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BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 Review

4.8out of 5


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense workout companion to help you achieve your fitness goals, the BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 may be the perfect fit.

This particular model gives you straightforward benefits by removing all the complicated aspects of a working treadmill. Straight to the workout, this G588 will make sure you get a few thousands of steps in during the week.

BH Fitness Treadmill Inertia G588 Sideview

Committing to Your Fitness Goals with BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588

Getting a brand-new treadmill can be exciting and for the first few weeks, you will find yourself stepping onto the mat and getting a good workout.

However, the monotony of the exercise can get boring which is why many people stop after a while. Most get bored walking for hours at a time, waiting for the monitor to tell them they’ve reached their targeted steps for the day.

If this is you, the BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 is the perfect tool to have in your home. The equipment comes with several console options that let you connect to the internet and watch your favourite show!

BH Fitness Inertia G588 Treadmill - LED Version
BH Fitness offers multiple console options – this is the LED version

This definitely breaks the monotony of your exercise – giving you something to enjoy even as you hit your fitness goals for the week! By the time you realise it, you’ve binge-watched your favourite show AND got 10,000 steps for the day!

The SmartFocus Console allows for more than just connectivity to the internet. The console also offers easy access to a Distance Program or a Fatburn Program that lets you set the treadmill according to your goal for the day.

Before getting started, try using the Fitness Test program where you can set the bar and figure out exactly where you stand on your fitness journey. From there, the G588 will assist you in going from strength to strength with its advanced features.

Overview of the BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588

At first glance, the BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 looks just like any other treadmill on the market today. It has a solid build with average sizing specifications including a length of 200 cm, a height of 148 cm, and a width of 98 cm.

The machine itself weighs around 137 kg and is covered with anti-corrosive paint designed to last for long periods even when placed close to the outdoors.

This model will give you the willpower to step up and start your workout on a daily basis thanks to the connectivity options. Seamlessly combining the modern with the basic treadmill necessities, the G588 makes for an excellent addition to any home gym.

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A Closer Look at BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 Features

Multiple SmartFocus Console Options

The treadmill offers you several console options depending on your personal preferences. There’s the 16’ SmartFocus Console and the 12’ Console, both of which feature a sensitive touch-screen. From the console, you can access several functions including the time, distance, BPM, pace, and intensity of your workouts.

You can also figure out how many calories you’ve burned off so far – allowing you to adjust your workout depending on specific goals. With either console, you get 19 training courses and objectives complete with 2 fitness tests to help you do a personal assessment.

For those who want to keep things classic – the G588 also comes with a LED console that gives you information on time, RPM, distance speed, pulse, calories, and stride. Since it’s not a touch-screen setup, some features of the SmartFocus aren’t available on this one.

Easy Access Toolbar

Integrated on the front of the treadmill is an easy-access toolbar that lets you quickly grab onto support during workouts. While the goal is to have you walking at a calorie-burning pace with perfect form – the toolbar gives you a sense of safety as you get started on your workout goals.

Inertia G588 Treadmill Emergency Button

There’s an emergency shut-off button in the centre and pulse rate contact sensors to monitor your movements. The treadmill and the toolbar are made from reinforced steel and help you with balance as you continue to progress in terms of speed.

Progressive Damping Elastomers

Knee and joint pain can be a big problem when you’re walking outdoors. The hard ground can be unforgiving – and the same is true for some treadmill brands in the market today. Fortunately, the G588 is not one of those brands since it offers a Progressive Damping Elastomer.

This helps cushion the compression of your step, giving your knees a much-needed break from all that exertion. While you’re still getting a good workout with the treadmill, the impact on your joints is lessened so you won’t have to worry about pain or joint problems.

The beauty of these damping elastomers is that they work two ways. Other than cushioning your knees with each impact, the elastomers also help cushion the blow to the underlying mechanical system.

This means that there’s little friction or impact against the moving parts, thereby minimising damage to the reinforced steel. This helps extend the life of the product and gives you longer use.

Optimised Engine

The BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 comes with a 3.5 HP engine with the ability to reach speeds of up to 25 km/hr. This makes it a very effective model for runners and sprinters who want to test their speed and endurance at the same time.

The incline feature of the treadmill works well with the engine specifications, giving you as much as a 15% incline for a more challenging workout.

The powerful engine combined with the reinforced build allows this treadmill to accommodate users with a maximum weight of 150 kg. The high specs of the product create a gliding surface that moves with zero to very little noise – allowing you to do your exercise through the night without worrying about the neighbours.

BH Fitness Treadmill Inertia G588 Sideview

Comfort Features

As an add-on to make every workout comfortable, the treadmill comes with a few other features like a device holder, a power charging port and a bottle holder. This way, you always have easy access to your mobile phone for those off-hour calls from the office.

There’s also a port for the earphones and a speaker connector so you can get the full music experience. With this, you can have some motivational music playing in the background or maybe just watch a favourite YouTube channel while burning off a few calories.

Back View of BH Fitness Inertia G588

Ease of Use

The SmartFocus feature of the G588 doesn’t detract from its easy use. With a touchscreen console, you’re basically getting a wider version of the typical tablet. Everything is easily accessible on screen with just a touch of a button.

If you’re used to smartphones, then there’s really no learning curve to worry about with this one. Everything is straightforward and all you have to do is plug and play the treadmill to get your workout started. 

Pros and Cons

  • Top quality reinforced steel setup
  • Excellent speed for high-intensity workouts
  • Decently wide spacing of the treadmill for ample room and support
  • Quiet machine makes it perfect for apartment use
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Large and responsive touchscreen with internet access
  • Large monitor lets you view workout information and access up to 3 user profiles
  • Wide walking surface
  • Cushioning platform helps protect the knees
  • Perfectly stable even at its top speed
  • Allows for incline to make your workouts more challenging
  • Comes complete with a bottle holder for easy hydration
  • The size and weight of the product make it difficult to move around
  • Machine needs ample floor space

About The Website

Buying a treadmill online can be unnerving as you spend a few thousand dollars on something you haven’t seen in real life.

However, the Southern Fitness Wholesale website actually makes the whole process pleasurable as they provide you with in-depth information about the product complete with pictures, your options, and specifications.

There are no confusing aspects or excessive data that can make it difficult for you to judge the treadmill.

The product presentation is laid out in a simple and easy-to-follow format, giving you the chance to make comparisons and review each feature before moving forward with the order.

You can also contact the team if you have more questions about the product. Deliveries are made right to your doorstep but there are limits to delivery locations. You might want to check first before placing your order.

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Final Verdict

All in all, the BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588 is a great choice for individuals looking to stick to a fitness goal without getting bored in the process.

As a whole, the G588 offers straightforward features designed to give its users an effective workout without going above and beyond a reasonable budget.

What really sells this product for us is the 16” console that offers you consistent access to data plus shows for hours of entertainment.

The heavy-duty build of the product means you can use it for years without worrying about excessive wear and tear. Thanks to the different program options, you can continue to progress with your workouts while still catching up with your favourite shows.

You’ll never have to be bored on a treadmill again and might even look forward to it at the end of the day! If you’re getting just one piece of workout equipment, make it this one.

Being a Health Constitution’s reader has its perks! Enter the code below for a 5% discount. For a high-value product like this treadmill, the 5% discount is already a gem.

Check the Price
Enter “HEALTH5OFF” at the checkout