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Healsage Mini Massage Gun Review

An aching back is something I’ve always had to deal with. There are times that it was so painful, I resorted to massage therapy. But as all of us are encouraged to stay indoors and avoid physical contact due to the current situation, I had to look for an alternative. This was when I was introduced to the Healsage Mini Massage Gun.

There are a lot of great reviews about this which led me to buy it. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and here’s my take on its overall performance.

Overview of the Healsage Mini Massage Gun

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun is by far the smallest massage gun that I’ve ever tried. True to its name, it’s very small and compact. It’s just an inch bigger than my hand which is just 4.5 inches. While I don’t necessarily travel a lot, I was sold on the idea of having a small and simple massage gun that I can just store in my drawer. To give you an idea, not a lot of massage guns are like that since they’re usually bulky.

As a mini massage gun, I didn’t expect it to last long but it has a minimum of 6 hours of battery life. Depending on the speed level I use, it can last to a maximum of 10 hours in one full charge. Needless to say, I was impressed with it.

Other than that, I was also happy to know that it comes with four attachment heads. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting to have two different heads because it was marketed to be just a basic massage gun. However, it has four different heads that can relieve muscles in your spine, neck, legs, and other body parts.

Of course, I’m not going to deny that there are a few things that the Healsage Mini Massage Gun doesn’t have. As a small massage gun, it lacks the strength of a bigger device. In other words, it doesn’t give that intense deep tissue massage that you’re looking for. Sure, it’s relaxing but it’s not as heavy-duty as the other models. This is mostly because it lacks the speed levels that can be found in other massage guns. While the minimum speed level most guns have is three, I was hoping to have more options so I can easily find the best speed for relaxing my muscles.

In spite of the improvements the Healsage Mini Massage Gun can have, I still love this portable and compact massage gun. It has the basic features that I need and it’s very easy to use. There aren’t a lot of brands with this size, so it’s a steal to get one for yourself!

A Closer Look at the Features of the Healsage Mini Massage Gun

Four Attachment Heads

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun comes with four interchangeable massage heads. There’s nothing groundbreaking about that because most models have at least four attachment heads. Nonetheless, I was grateful to have more than one attachment head included in the package. So what are the four different heads that you can use?

The first one, which is also the one I use the most, is the bullet head. The bullet head is best for deep muscle penetration. The depth of the massage is up to 50mm which is not bad for a small massager. Because it gives deep muscle massages, you immediately feel less tension in the areas where your muscles are tighter. I use this around my shoulders since my upper back is always aching.

The second attachment head is the fork-shaped one except that it only has two tines. This attachment head is best suitable for the spine because the two tines give way for the spine. Just like the neck, the spine has a lot of nerves which can be easily damaged if you’re not careful in massaging your back.

If you want a more all-around attachment head, then you’ll love the flat-shaped one. Because it’s flat, it’s generally less painful for your sore muscles. Personally, I don’t use this attachment head so much because I prefer deeper messages. It’s nice to use, though, on areas that have a lower pain tolerance for massages.

Lastly, you have the round attachment head. This head is suitable for larger muscle groups like your buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings. If you have sore thighs because of the squats you did yesterday, then using this massage head will help lessen the pain you will feel in the next few days.

Changing the massage heads is easy, too. When you want to change them, make sure that the device is fully turned off. Then, remove the attached massage head and replace it with another one by inserting it in the barrel.

Stroke Length

The stroke length is up to 50mm. This stroke is present regardless of the attachment head you use. This depth of massage is around the standard length compared to other massage gun models.

What the stroke length does is increase the deep tissue massage. While it isn’t a substitute for massage therapy, it helps in relieving muscle soreness for a short period of time. The stroke length and percussion are designed for muscle use, so it’s best that you just use it for your muscles and not on your bones and joints.

The 50-mm stroke length also helps in improving blood circulation. Because of the speed and power that the massage head makes, the tension in the muscles will slowly lift making your body feel a little lighter and less tensed. For immediate muscle relief, the stroke length applies just the right depth that penetrates my muscles.

Adjustable Speed Levels

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun has three speed levels that you can adjust in the control panel found at the bottom of the gun. While I wish they had more, the speed levels are enough to satisfy the basic types of massage that I was looking for. Unfortunately, the speed levels are already pre-set so you can’t adjust them using the controls.

To change the speed level, quickly press the power button when it’s already on. Yes, the power button and the speed button are one and the same. To change the speed, just press it quickly. This will automatically increase the speed of the massage head. Once you reach the fastest speed, pressing the button again will return to the first speed level.

To turn off the whole massage gun, you have to press it for 1-2 seconds until the indicator light turns off. You press it the same way when you want to turn it on.

High Percussion Rate

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun has a maximum speed of 3200 RPM. What does that mean? To make it easier to understand, most massage guns, even the heavy-duty ones, have a 3200-RPM motor. A faster motor will give more percussions per minute. The more percussions it produces, the deeper and the better the muscle massage gets.

Since the Healsage Mini Massage Gun has different speed levels, the lowest percussion rate it can give you is 900 RPM. This means that the first speed level is at 900 RPM while the third speed level is at 3200 RPM. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how many RPMs the middle level is at.

For a mini massage gun, having a range of 900-3200 RPM is already impressive. It’s powerful enough to handle very tensed muscles. The only feature needed to make it more customisable are different speed levels to complement the gun’s capable motor.

Compact and Minimalist Design

One of the key features of the Healsage Mini Massage Gun is its compact and minimalist design. It doesn’t have unnecessary bumps at the top of the device which heavy-duty massage guns always have.

The grip is something some may prefer to have elongated a bit more. I have small hands so they fit perfectly when I hold the device. However, some people may find it to be too short to be comfortable to hold when they try to massage their back. The holder has a non-slip wrist strap to help add a little more grip to the handle.

As for the buttons, there is just one button as you already know by now. The power button is the same as the speed adjustment button. There are indicator lights to show the speed that you’re on so you won’t get confused. Just at the side of that button, you’ll see the USB port for the charger.

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun comes in only one color – black. All the parts, even the small case, is black. I find it perfect since it’s not so attention-seeking and it looks even more professional to use. If you plan on bringing it to the office, the color will not attract attention.

Overall, the design is very simple and it doesn’t have a lot of fluff. It’s ideal for bringing it to workplaces and gyms since it has a serious design to it.

Long Battery Life

This feature of the Healsage Mini Massage Gun is one of my favorites. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t expect it to have a long battery life (not more than 4 hours), but it exceeded my expectations.

To give you an idea, even if you use the fasted speed level consistently, the whole battery will be drained only after six hours. This is a sign that the Healsage Mini Massage Gun is a great product because a lot of massage guns claim that they can last for 8 hours but after the first use, the battery life drops to half.

When it comes to charging time, it only takes a full three hours to get the whole battery full. If you didn’t drain your battery, then the charging time becomes shorter.

If you aren’t able to charge the massage gun right away, it automatically turns on a ‘Low Battery Protection Mode’. This feature will help conserve battery so that it lasts longer. The only catch is that the massage gun doesn’t work very well when it’s in this low battery mode. It works for sure, but it doesn’t reach the maximum speed.

Pro and Cons

  • Comes with 4 attachment heads for a complete body massage
  • Comes with a USB cord for charging
  • Has a long battery life
  • Affordable for a starter massage gun
  • Easy to use and replace massage heads
  • Compact and portable design
  • Comes with a small case to fit all massage heads
  • Only has 3 speed levels, which means limited adjustability
  • Massage head is not adjustable to different angles

Should You Buy It?

If your priority is portability then you’ll love the Healsage Mini Massage Gun. I definitely recommend it. I also recommend this to people who are unsure of buying a massage gun because they think they won’t be able to use it continuously.

My advice is to start small (literally) so you have a feel of what it can and cannot give you. Don’t forget, though, that a massage gun is not a substitute to physical massage therapy, but it’s a great supplement!