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EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun Review

I have used several percussion massage devices. However, I must say that after trying the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun, I am super impressed.

Some massage guns have failed to deliver the kind of effect I was expecting. It was only after using the EVIEUN Percussion Massager Gun that I felt very satisfied. Whether I opt for a gentle or intense massage, I always experience what the massage device promised. The price range and the super quiet motor are a big plus.

Read on if you want to know what I think about this massage gun, the positives, and the limitations.

Overview of the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun

The EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun is one of the latest percussion massage devices that are sold in Australia. It comes in a package with extra pockets for the four massage heads. It is considered to be one of the quietest among all massage gun devices.

Preferred by athletes, physical fitness buffs, and people that are always active, this percussion massage gun has become one of the most popular percussion massage guns in Australia.

This deep tissue percussion massage gun is known to alleviate body aches and keep muscles relaxed. It has four-speed levels and four massage heads that are adjustable. You can change the intensity and the massage head depending on the body parts and muscle groups that you are targeting.

The lowest level of intensity is at 1200 rpm and the highest is at 3200 rpm. Enjoy a relaxing massage by setting the intensity at the lowest level and recovery and healing massage at higher intensity levels. The EVIEUN percussion massage gun is heavy duty. It stays stable even at the highest level of intensity.

The massage gun head shape varies depending on the target area of the body. A fork-shaped head is used for a vertebral massage while the spiral head is used for the joints. A flat massage head is useful for a full body massage. You can use a ball head for muscle massage. All these items come with a black drawstring bag.

Unlike other loud percussion massage guns I have tried, the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun is a quiet worker. I can barely hear it as it applies pressure to the aching parts of my body. Despite the high frequency, the noise is only at 30 decibels.

This is because this percussion massage gun is powered by brushless 24V motor operating on a glide noise reduction technology. It allows the motor to have high power but low noise. You can use it in the gym, office, or at home without your close neighbours getting irritated by the noise.

It comes with an AC charger, an adapter, and a bag designed to contain all its parts. The bag can make it easy to take the percussion gun massager wherever I go. I had bought similar devices that cost almost a thousand dollars.

With the EVIEUN Percussion Massager Gun, I only have to pay almost a fifth of that. For the benefits I derived from it, I am happy to pay the price.

The EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun offers great value for your money considering its outstanding features.

A Closer Look at the Features of the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun

4 Levels of Intensity

The EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun offers four levels of intensity and speeds. You can enjoy a gentle massage that can make you feel relaxed. You may also choose an intense one that can help you recover from strained muscles and a lot of body aches.

The speed ranges from 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. A light indicator shows the level of intensity. Level 1 can give a relaxing massage while Level 4 can help me get rid of the pain from ripped tissues and allow my fast recovery and better performance in the future.

4 Massage Heads

What I like most about this percussion massage gun is the fact that it has four heads that can be used for a specific targeted body part. A spiral percussion massage gun head is intended for painful joints.

For a full body massage, you can use the flat massage gun head while the ball massage gun one can rejuvenate your sore or aching muscles. You can get the benefits of a percussive massage for specific body parts using specific massage gun heads for a targeted body part.

Super Quiet Motor

I love the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun for being a quiet worker. Despite its high frequency and performance, all you can hear is a soft whisper that can be as low as 30 decibels. Its frequency can be moved up to several notches but it remains as quiet as it always is.

This is made possible by its brushless 24V motor that uses a technology that reduces noise. The high power but low noise allows me to give myself a relaxing massage at home, in the gym, or in the office without annoying the people near me. I can use it at night without interrupting the sleep of my family.

Provides Massage Therapy Benefits

Using the EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun can bring benefits similar to what I can derive from a massage therapy. These include pain relief and improved functioning, flexibility, and mobility. It can hasten and enhance the repair of muscle fibres.

This happens when the burst of pressure from the percussion massage gun hit the damaged tissues. Knotted muscle tissues become relaxed resulting in the smooth flow of blood to the damaged tissues so that they can heal fast.

Facilitates Fast Healing and Better Performance

The pressure from the massage gun can help tissues that are thick to relax and soften scarred tissues to improve circulation in the blood vessels and the immune and circulatory system. The tissues are gently massaged for enhanced mobility and flexibility and for relief from all kinds of body aches.

Comes with AC Charger, Adapter, and 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries

The EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun comes with 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that can last for four hours. The package also includes an adapter, an AC charger, and a manual. This means I can give myself a relaxing massage as long as I want because of the long battery life.

Pro and Cons

  • Cordless option and portability
  • Long lasting battery with 4-hour operation
  • Powerful and ultra-quiet motor with 4 speed settings
  • Durable construction
  • Deep tissue massage option
  • Cost much less than other well known brands
  • 1kg weight can be heavy for some users
  • No LCD display screen
  • 4-speed settings can be limiting for some users

Should You Buy It?

The EVIEUN Percussion Massage Gun is one of the best massaging guns that I ever used. Because it is cordless and can operate on batteries, I can carry it anywhere and enjoy a great massage when I need it.

It is a quiet device regardless of the high performance. However, it costs much less than the more well-known competitors, making it highly affordable.