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Freeform F20 Pink Treadmill Review 2020 – Best Investment for Women

While the conventional gym has always been a place for be-muscled men, it is not uncommon to see a lot of gyms being flocked to by ordinary women as well as those in the career professions.

However, there are still those who would prefer getting and staying fit right in the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, this can pose quite a few number of challenges.

For one, in buying a gym equipment such as a treadmill for the home one really has to look at the weight of the equipment since women are typically ‘less strong’ than men.

Also, women are naturally more style-conscious than men such that the form factor of the treadmill will often be on the same level as its functionality. Men, on the other hand, often put the form in the backseat with the functionality taking the wheel.

That said, choosing a good quality treadmill for women can be a tough job, especially if you don’t really have an idea what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, I came across one of the neatest, coolest, most lightweight, and fully functional treadmills that I am pretty sure women fitness buffs will definitely love. The Freeform F20 Pink Treadmill is what I will be sharing with you in this review.

Overview of the Freeform F20 Pink Treadmill

The Freeform F20 is a hip and trendy-looking treadmill that is designed specifically for the carefree yet fitness-minded lady of the 21st century. Its main feature is its foldable nature, utilising a variety of easy to operate mechanisms that ladies in the house will not have any issues.

Together with its foldable nature is a lightweight design that can further contribute to its overall space-saving and portable nature. Ladies especially those of small built will love the design as I have. It makes for a more efficient way of managing the space in small apartments and other similar abodes.

Despite its compact and lightweight design, the Freeform F20 doesn’t skimp on features, integrating quite a number of useful technologies that I find really pleasing to have.

Although you really cannot expect the features to be at par with high end, more expensive brands and models, I find the features set to be sufficient enough to motivate me through my routines.

Part of the digital entertainment platform that comes with the Freeform F20 is the FreeMIX 5.0 acoustic sound system which gives users the added bonus of listening to their favourite tunes on the mobile music players without really needing additional stereo headphones.

Technically, it’s the feature that most ladies out there would really love to have. And I couldn’t agree more.

The Freeform F20 also comes with the standard console also in hot pink. However, I find the LCD display, although blue LED backlit, is quite small. I would have preferred it to be bigger.

I guess they had to sacrifice the screen size to accommodate the other control buttons including safety assist and the FreeMIX sound system stereo speakers on the console itself. The console platform features an integrated bottle holder, a standard feature if I may add.

Designed for the hip and trendy femme

Built-wise, there really is not much that you can expect for a treadmill at this price point. Although it is possible for a man to use it, he should not weigh more than 120 kilograms.

You have to understand that the Freeform F20 is especially designed for women who are naturally and anatomically lighter than men. But this doesn’t really mean that the F20 is not durable and sturdy. It still is.

However, just make sure to observe the weight limit of 120 kilograms so you can continue using it for many more years.

As for its incline, the F20 doesn’t feature small increments in angle adjustments. Instead, it comes with only 3 levels. This can be quite problematic for those who would like to fine-tune their fitness routines.

The motor comes in at 1.75 CHP, too, substantially lower than professional-grade exercise equipment, but nothing that is not unexpected. The point is the F20 is for women like you and me.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Freeform F20

Purpose-built for women

From the colour to the choice of DC motor and the choice of features, there’s no denying that the Freeform F20 is designed specifically for women.

The 1.75 CHP DC motor, while underpowered by today’s modern gym equipment standards, is just enough to power the treadmill belt. However, I do find the way in which the motor was built to be quite exceptional, to say the least.

A deeper look says the F20 features a DC motor that’s precision engineered by HiTorque complete with AAA-grade components that are designed to provide a near-silent operation. What you cannot see from the outside is the F20’s unique heat management technology.

However, I do understand that a 1.75 CHP motor doesn’t really generate that much heat compared to a 4.0 CHP motor. Nevertheless, a motor is a motor and, thus it will still generate heat, making the F20 a pleasant treadmill to run on for women who simply don’t like to get their hands dirty fixing a motor because of overheating.

The F20 also comes with a 2-ply Ortho Tred treadmill belt. I am not really sure what the Ortho Tred does but it sure feels comfy on the feet even if I am not really wearing my running shoes. Still, I do recommend wearing your favourite running shoes for optimum performance.

The 2-ply construction is about half that of most professional grade machines, further cementing the notion that the F20 is built for the light weighted individual. Remember what I said above, men can still run on the F20 so long as his weight is not well over 120 kilograms.

The size of the workout area is modest enough at 1.28 metres by 0.4 metres. Again, I find these measurements perfect for women as we are clearly more on the slimmer side of our body morphics than men. Again, you might be inclined to think that the surface area is rather skimpy, but keep in mind that the F20 is for ladies.

Foldable, compact, and lightweight design

The Freeform F20 features the FreeSpace design which allows women to easily flip the belt upward for ease of storage. It comes with the E-Z Lift and the E-Z Drop technologies to allow for easier folding and unfolding, something that I really appreciated.

Unlike other systems I have tried, the F20’s foldable design is built for one-handed operation. Most folding treadmills will require you to use both hands. The F20 doesn’t.

I find this very useful since I don’t really want to be running only on treadmill to stay fit. I also have to look after my other exercise needs such as flexibility, core strengthening, and resistant training.

Here’s one of the niftiest things about the F20: you can actually fold it and store it standing up in a space as little as 80 centimetres wide and 153 centimetres deep. Not bad for a treadmill for ladies.

Modest digital features

To think that the F20 is nothing more than a girlie machine is an obvious understatement. It is also packed with all the basic features of a professional-grade machine like program presets and a fully adjustable speed mechanism.

Just don’t expect it to go beyond 12 kilometres per hour though. It comes with adjustable incline, too, albeit only in 3 different levels. Nevertheless, it sure can get ladies running to the hilt.

What I really find amazing about the F20 is the integration of a stereo-like sound system, the FreeMIX 5.0. It actually frees you from the hassles of acoustic cables so it won’t interfere with your groove. The stereo-like speakers should fill your room quite nicely as it did mine.

Pros and Cons

  • E-Z-Lift and E-Z-Drop Assist technologies for optimum versatility in terms of storage and transportability
  • Durable and sturdy design in a lightweight and compact frame
  • Modestly powerful motor with integrated cooling system
  • Quick speed controls on a simple console layout
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 120 kilograms
  • FreeMIX Acoustics 5.0 sound system with dual stereo speakers
  • Safety assist technology for accident-free routines
  • Great value for beginners as well as for individuals who would like to have a personal treadmill in their homes without spending a thousand dollars
  • 3-level manual incline only; doesn’t afford optimum choice of incline for greater running performance
  • Limited number of program presets; but more than substantial for beginning runners and walkers
  • 2-ply belt construction; may not last as long as professional-grade 4-ply constructed machines


The Freeform F20 is a great treadmill for beginners as well as folks who are intent on maintaining a level of fitness without going to the gym and without spending a lot of money.

It is durable and sturdy enough to hold a 120-kilogram user while packed with the basic features that are found in some high end models.

If you can forgive the limitation in its angle adjustment and the number of program presets and focus only on the good things, the F20 is a good choice.