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Best Adjustable FID Weight Bench Australia 2024

Your home gym will never be complete if you do not have a weight bench. Even if your goal is just to tone your muscles, a weight bench can give you different types of exercises that can tone both your arms and back.

If this is exactly what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get to know more about the best adjustable weight benches in Australia and all you need to know about picking one.

Best Adjustable Weight Benches in Australia 2024

I personally like how simple a weight bench is – it looks a lot like a park bench, but it allows you to do a lot of things with your weights. Although simple weight benches can already do the trick if you want to do some weight exercises, I want something that I can adjust to my preferences.

There are days I prefer lying down on my back, while there are some that I prefer doing weights sitting down. This is why an adjustable weight bench is recommended if you love having options. I made a list of the benches that are best suited for more flexible weight training.

Image Product Name Adjustability My Rating Where to Buy
Flat Incline Decline 4.9/5
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Flat Incline 4.8/5
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Flat Incline Decline 4.7/5
Flat Incline Decline 4.6/5
Product Name
Adjustability Flat Incline Decline
My Rating 4.9/5
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Enter “HCFIT45” for 4% discount
Product Name
Adjustability Flat Incline
My Rating 4.8/5
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Product Name
Adjustability Flat Incline Decline
My Rating 4.7/5
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Product Name
Adjustability Flat Incline Decline
My Rating 4.6/5
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Things To Consider Before Buying an Adjustable FID Weight Bench

When you are faced with great equipment like the ones I listed above, it’s easy to get tempted to buy them. I, myself, have fallen victim to buying home equipment I don’t need.

To help you decide on whether you should buy an adjustable weight bench or not, here are a few things you should consider.

Fitness Goals

Your fitness goal should be the primary reason why you will buy and adjustable weight bench. If your goal is to do weight training and to strengthen both your core and your legs, then this equipment is a must-have.

A weight bench is used for weight training. Weight training is a kind of exercise that involves different sets of weights. They are popular for increasing your body’s overall strength and for managing weight.

Those who wish to tone their arms and legs do light weights with more reps while does who wish to bulk up do heavy weights with few reps.

It’s important to note that an adjustable weight bench (or any weight bench for that matter) is not used for cardio exercises. If your goal is to focus on cardio, then a treadmill or a stationary bicycle is better suited for you. Nonetheless, a bench still gives cardiovascular benefits. The weight training itself is linked to lower blood pressure.


When it comes to benches, bigger is not always better. Sometimes, all you need is a compact weight bench that you can easily fold for easy storage. Needless to say when buying a weight bench, you have to consider the space you have at home.

If you have an empty room all for your home equipment, then that’s the time you can consider bigger adjustable weight benches. On the other hand, if you have limited space, opt for smaller ones.

There are some models that are bulky, but they have everything you need – racks, handles, bars, leg developers, etc. My advice for deciding is going back to your fitness goals.

If your fitness goals require you to utilize all those functions, then buying an all-in-one weight bench is more ideal. It saves you the space for buying different kinds of equipment, too.


Let’s be real, home gym equipment is not cheap. Most of the time, durable equipment comes with a high price tag. Price ranges from AUD $150 – AUD $700, sometimes more. Of course, the price depends on a number of things – brand, durability, and specs. More specs mean a more expensive product.

For every gym equipment buyer, it is always recommended to set a budget. Set a maximum price that you are willing to pay for and stick to it.

Sometimes, you can easily get shocked at home equipment costs. One of the simplest ways to determine if it is worth it is divide the price by the times you think you will use it. Say, in a year, you will use it 200 times. If the weight bench is AUD $500, then it’s just AUD $2.5 per use. It does not seem so bad now.


Another thing to consider is the quality of the weight bench you are looking at. For the quality, do not just rely on the brochure and the description of the product..

To ensure that you are buying a high-quality adjustable weight bench, you have to do a little research. Take a look at the reviews of people who bought it, giving special consideration to their bad comments.

If the weight bench you prefer can be found in a physical store, I highly recommend that you take the trip and check it personally. This will help you gauge if the look, feel, and quality is good for you.

Weight Capacity

As part of checking the specs, don’t miss out on knowing the weight capacity of the bench. This will help determine if it can carry your weight plus the weight of the barbells and dumbbells you will be using.

Generally, those that have a steel base are able to carry heavier weights. Make sure that when you are buying your weight bench that it is made of steel and the steel itself is sturdy.


Yes, adjustability is something you should always consider especially for gym equipment. For weight benches, the average model is able to do 6 different positions.

If you’re asking why this is important, it mainly helps to prevent injury. There are exercises where weights are better done sitting than lying down.

Also, different positions target different muscles. To maximise your weight bench, it’s best that you use all those positions.


Lastly, you have to consider if weight training is effective for you. We all have different bodies, and no two bodies need the same exercise requirements.

To make sure that you don’t waste time, money, and effort on a weight bench, first know if weight training is actually effective for you to reach your fitness goals. If it isn’t, why bother buying one?

FAQs on the Adjustable FID Weight Bench

To help you even more, I listed some of the most common questions asked by those who are interested in buying an adjustable FID weight bench.

If you’re a beginner, a simple adjustable weight bench is always recommended. Look for a model that can do 6 different back positions.

If your goal is to lift lighter dumbbells, then a simple weight bench will do. There is no need to buy a combo weight bench with a barbell support station if you will not do barbells.

2. Can I bench press every day?

Once you get the hang of it, bench presses seem so easy to do. However, it is not ideal for you to do it every day. Just like the rest of your body, your muscles need to have recovery days to repair torn and injured muscles.

Make sure to give 1-2 recovery days when you bench press. If you want, you can focus on your triceps and pecs alternating with other muscle groups.

3. What is the best angle for incline bench press?

While there are a lot of angles on an adjustable bench press, the best angle to work out on highly depends on which part of your pectoral muscles you want to exercise.

If you want to work on your upper pecs, an angle of 45 degrees is the most ideal for a lot of people. If you are planning to target your shoulders, angles that are nearer 90 degrees are more suitable.

4. What muscles do bench pressing work?

There are two main muscle groups that are targeted when you do a bench press – the triceps brachii and the pectoralis major. The triceps are activated because you will be lifting the weights with your arms, usually with the strength coming from your triceps.

If you know how to activate your core during barbells and dumbbells, then your core muscles are also exercised.

5. Which is more effective, incline or flat bench press?

Depending on your fitness goal, both kinds of bench presses are highly effective. They both also target the same muscle group which is the pectoralis major.

However, the flat bench press is able to cover both the upper and lower pecs as compared to the incline which only targets the upper pecs.