Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine Review

Most of the Pilates reformer machines that I’ve come across with are priced rather steeply that ordinary folks simply cannot save that much from their monthly budget to purchase a really good one.

Now, there are products that with a few tweaks can be had for under $500. Of course, if one is to get a Pilates reformer at this price range it is critical that one has to lower his or her expectations as well.

The good news is that there are companies out there who are bent on creating machines that are both worthy of a spot in a Pilates studio and worthy of one’s savings.

Fortis has created what can be considered as one of the planet’s most affordable Pilates reformer machines. In this review, join me as we look at the fitness contraption that is not only very friendly on everyone’s budget, but also on one’s fitness goals.

Overview of the Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine

The Fortis is definitely one of the budget-friendliest reformer Pilates machines in town. It is designed specifically for those who are cognisant of the value of Pilates workouts, but don’t have the budget for a really expensive, high-end equipment.

You can always look at the Fortis as an entry-level machine, although most of the similar products I’ve encountered so far don’t even come close to how the Fortis is priced. This makes it very appealing to budget-conscious folks.

While the Fortis is inexpensive, it never skimps on its functionality. It doesn’t have much, but it should be enough to help you improve the way you perform a variety of your Pilates exercises.

The different resistant cords are quite helpful in targeting different muscle groups like those of the back, calves, shoulders, abs, hips, and thighs as well as other muscles. The incline of the bench can also be adjusted, albeit very limited.

This is one feature that is quite unexpected from an exercise machine such as the Fortis. The ability to adjust the incline of the bench affords one the ability to target various muscle groups which should work well with the resistance cords. It even comes with a push-up bar, further adding to the versatility of the equipment in helping you achieve your Pilates reformer goals.

The Fortis is constructed of premium-quality carbon steel. This lends the platform a certain stability and durability that one expects from a Pilates reformer machine. It is unusually light, too, at only 24.5 kilogrammes. This makes it very easy to move around your home.

Great for those who are serious about fitness but on a tight budget

And if one has a friend who wants to borrow the Fortis, it should be relatively easy to transport as well. Just because the Fortis only weighs less than 25 kilogrammes it doesn’t mean that its weight capacity is also low. This product can easily accommodate a 120-kilogramme individual.

Exercising on the Fortis is relatively comfortable, too, because of the ample padding on its bench. The handles are also padded so they will not bring discomfort to one’s hands. This helps provide for more comfortable reformer Pilates manoeuvres, allowing for the achievement of one’s fitness goals.

It’s inexpensive yet comes with the fundamental features one can expect from an entry-level Pilates reformer machine. That’s what the Fortis really is.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine

Variable incline and resistance

The Fortis was designed specifically for obtaining the full benefits of reformer Pilates machines. At the heart of the equipment is a variety of resistance cords that should be very easy to manipulate.

Personally, I didn’t think that the Fortis would be this good given its price. The variability of the resistance cords should be helpful in providing you with the right levels of resistance with which to target your muscles.

Of course, like I said in the beginning, you really cannot expect this device to do everything that high-end reformer Pilates machines are designed to do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. But it also doesn’t mean that it cannot give you the kind of exercise routine that you need to help you strengthen and tone the different muscle groups in your body.

Assisting the Fortis in this regard is the ability of its platform to be inclined. This is quite interesting since there are a number of expensive reformer Pilates machines that do not even come with inclinable platforms. So I guess you can say Fortis got this one right.

Sadly, for highly advanced Pilates practitioners, the incline mechanism on the Fortis may not be that sufficient to help them achieve the kind of results that they need. However, for newbies or even for those who don’t really need highly advanced machinery, the Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine should be a good buy.

Multiple adjustments

Aside from the fact that the Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine’s platform can be inclined, albeit very limited, some of the attachments can also be adjusted to allow for greater versatility.

The foot straps can be easily adjusted so you’ll feel more empowered to perform the kind of exercises that you want depending on your level of fitness as well as physical capabilities.

The same is true with the platform itself. I find it quite interesting that Fortis still managed to provide an extendable mechanism for the platform. I was actually thinking that the Pilates reformer machine is nothing more than just a simple padded platform with 4 legs.

It looks more like a seriously-designed workout bench except that this one comes with a variety of contraptions. Unlike some of the Pilates reformer machines that I’ve tried before, the Fortis comes with very modest adjustments that take some getting used to.

Sturdy and reliable construction

For those who are firm believers in the strength and durability of carbon steel, the Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine is a great buy. Like I said above, it looks like a very seriously-engineered exercise bench.

It is something that you won’t mind putting in your fitness club or gym or Pilates studio for the simple fact that it comes with a very robust construction.

 Its sturdiness belies the price tag that it comes with. This is quite remarkable since the Fortis is not really recommended for studio use. Instead, it is designed specifically for ordinary individuals who would like to tone their muscles, obtain flexibility, and strengthen their core right in the comfort of their homes.

Compared to other machines, however, the Fortis can only accommodate about 120 kilogrammes of weight. It is a far cry from the others I’ve tried, especially since this one comes with carbon steel frame and not wood. Somehow, I have this feeling that it won’t really last that long especially if you are not going to conspire its max capacity.

Comfortable use

While I may have misgivings about the Fortis’ strength and durability, there is no doubt in my mind that it is comfy. I find the padding on the bench to be ample, protecting both my behind and my back whenever I do some of those exercises that call a supine position. The handles are comfy on the hands as well unlike some other exercise machines that have very hard surfaces.

My only gripe is that the Fortis bench is rather narrow. It’s ample enough for me, but if I were more on the fat side it would be quite impossible to assume a variety of sitting or lying positions on the bench. This will limit the number of exercises that I can perform with the Fortis. But then again, it’s only good for folks weighing less than 120 kilogrammes anyway.

Lightweight and small footprint

Most of the high-end Pilates reformer machines I’ve seen so far are either very bulky or very heavy or even both. The Fortis is neither. It only comes in at 24.5 kilogrammes which should be handy enough to be moved around your home. You can even lend it to a friend. Just ask her to send someone to pick it up from your place.

It won’t require that much space from your living area, either. Its small footprint of about 146 centimetres long and 64 centimetres wide is perfect even for those living in cramped apartments. Now you won’t have any excuse for not getting a reformer Pilates machine right for your home.

Pro and Cons

  • Fully padded bench and handles
  • Adjustable level of incline and variable resistance cords
  • With push-up bar for added exercise versatility
  • Sturdy and reliable construction with 120 kilogramme weight capacity
  • Moderately light and compact design, perfect for small living areas
  • Priced under $500
  • Relatively small platform; not ideal for fat folks
  • The weight limit may not be sufficient for some overweight individuals
  • No attachment points o mechanisms for additional Pilates accessories

Should You Buy It?

The Fortis Pilates Reformer Gym Machine is an inexpensive machine that does a good job of helping individuals strengthen their muscles, improve flexibility and muscle tonicity, and enhance one’s balance and coordination without creating unnecessary strain on one’s pocket. The Fortis is small and compact, perfect for those who have very limited space in their homes.

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