yourself. There’s no better way to jump start your resolution than to invest exercise equipment at home. Exercise bikes can help you achieve high-quality cardio workouts without the risk of potential damages that you get from jogging and running.

Smart Exercise Bikes vs Normal Exercise Bikes: Which One is Better?

The normal exercise bikes (aka the stationary bikes) are used generally for health and fitness programs. This is suitable for those who want nothing more than to improve the fitness level of their cardiovascular health, as build muscle strength.

Smart exercise bikes, or the spin bikes, are designed for spinning group fitness classes. These are used by those who join cycling as a sport as well. These bikes mimic the body position as regular bikes do because of its bar position. It is lower; thus, you are hunched while you use them.

The benefits actually vary on both types. It’s best that you weight the pros and cons of both bikes closely before buying.

Spin Biking vs Stationary Biking: Which One Gives Better Result?

Spin biking is a better option for intensive workouts. You lean forward on a crouching position before you pedal as if you are pedaling on an actual road bike. This is specifically ideal for those cycling enthusiasts and can be used in various positions. While this is a good option for intensive workouts, this is not advised for longer workout sessions.

Stationary biking on the other hand, are best for customised workouts. You have the choice from preset workouts that match on your stamina and body type. The latest models now have central consoles where you can set parameters based on your workout needs. There are even those with dual-action arm features that encourage you to involve the muscles of your upper body while you’re working on your spins.

Both these bikes work according to the user. Spin bikes are perfect for active and sporty users, while stationary bikes are suitable for the elderly and young who are not fit for intensive workouts.

Personally, I would choose both if I can. But if I only have to choose one, I prefer spin bikes. My reason? Limited time. We are all busy nowadays and making excuses just so we cannot exercise just don’t cut it anymore. With spin bikes, I can squeeze in my cardio workout even with a limited time.

Smart exercise bikes are no doubt, great add-ons to your home (or living room) gym. If you are getting bored going to the gym like me, it is best to invest on these mean machines that could be your answer to finally losing those few extra pounds. I believe any bike can help quickly shed off some weight. But with home workouts getting popular, I know I now have a handful of home exercise machines to help me achieve my goals.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best smart exercise bikes can be overwhelming. The options are endless. The features are awesome. But whether you go for the ever popular Peloton smart bikes, or settle other alternatives that are equally effective, these bikes are designed with only one goal in mind: to help you keep a healthy heart and toned muscles whilst keeping your weight where you want it.