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Endurance Smart Compression Boots Review

Endurance Smart Compression Boots Reviewed by Health Constitution

Compression boots are becoming more accessible, not only for professional athletes but also for regular users who enjoy at-home massage sessions.

And I’m happy that modern units boast better features and prices, like the new Endurance Smart Compression Boots.

To give you a sneak peek, this latest recovery product from the Australian brand now has a heating mode, auto shut off, lighter weight, and better pressure intensity range.

Best of all, you get all these functions at a much more affordable cost.

Keen to learn more? Here’s a review and my experience with this compression boot system from Endurance.

Features of the Endurance Smart Compression Boots

I was lucky to try the Endurance Smart Compression Boots and test its features, which I described in-depth below.

But for a quick preview, here are its most valuable functions and specs.

Simple but quality designProduct size: 34 x 19.5 x 23 cm
Has three chambers with adjustable Velcro strapsBoots weight: 1.4 kg
Includes three pressure levels and massage modesInput voltage: 100-240V
With heating and vibration functionPower consumption: 30W
Light, portable, and easy to cleanPressure range: 180-300 mmHg
Australian-made and affordableHeating temperature: 45-50 C
Endurance Smart Compression Boots Laid out

Quality Construction

I got the product for testing just four days after order placement. The entire process was flawless and pretty quick.

The recovery boots came in a box, which is lightweight and not too big. You won’t have issues receiving and unboxing them.

According to the courier sticker, it’s 2 kg. But the leg massager itself is only 1.4 kg.

All the items are packed tidily in a compact portable carry bag, which is also very light. I quite like the packaging.

I can imagine storing it in a car or a suitcase during travels. It’s like carrying a mini duffle bag.

Construction-wise, I feel that the boot massager is durable and long-lasting. It looks similar to the Renpho Leg Massager that I also tested.

The Velcro straps are heavy-duty, too. I had to use a bit of force to stick and peel them off, and it took me 3 to 5 minutes to strap my legs the first time.

The interior and exterior are also of good quality. The boots had no pressure points or areas that could unnecessarily rub against your leg and cause discomfort.

While overall excellent, the materials are not as luxurious as the previous Endurance Recovery Boots I’ve tried.

But I think the manufacturer matched this construction quality to the user type. The recovery boot unit, I believe, is more suitable for frequent and heavy users like athletes.

On the other hand, the latest boot model is ideal for the general population. It should fit people who work out or train regularly but not on the athletic level.

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Wearing the Endurance Smart Compression Boots

Good Fit

According to the Endurance Smart Compression Boots page, the device should suit individuals of heights ranging from 5’1″ to 6’2″ (155 to 188 cm).

But I am petite, so I was initially worried that my legs would be too short for these compression boots.

Surprisingly, they fit me quite well. The breathable fabric material also feels comfy. We also tried it with other product testers of different heights, and the boots fit them, too.

I think the Velcro straps make the boots highly flexible to various heights. Although it is rather challenging to stick and remove these straps, they also ensure a good fit, no matter the user.

Aside from height, the Velcro closures make the boots suitable for varying leg widths. To give you an idea, here are the size ranges of each boot compression chamber based on the manual:

  • Foot size range: 26 to 40 cm
  • Calf size range: 42 to 59 cm
  • Thigh size range: 53 to 83 cm

I believe these adjustable closures of the Endurance Smart Compression Boots suit people who prefer a tighter fit for deep-pressure massages.

It is also ideal for those who plan to share the boots with multiple users.

But I have to say, the smooth and cushioned feel of the older unit, the Endurance Recovery Boots, is more comfortable for me.

I also find its zipper closures easier to use, as it took me only seconds to get in and out of the boots.

Still, the older model is not as adjustable as this new massager. But remember not to tighten the Velcro straps too much to stay comfortable during treatment.

Endurance Smart Compression Boots Plugged In

Ease to Use and Safe

Setting up is not complicated at all. The detailed product manual also has images, so every step should be easy to follow and remember.

And you only need to put together three things: the pressure hose with socket (attached to each leg massager), the power cord, and the controller.

The hose and cord must be attached to the correct ports on the controller to make everything work.

The labelled L and R sides of the hose sockets should face the right direction. Otherwise, the air pressure will not work.

This part of the assembly is the same as the Renpho Leg Massager with its colour-coded L and R sockets.

Once done, plug it in, then choose your settings using the controller. The controller lights up in blue and red (for the heating function), so you can enjoy massages even at night.

In my opinion, this whole compression boot system setup is more user-friendly than the older model.

I’m happy I can control everything with one handheld controller and not worry about misplacing a tiny remote control.

Also, the cord and hoses were not as bulky as the older model, making it easy to move around or adjust body positions during treatment.

However, the old Endurance Recovery Boots have a more visually appealing screen display than the newer model.

Still, the plain controller design of the Endurance Smart Compression Boots does not affect its functionality. It’s easy to use and has minimal buttons to figure out – great for beginners and seniors.

Another thing that I liked about this unit is the 15-minute auto shut-off. While compression therapy is comfortable and relaxing, doctors and therapists advise not to overdo it.

And this auto shut-off feature makes it easy to keep this in mind. I 100% agree that it is helpful, especially when I started to feel sleepy while using it after exercise!

Note that for the Endurance Smart Compression Boots, your massage session for the day should not exceed 1 hour.

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Multiple Massage Settings

Compared with other affordable leg massagers, the Endurance Smart Compression Boots offers a good selection of treatment options.

For instance, it has three pressure intensity levels labelled as low (L), medium (M), and high (H) on the controller. Each has a specific pressure for the three boot chambers.

Here’s a quick guide to give you an idea.

FootLow: 240 mmHg
 Medium: 285 mmHg
 High: 300 mmHg
CalfLow: 180 mmHg
 Medium: 195 mmHg
 High: 195 mmHg
ThighLow: 180 mmHg
 Medium: 240 mmHg
 High: 240 mmHg

Note that this recovery device has higher minimum and maximum pressure levels than the older Endurance Recovery Boots.

Also, the Renpho Massager and the previous Endurance model have six massage types, whereas this newer compression unit only has three.

You can choose from Kneading, Shiatsu, and Relax modes. Each produces a specific massage pattern or sequence. The Kneading mode is my favourite as I find it the most relaxing.

One thing to note about the Endurance Smart Compression Boots is that it lacks the separate massage function that the Renpho Leg Massager has.

And that means you cannot massage your foot, calf, or thigh separately. Each mode and intensity work simultaneously for all chambers.

Still, both Endurance Smart Boots and Renpho Massager have a feature I like a lot: the heating function.

Like the Renpho unit, the Endurance Smart has heating areas for the feet and calves (or knees). These Endurance Smart Boot chambers heat up (about 45-50C) when you press the controller button.

Pressing the same button again activates another feature: the vibrating function. You cannot operate these features separately, though.

Nonetheless, with all these adjustable settings, the Endurance Smart Boots make it easy to customise your compression treatment.

And I highly recommend trying the super relaxing massage-and-heating combo.

Just a heads up, though. The device generates an audible buzzing sound, which gets louder as you adjust to higher intensities.

But no worries. It is not distracting. You can still watch TV, enjoy a good read, or nap during treatment.

Conveniently Portable and Low Maintenance

The Endurance Smart Compression Boots are perfect if you’re looking for a travel-friendly leg massager. It only weighs around 1.4 kg. And the product includes a small gym bag-like storage.

The boots fold easily, too, and you won’t have any problem fitting them inside the bag. There are also instructions on how to do it in the manual.

Also, unlike the older Endurance Recovery Boots, there are no bulky cords or controllers to pack and worry about.

Cleaning and maintaining the boots is just as effortless. A slightly damp cloth is all you need to clean the interior and exterior.

The product manual says you can also use a neutral detergent or wet wipes for cleaning. Just make sure to air dry it thoroughly before storage.

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Final Thoughts

The Endurance Smart Compression Boots has all the makings of a reliable and functional leg massaging device.

Aside from being 100% Australian-made, these boots got the ideal mix of features to make massage sessions relaxing and personalised.

I especially liked the simplicity of its design, the user-friendliness of the set-up and controls, and the heating function that other similar models lack.

Buyers after a portable and budget-friendly compression therapy device will surely appreciate this product.

It’s perfect for casual users or those who want to test the waters and see if compression treatment suits them.

It may have limited massage modes, and its Velcro straps may be initially difficult to use. Nonetheless, these downsides did not affect its overall performance and my experience.

So, is the Endurance Smart Compression Boots worth buying? For its quality, features, and price, without a doubt, this device is a good investment.

Where to Buy the Endurance Smart Compression Boots

The Endurance Smart Compression Boots is from a 100% Australian-owned and operated company.

The Sydney-based brand has been creating products for athletes’ well-being and goals.

They team up with various sports clinics, too. So, having their high-quality compression boots means you’re getting the best.

Also, ordering and delivery are pretty fast. Click the “Check Price” button below to order one today!

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