Best Pilates Reformer Machine to Buy in Australia

Pilates reformers never fail to create a dramatic impression on anyone who sees it the first time. But, believe me you’ve got to give it a try to experience even more remarkable, if not astonishing, improvements in your body. It’s one of those machines that combine aesthetics with functionality to give you a one-of-a-kind contraption, rolling the full muscle –building and –strengthening capabilities of resistance training, the effectiveness of flexibility exercises, and the relaxing effects of mindfulness training into a single device.

If you’re already into pilates and would want to make the most out of every move you’ve learned so far I strongly encourage you to get one of Australia’s best Pilates Reformer machines. Here’s a preview of the country’s top 3 machines.

My Top Picks of Pilates Reformer Equipment in Australia

Benefits of a Pilates Reformer Machine

Pilates machine is way better than mat-based Pilates especially when it comes to providing for a full body workout. It doesn’t only target the core muscles, but every other muscle group in the body since one has to work against resistance. The range of movements will help engage groups of muscles in the upper and lower extremities as well as the shoulders.

Getting on a Pilates equipment is like doing high intensity cardio except that there’s no pain or strain on the ankles and knees. It is a low-impact form of exercise, yet the benefits seem like you’ve been toning your body for the rest of your life.

Because reformer Pilates offers resistance in your regimen you also increase the strength and tonicity of your muscles. The machine will make you lift, stretch, and push to work those muscles. These machines come with fully adjustable levels of resistance so you can also fine-tune your muscle strengthening sessions.

Reformer Pilates is also perfect for one’s posture while keeping your mind well-focused on your breathing which, in turn, improves oxygenation to the brain.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pilates Reformer Machine

If you’re considering on buying a Pilates Reformer equipment of your own, there are quite a handful of things that you really have to consider. Here’s a rundown of the more important ones.


You would want a reformer machine that is well-padded to both sit on and lie on. There’s no point using a machine that you will feel sore midway through your exercise routine or immediately after. The headrests and straps should be fully adjustable and come with softer materials to help protect your skin against unnecessary friction. The problem is that you really won’t know whether a reformer Pilates machine is comfy enough for you until you’ve actually tried one, although you can always read reviews to get an idea as to the experiences of other individuals related to the comfortable use of such a machine.


Modern exercise machines generally come with a handful of features that allow you to perform a variety of exercises using a single platform. The same can be said of a Pilates reformer machine. These should have a variety of features that can help you achieve as many of your fitness goals as possible.

Since the reformer is actually a type of resistance equipment, you should be able to look for a product that can provide you with variable or adjustable levels of resistance. If there are attachment points which you can use to mount other Pilates gears or exercise gadgets you might want to get this, too. Any contraption that is integrated into to Pilates reformer should be easily adjustable for better fit.


It goes without saying that the way in which the reformer machine is constructed should also be carefully considered before deciding on a particular brand. Wood offers great stability and aesthetics, although nothing can compare to the strength and durability of solid metal. However, it is important to look at the build quality of the machine as a whole and not on its individual parts alone. Remember that the equipment is only as strong and durable as its weakest component. Personally, I would recommend getting a platform that can safely accommodate about 125 to 150 kilogrammes of weight.


If you live in a mansion size is not really an issue. But if you’re staying in a rather cramped apartment, then you will definitely have to think about the size of the machine. The footprint of the machine you’re going to choose is directly proportional to your living space and how much of this space you’re willing to give up to accommodate the machine. It is important to keep in mind that the setting up of the machine will still require ample space allowances on all sides.

Product support

Even if your reformer machine was built to last a lifetime there will always be instances when something will go wrong or perhaps you may need some assistance especially in setting the machine up. This is where the brand’s product support capabilities come in. You would want to be able to contact the manufacturer of the machine for any problem or issue that you might encounter with the use of the machine.


A company that doesn’t want to put any guarantees or warranties on its products is never worth your attention especially if you’re talking about a big-ticket item. Guarantees are also an indirect proof of the company’s belief about the quality of their products that they’re willing to bet their reputation just to show you that theirs is the best. A 3-year warranty is just about right for a reformer Pilates machine in Australia, although if you can get a lifetime warranty it surely is best.


I know I’m not supposed to put price as a major consideration. But given the nature of today’s folks, price is something that you cannot do without. Here’s the thing. Would you be willing to trade a machine worth $1,500 to $3,000 for a machine that is worth $300 or less, only to find out later on that the inexpensive machine you bought broke after using it for only a couple of times? The point is not so much in the actual price of the machine, but rather the value it provides.

Personally, I’d prefer paying a few thousands of dollars if I can use it for countless of years with very minimal downtimes rather than save several hundreds of dollars today only to have it fixed or repaired tomorrow. But that’s just me.

Pilates studios all over Australia and the rest of the world are beefing up their floors with highly-advanced models of reformer machines. I think it’s about time you start thinking of getting one for your own studio or for your home.