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BH Fitness Rower R590 Review

4.5out of 5


Professional rowers sometimes find it difficult to consistently practise as rowing is largely an outdoor sport. Thanks to the BH Fitness Rower R590, an indoor rowing machine with commercial-grade features, athletes and rowing enthusiasts alike can now practice rowing regularly, rain or shine.

The BH Fitness Rower R590 is designed with professional programs and premium features. Commercial fitness centres and training clubs even invest in it.

Read on to know more about its features.

Overview of the BH Fitness Rower R590

This model of the BH rowing machine brand keeps in mind the individual needs of professional rowers. It is built with an onboard workout console, featuring a selection of professional programs.

Available options are manual, white water, ramp, and pacer. The console also monitors heart rate so the user does not get overworked.

The monitor is adjustable, too. Depending on your height and position, the monitor can be adjusted to a viewing angle that is most comfortable for the user.

Since proper posture and form are important when rowing, I appreciate the Rower R590’s longer beam (134 cm) that allows taller users to row comfortably and safely. Not all models share this extra-long beam length that can accommodate multiple users with varying heights. With Rower R590, I can easily encourage friends and family to get into rowing and lend them the machine.

Say goodbye to disturbing machine sounds. The track of the Rower R590 is aluminium coated which eliminates friction problems, thus allowing smooth and quiet movements. Users living in apartments and other shared spaces can best appreciate noiseless rowing.

To add to that, it features a magnetic brake system that facilitates easy resistance adjustment and provides a quiet rowing experience. Its Poly-V belt drive requires low maintenance and guarantees a stable and smooth pulling motion without noise. Using the Rower R590 thus feels like real-life rowing.

This rowing machine features a heavy-duty frame that is made to last long. It comes with transportation wheels for easy storage – such a convenience for apartment dwellers like me. Counting all the features of the BH Fitness Rower R590, I can say it is a wise choice for professional rowers.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the BH Fitness Rower R590

BH has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality fitness machines with commercial-grade features for indoor use. Its Fitness Rower R590 is built with the needs of a professional rower and the realities of everyday training in mind.

Combined Magnetic and Air Resistance

Generally, air-based rowers create resistance when air is drawn through the fan as one pulls. The faster one rows, the more air is drawn and the greater resistance is generated. This mechanism works great for professional rowers as it requires greater strength.

But everyday training to be energy exhaustive can work against the user. And I must say, the airflow creates noise, which to some users, can distract them from their focus.

A clever feature of the Rower R590 is that it combines air with magnetic resistance. In a typical magnetic rowing machine, magnets move to and away from the flywheel and can easily be adjusted to vary resistance levels.

Move the magnets closer to the flywheel and a greater resistance is created. And since the magnets do not cause friction, they operate without noise. Your sleeping toddler in the next room will have the faintest idea you are rowing.

Combined air and magnetic rowing machine, therefore, gives you the benefit of rowing with high intensity as smoothly and quietly as possible. You can, therefore, build strength rowing one day and mellow down the following week simply by adjusting the resistance levels.

Commercial Belt Drive

Haven’t we all been bothered by a creaking rowing machine because of poor lubrication? If you’re a busy person like myself, keeping a full-time job and running errands for the household, it’s fairly common to lose track of the rowing machine’s maintenance. As a rule of thumb, a chain rower needs to be lubricated with oil every 50 hours of use.

I’m happy to say that this BH Fitness Rower operates with a belt instead of a chain. I do not need to be bothered maintaining a tight lubrication schedule on top of my growing list of chores. Specifically, it uses a 35-mm nylon belt of commercial grade.

Longer Beam

Many incidents happen because of improper rowing posture. If you’re over 6 feet tall, purchasing a rowing machine less than 50 inches in length won’t be ideal. BH Rower R590 features a beam 134 cm (52 in) long. You and your 6-foot-tall spouse can therefore share it.

Premium Foot Support

The rowing machine’s premium foot support adds to the user’s comfort and safety. The footrest is angled and the heel support can pivot such that the user can move easily as he or she pleases throughout the workout duration.

It can be quite disorientating if your foot remains immovable when rowing for prolonged hours. Rower R590 also has stretchable straps, so you do not have to worry about your tiny feet slipping and causing unnecessary strain.

Adjustable Backlit LCD Monitor

This professional rower is easy to operate as it comes with adjustable programs you can vary using the 5.5-inch LCD monitor, backlit and adjustable. Its data readout includes time, distance, calories, watts, and resistance. With this feature, it has now become easy to monitor rowing performance. I do not need to wear a separate fitness band or watch.

I also do not need to strain my back or neck to get a glimpse of the monitor. The LCD screen can be adjusted relative to the user’s height or position. If I decide to lunge deeper or lean further back, I can adjust the angle of the screen accordingly.

Also, I can easily vary the resistance level by adjusting the settings. You can switch on the white water setting or shift to a pacer mode. If you’re training for a competition and you intend to vary positions, then the professional programs of this rowing machine come in handy.

Easy Storage

The Rower R590 comes with transportation wheels. You don’t have to worry about carrying its entire 55 kg weight or scratching your floor because the wheels make moving convenient. And have I mentioned that this rowing machine is foldable? It bends right where the beam starts, so I can tuck it away neatly when I’m not training.

With its durable frame and professional features, the BH Fitness Rower R590 is a quality buy. It is suitable for both professional rowers and hardcore rowing enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

  • Smooth operation with very minimal noise
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Durable and sturdy construction that accommodates individuals weighing up to 227 kilogrammes
  • Comfortable foot support
  • Features a longer beam for tall users
  • Has an adjustable monitor
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Occupies a quite a bit of floor space when in use

Seamless Buying Experience

For me, the product is only as good as the store that sells it. Allow me to share my online buying experience. I can understand the hesitations of some buyers when purchasing fitness equipment online, particularly a rowing machine. The investment value is high and there is the risk of unmet expectations.

But Southern Fitness Wholesale is a reliable partner for your fitness needs. It features authentic descriptions and gives users prompt feedback. By any chance, you cannot decide between two rowing machines of different models, you can always hit the chatbox and talk to a store specialist. This online assistance also extends to concerns about other matters, such as delivery, payment, and check-out process.

Southern Fitness Wholesale delivers fitness equipment of any size or value to any point in Australia. There is a range of shipping options available and a shipping calculator that helps approximate shipping costs. Bulky and large items like a rowing machine are shipped via Main Freight. But if the customer is able, the store also allows pick-up in select locations.

Its website has a user-friendly interface that even your non-techie parents can navigate easily. The organisation of content is quite neat. Unlike a multi-product marketplace interface, this store’s content organisation facilitates focused reading.

There is no repeated information, annoying small-sized texts, or random unrelated pop-ups that can distract reading. Going over the details of a product, as well as checking-out orders, is a straightforward process.

Lastly, Southern Fitness Wholesale also has a customer-friendly refund and repair policy for defects. If some parts of your rowing machine get damaged while in transit, the store offers free-of-charge repair or replacement. This kind of customer service is what you need for a worry-free purchase.

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Final Words on BH Fitness Rower R590

If you are seriously training for rowing, make haste and buy the Rower R590. It is durable, easy to maintain, and high performing. It is designed for athletes or fitness enthusiasts like myself who are used to intense training.

But this should not stop beginners from owning a professional indoor rowing machine. Rower R590, after all, is auto-controlled and has 16 intensity levels. A beginner can start with the lowest intensity available, and then slowly increase it over time.

The BH Fitness Rower R590 is auto-controlled and comes with an LCD display that includes a user profile setting. This makes regular training convenient. Training every day in itself is already taxing, so it is a relief knowing that there is no need to manually adjust the settings.

Also, anyone who decides to invest in an indoor rowing machine with commercial-grade features and heavy-duty components should have rowing as a long-term exercise or sport.

The size of the Fitness Rower R590 should be a serious consideration, too. You will need a bigger space requirement for a rowing machine with a beam longer than 50 inches. If you’re living in a cramped house, you are wise to buy a more compact version.

Overall, this fitness rower guarantees athletes a noiseless, smooth, and comfortable rowing experience indoors. It is a wise purchase for long-term personal use or commercial purposes.

Being a Health Constitution’s reader has its perks! Enter the code below for a 5% discount. For a high-value product like this treadmill, the 5% discount is already a gem.

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