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Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2) Spin Bike Review – Can It Outshine Its Rivals?

4.3out of 5


We all want to stay fit and healthy, however, not everyone has the time to visit a gym. The good thing is that there are types of exercise equipment that you can purchase and use at home. A spin bike is one good example that you can try.

Unlike other workout equipment that only targets specific areas, spin bikes support a complete body workout. It targets almost all parts of your body that need improvement like abs, thighs, shoulders, calves, and hips. It is probably the only workout equipment you need.

I will be honest – spin bikes are not cheap but if you are willing to spend money to achieve your weight goal, then it might be worth all the money. Nevertheless, there are affordable spin bikes that promise the same results as the expensive ones.

Take the Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2) Spin Bike for example. It is cheaper compared to other spin bikes in the market, but the question is, can it perform just like the expensive spin bikes? Let’s find out.

Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2) Spin Bike in a Nutshell

The Lifespan Fitness’ SP-310 is considered an entry-level bike. It is perfect for those who are just beginning with their fitness journey. This spin bike focuses on quality rather than extravagant features, which is probably why it is more affordable than other spin bikes.

The features are pretty basic, which is a good thing, especially for beginners. The SP-310 has adjustable handlebars and saddle to ensure that it can support all kinds of riders, no matter how big or small they are.

It also comes with a large but uncomplicated LCD that is easy to understand and only shows relevant information on your workout.

Lifespan Fitness takes pride in its SP-310 high-quality steel frames, which come with a lifetime frame warranty. However, proper care and usage should always be observed if you want this to last for a long time.

No matter how durable the frames are, they can wear out over time, especially if you do not follow the maximum weight capacity.

The resistance system in the SP-310 has almost unlimited resistance, which can pretty much challenge your cardiovascular workout. So, if you are looking at increasing the intensity of your workouts, this may work for you.

Its chain drive is reliable even for everyday use. It does not need maintenance that much which is a plus point. Not everyone has the energy and time to clean and check it all the time.

The SP-310 is not only easy to assemble but also easy to transport and store. It comes with transport wheels and floor levelers so you can place it anywhere inside your home. It is basically small, so it will not take up a lot of space in your home.

Features of Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2)

13kg TrueSpin Precision Flywheel

The 13kg TrueSpin flywheel has been tested for optimal smoothness and stability. It does not use bolts and nuts which greatly minimises maintenance and the costs that come with it.

I personally find this feature very helpful as I had a bad experience with spin bikes where nuts and bolts become loose frequently. It is not only a hassle but repair costs can be very expensive, too.

However, I am not a big fan of their 13kg exertion limit. I would have preferred it if it can go higher than 13kg so I can push myself more. Although, for an entry-level spin bike, this is already a good one. Newbies would appreciate that it can only go heavy as the indicated limit.

It is also true that this spin bike is much quieter compared to other exercise bikes. However, you will still hear some noise so do not expect a soundless spin bike on this one.

Besides, they never claim to be noiseless, although the noises made by the flywheel have been greatly minimised.

Fore and Aft Adjustment Mechanism

No matter what size you are, their fore and aft mechanism is pretty much adjustable. You can adjust the handlebar and the saddle positions to find the most comfortable position for you.

The saddle and handlebar may be adjustable, however, I find it hard to set the right position for me at first. But as I go along with it, I was able to finally settle in and it felt more comfortable. Do take note though, that it is suitable for riders with a height of up to 200cm or 6.5 ft.

Durable and High-quality Frame

Spin bike frames need to be made of high-quality materials and should be sturdy and durable as it supports the overall spin bike, including the rider. The SP-310 (M2) spin bike seems to get this right. Its frame looks solid and stable. It is made of high-quality steel that is at least 1.5mm thick.

When you ride the SP-310 (M2) you can definitely feel its stability whether you are doing hill climbs, fast pedaling, or even hard sprints. It has minimal rocking even with intensive pedaling.

When used properly, I do think that this spin bike can last long and would not have serious issues like severe frame damage or snapping. Its frame is very impressive, considering its price. It looks sturdier than the expensive ones.

Multi-functional LCD

I find that their LCD is very basic compared with other more sophisticated spin bikes. The display itself is a bit small, but it does show your workout progress like speed, distance, time, and calories. I do think that it can be improved but it does the job.

Pros and Cons

  • 13kg heavy-duty flywheel for a stable and smoother ride
  • Adjustable resistance that is almost unlimited and adds friction to brake pads that allow for more intensity rides
  • Provides great cardiovascular workout experience, can replicate uphill rides
  • Sturdy and stable frames that do not easily rock even with an intensive workout
  • Adjustable saddle positions and handlebar that allows users to find the most comfortable position
  • Uses chain-driven drive train that minimizes maintenance costs
  • Simple control unit and display
  • Easy assembly process
  • Perfect for both experts and beginners
  • Great quality for a very affordable price
  • LCD does not display and monitor pulse rate
  • The seat, even though adjustable is quite uncomfortable
  • Does not have a water bottle holder
  • Handle bar angle cannot be adjusted

Final Thoughts on Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2)

For its price, it is definitely worth the value. I think it is better than most spin bikes that are more expensive. However, I feel that it is more suitable for beginners, and those experienced ones might not find it challenging enough.

Functionality-wise, it serves its purpose with its flywheel resistance, sturdy frames, and portability. Of course, there are better spin bikes out there but newbies can start with this one.