Endurance Recovery Compression Boots Review

Recovery compression boots (also known as massage boots) are a must for elite and recreational athletes, especially those who train and perform using their legs.

With this recovery tool, runners or cyclists get that instant muscle relief right after an intense workout or competition. In turn, they gain faster recovery time and consistent strength and vitality every training session.

I’ve always been fascinated with this pair of inflatable leg boots. The hoses and balloon-like sleeves even look like something you’d see in sci-fi movies!

And so, I’m happy that I was able to try on the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots myself. I have to say that the experience is extremely relaxing. More importantly, I get to know how it works and what makes it worth buying.

Benefits of Using the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots

But first, I’d like to give you an overview of what compression boots are. This device typically comes with hoses that connect to the leg sleeves and a pump motor. When in use, it compresses your leg muscle by inflating and deflating the boots at pre-set intervals from the bottom up.

The system works much like a blood pressure cuff. Endurance calls this technology pneumatic compression. By adding pressure to specific parts of your legs, the device can effectively simulate the massaging hands of a therapist.

Professional athletes who do intense exercise or prolonged sports activity often experience muscle pain and fatigue afterwards. These happen mainly because of lactic acid build-up that your body cannot flush out due to tightened muscles.

Stimulating the muscles can then make waste flushing quicker, encourage blood flow and protect your body from intense discomfort. And that’s where the compression boots for legs come in handy.

But the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots are not only for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. They benefit even people with desk jobs or those who need to be on their feet for extended periods. Travellers who sit for hours with restricted leg mobility will find these boots helpful, too. Specifically, compression protects them from symptoms like heavy legs, swollen feet and ankles, or blood clot formation called traveller’s thrombosis.

Doctors also believe that compression therapy can prevent, alleviate or treat various conditions. You see, health issues like leg ulcerschronic venous insufficiencyoedema and deep vein thrombosis happen due to poor fluid or blood flow. Pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, surgery or prolonged inactivity are usual causes.

The massaging motion and pressure that compression boots provide encourage muscle contraction and proper circulation. As a result, swelling subsides, and the pain goes away. In some patients, pneumatic compression also prevents these painful conditions from reoccurring or worsening.

In sum, everyone needs a lymphatic drainage massage. Aside from pain relief, any form of massage generally makes us feel lighter, relaxed and energised. It’s an amazing remedy for better performance in training or at work.

And with compression boots at home, you can get that much-needed comfort and quick recovery any time!

Features of the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots

There are several recovery boots available in the market, but the Endurance Four Chamber model is worth considering for sure.

Here are some of its product highlights and specifications.

· Easy to assemble, use and storeDisplay: LED indicator
· Adjustable chambers with six programme modesProduct size: 30 x 23.7 x 12.6cm
· Wide pressure range to suit different usersProduct weight: 5kg
· Available in medium and large boot sizesInput voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
· Includes a carry bag and motor handle for transportPower consumption: 65W
· Excellent value for money with 2-year warrantyPressure range: 30-240mmHg

Quick Assembly

Putting the Endurance Recovery Boots together is not complicated at all, and you only have to deal with three parts: the hose, boots and motor. Aside from the minimal components, the quick-start guide with helpful pictures makes everything easy to figure out.

There’s also a remote control inside the carry bag zippered mesh. However, it needs a 3V button cell 2025 battery to work, which is not part of the package.

During assembly, make sure that you pay close attention to the air hose attachment. It should not be pinched or bent to ensure unobstructed air supply flow. Also, you’ll be needing a screwdriver to remove the transport screw from the hatch at the bottom.

Check out the image steps below to see how I did it. This screw only protects the motor during delivery transit and is no longer needed once removed. Removing it before using the boots should prevent the machine from making a loud noise, too.

Ease of Use

Using these recovery compression boots is also very easy. Once setup is over, all you need is to plug the machine into the wall socket, put the sleeves on, select your program, then sit back and relax!

You can even use it while reading a book or watching TV. Just make sure to use it while sitting down. The compression technology is at its best when it’s not working against gravity.

As for the massage duration, use the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots for 30 to 60 minutes. Ideally, it should be within 2 to 3 hours after your training, game or physical activity. You can also use it to warm up your leg muscles before your workout for about 15 minutes at high pressure.


The feature that I like most about these compression boots for legs is their programmable options. The touch sensor is sensitive enough to make programme selection quick.

You can also turn off certain chambers to protect existing leg injuries or exclude pain-sensitive areas.

And with six massage modes to choose from and eight pressure levels, you’ll have an effective massage for every kind of muscle stress.

For instance, mode A is a relaxing wave massage that’s best for people on their feet for hours. Mode B is perfect for lymphatic drainage and post-exercise massage. Endurance also says this mode should be your go-to after every routine for 30 minutes. But if you need something in between, then choose mode C for a double wave massage.

For your pre-workout stretching, mode D generates the quick and very intense massage that your muscles need. On the other hand, mode E is a combination of modes B and C and is a favourite among athletes. Finally, mode F, or modes A, C and D combined, is best for a balanced massage.

As for the eight pressure levels, you get to choose from 30 to 240mmHg. The Endurance Recovery Compression Boots offers the current highest available pressure so you can make the most of its pneumatic compression technology. More importantly, you can set the boots’ pressure according to your leg circumference, preference and tolerance.

Endurance, however, suggests that for every massage session, start with a medium pressure level (between 150 and 180mmHg), then increase it as you see fit. For easy and smooth transitions, you can adjust your settings using the remote controller provided.

Optional Sizing

Having wide or thin legs is not a problem with these recovery compression boots because it’s available in two size options! A massage is no good if the sleeves don’t fit perfectly, after all. And to give you an idea, here’s a comparison table with Endurance’s sizing details:

Leg inseam87 to 88cmLarger than 88cm
Ideal user height1.55 to 1.75m1.76 to 2m

The one I got for this product review is the large-sized boot. I thought it was too big for me at first. But it turned out to be the perfect size once the leg sleeve got filled with air.

You can choose the smaller boot if you like, but keep in mind that it might not cover some parts of your upper leg. Also, if you have borderline leg or height measurements, Endurance suggests getting the larger size.

Simple Cleaning and Storage

The machine of the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots is not waterproof, which makes clean-up super quick! All you need is a dry, soft cloth for wiping. As for the boots, the best way to keep them odour-free is to rinse and dry your legs first before use.

Then, for maintenance, make it routine to wipe them clean with a damp cloth and dry them under a fan before storage. Make sure to store them in a dry place that’s not too hot or cold. And don’t worry. The rest of the cleaning and storage reminders are in the quick-start guide and should be easy to understand and remember.


One of the downsides of the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots is probably its lack of a rechargeable battery. You have to keep the motor plugged into the wall socket to make it work. That means you’ll need to find a power source if you want to take it to the gym or sports event venue.

But then again, if you’re like me, who prefer to get my leg massage at home, then this model is for you. The hidden handle, which I like a lot, should make the machine easy to carry anywhere in the house, too.

And if you train or compete from place to place, you’ll have no problem putting this 5kg device into your suitcase. Without any lithium battery to worry about, plane travel is safe and worry-free as well. Plus, there’s a handy carry bag to keep the machine and air hoses in a neat package.

Based on my measurements, the bag is about 35cm long, 33cm wide, and 18cm high, so it should fit in most luggage. But to be sure, pack it in between your clothes bag for extra cushion.

Value for Money

In general, compression boots for legs are an investment. And like any other recovery tool or machine, the better the features, the higher the retail price. But with the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots, you get to balance both.

It’s more affordable than most recovery boots in the market, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to quality and performance.

Sure, it does not have the lightness or rechargeable feature of the Endurance Pro Six-Chamber Boots. However, if portability is not much of an issue, then this option is perfect. The 2-year warranty make the deal sweeter!

I also think that even if you need to spend a bit on a recovery product, what’s important is you get to use it often for your well-being.

And if you are into various sports like basketball, ice hockey, tennis or football, this device will surely help you perform and enjoy them better. These boots will benefit regular gym-goers, sports clinic personnel, spa specialists and physiotherapists as well.

Final Thoughts

The Endurance Recovery Compression Boots are a joy to use. The pressure feels very relaxing and comfortable on the legs. And I think people who constantly require workout recovery or injury protection will enjoy using them more. They also take no time to set up, use and store. And that’s good news if you plan to use the boots often.

I believe its affordable price, versatile massage modes, and user-friendly interface will convince any runner or triathlete that it’s a good buy! It undoubtedly has all the basics and vital features you need to avoid exercise-induced muscle damage or injury.

Where to Buy the Endurance Recovery Compression Boots

I’ve got one final reason why the Endurance Recovery Boots is worth considering. Endurance is a 100% Australian owned and operated company!

Its Sydney-based team has always been supportive of the athletes’ well-being and goals.

They collaborate with sports teams and clinics, too. So, having their high-quality boots means you’re taking home the best. You can check out their website or contact their customer service to get your ideal boot match!

Last Updated on 25/05/2022