Best Portable Home Gym in Australia 2021 | A Buying Guide

These days it is truly important for us to keep ourselves healthy. With many diseases coming out of nowhere, all of us should really learn how to take care of ourselves to avoid getting sick.

Aside from eating healthy, being stress-free and having enough sleep – it is very important to make it a habit to exercise daily.

Question is, how can we do it when we don’t have enough time or even the money to go to the gym and exercise? Hmmm…..good question.

However, this should not be a reason for us stop exercising or not to exercise at all! Remember the saying “Health is Wealth” or “Prevention is better than cure”? Yes, that’s right! We should always be mindful of our health and make it a habit to always find ways to continue being healthy for the rest of our lives.

While you may think that this is not possible, well, guess again. In today’s era, a lot of new and innovative things are available in the market.

Fortunately, having your own portable home gym is one of the solution. These equipment can easily be set up and purchased in order to fulfill your daily exercise routine. So, if you are now ready to have your portable gym, these are several portable home gym kit that you can check out:

ImageProduct NameMain Exercise TypesMy RatingWhere to Buy

Lewin Fitness Platform Portable Home Gym

  • Core workout
  • Cardio
  • Toning
  • Pilates
  • Strength training
  • Resistance training

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BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

  • Resistance training
  • Rowing
  • Squats
  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Abs & Core

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TRX GO Suspension Portable Trainer System

  • Strength training
  • Body weight training
  • High-intensity

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Bullworker Portable Home Gym

  • Bicep exercise
  • Abs & Core exercise
  • Isometric strength training
  • Toning

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Body Solid Tools Essentials Home Gym Package Kit

  • Core workout
  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Rehabilitation exercise
  • Flexibility training

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Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Home Gym

So if you really want to keep on being healthy, let me help you set up your own portable home gym and quit making excuses! Here are the things that you should know when setting it up:

Know the type of exercise equipment you will use

With tons and various types of exercise equipment in the market, you need to know what will suit you best and help you with your goals – whether it is for weight loss, weight gain, toning your body, bulking up or simply look good.

You might be amazed to learn that gym equipment can be packaged into a portable kit. How amazing is that right?

Purpose of the gym equipment

Truly these portable home gym equipment are the best companion for those who have a daily exercise routine especially if you don’t want to miss it because of your hectic schedule.

But aside from that, there are other purposes and advantages that you may want to consider. Why and what is the main goal you want to have our own gym set-up at home. Take a look at these scenarios and check out which of them relates to you well.

  • To control and lose that excess weight for good.

    • Sometimes, you tend to stop the moment you lost some of those unwanted fats. Hence you unconsciously go back to your previous habit – and in no time, you’ve gained back that weight again! Bummer! With your own portable gym, there’s no reason to go back to the old habit as you can continue working out with no hassles.
  • Having your own gym helps when you are depressed or sad.

    • Experts say that exercise makes you feel cheerful because it helps in releasing endorphins, a hormone that helps you become happy. So if you suddenly feel sad or down, sweat it out and get some exercise.
  • Expensive gym membership or no time to hit the gym at all.

    • You either have no time to go to the gym or it is simply expensive. Admit it, gym membership can cost a lot. There may be times that there’s an emergency and you can’t afford to shell out more. Hence, having your own portable gym is an excellent solution. Aside from being cost-efficient, it is also time saving. No need to rush out of the office or school just to reach your gym and work out.
  • Helps in beating insomnia.

    • Many of us have experienced sleepless nights and it is really difficult especially when you are working or studying. But since you have your own portable gym, you can have a regular exercise regimen. You will see that in no time, you will feel a big difference and start going to bed naturally.
  • If you are always on the go, this is the perfect solution.

    • If you are the type of person whose work requires you to travel a lot, having a portable home gym will work well. Just pack on some of your exercise essentials and you can still fulfill your daily routine without any hassles.
  • Living in a small apartment or sharing it with friends.

    • What better way to still have your exercise routine but with the use of your portable home gym. No more problems as to where to place bulky gym equipment. Exercise anytime you want even if you are simply at home.

Know your budget

Like any gadgets, equipment or household appliances, all of us must know how much we are willing to shell out. That is why it is also important to know the cost of the gym equipment you are purchasing, if it fits your budget and reasonable enough.

Be sure that it will not go to waste and that the gym equipment will be put to better use. Of course you wouldn’t want to buy them and not use it right? Choose well, plan well.

These are some of the things that you need to consider when setting up your portable home gym equipment. Make sure that once you already own one, keep your body moving, have discipline and use it to your advantage.

FAQs on Portable Home Gym

How often should I use a portable home gym?

You can use it as often as you want depending on your fitness goals. It will vary on its purpose. Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up some muscles or simply improve the quality of your health, you can always use your portable home gym at your own discretion and according to your fitness plans.

Will a portable home gym help me lose weight?

Just like other fitness plans or exercises, it will also depend on your determination and will to lose weight. Even if you keep on using your portable home gym everyday but still eat a lot of unhealthy foods, then it is useless. Be sure to follow your program and don’t procrastinate. Follow through and have self-discipline. Be patient and don’t lose hope. Only then, you’ll be able to see the results. Remember that there are no short cuts when losing weight. It does not come overnight so you have to put in a lot of effort.

Can I bring portable home gym for travelling?

Yes. As mentioned in one of the advantages of having your own portable home gym, this is the perfect solution especially if you travel a lot. It helps you keep your fitness schedule wherever you are.

Is a portable home gym worth it?

Definitely. This is a better alternative in getting fit without spending a lot. What’s more, it is time saving because you really don’t have to rush out just to get to your gym every day. No monthly dues. No hassles in travelling. No waiting in line just to use your favorite gym equipment such as treadmill, bicycle and the like. No need to wait your turn just to shower and clean up. Are there any other reasons why it’s not worth it?