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Healsage Pro Massage Gun Review

A heavy and tensed back is always something I have to endure. Back when spas and physical therapy sessions were a thing, I used to schedule my treatments regularly.

Well, I guess I am quite used to staying home more often now than going for a spa. To add to that, a spa session every week might be cutting into my budget quite a bit.

During the quarantine, I came across the Healsage Pro Massage Gun. It’s a percussion massage gun made by one of the most popular gym brands in the country.

They’re more famous for their massage guns, though. If you’re curious about how good it is, read on for a comprehensive review of my experience with the Healsage Pro Massage Gun.

Overview of the Healsage Pro Massage Gun

The Healsage Pro Massage Gun is the larger version of the more famous Healsage Mini Massage Gun. It may not be the more famous model but it’s definitely quite powerful at a maximum of 3200 RPM (revolutions per minute). The Healsage Pro Massage Gun gives exactly that with speed and intensity levels.

One of the features of the Healsage Pro Massage Gun that other models and brands don’t is a set of different vibration types. It has four in total, which are relatively fewer than others. However, it comes with a pretty cool AI feature, which not many massage guns have.

The Healsage Pro Massage Gun has six detachable massage heads, one for each muscle group. The most used massage head for me is the round head. It’s the massage head I use all the time because it relieves my back pains.

I’m grateful that it comes with a smaller round head for areas that I do not want to use the larger one. The other massage heads are the spinal, air cushion, flat, and bullet heads. They all help to relax different muscle groups. I’ll get into this later.

Overall, the Healsage Pro Massage Gun is a solid and durable massage gun. It’s useful and effective when it comes to relieving my muscle pains.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Healsage Pro Massage Gun

Six Attachment Heads

The Healsage Pro Massage Gun has six different attachment heads. Out of the six, there are 2 round heads with different sizes. Round heads are the most versatile as it can be used on most areas.

Round Head

I particularly enjoy using round head attachments. With 2 different sizes, they become very handy when I like to use the smaller one on my back. I can then easily switch to the larger one, which may be more suitable on the thighs.

Spinal Head

The second attachment head is the spinal head. Among the other massage heads, this one delivers the most intense massage because of the somewhat pointed heads on each side. It penetrates deeply into the soft tissues around the spine.

I have to warn you, though, that you have to be careful when you use this. Make sure that you don’t press too hard on the sides of your spinal cord. You shouldn’t also push the actual heads on your spinal cord. You’ll end up damaging the nerves there.

Cushion Head

The third attachment head is the air cushion head. This is made for soft tissues, so it can be used all over the body. Of course, you still can’t use this on your bones and sensitive areas like the neck and face.

Flat Head

Another attachment head is the flat head. It’s more intense than the air cushion head but it’s not as intense as the spinal head and the bullet head.

Instead, the flat head is the “medium” intensity attachment head perfect for larger muscle groups like the arms and the thighs. I often use this after my arm or leg workouts because they really ease the tension in those areas.

Bullet Head

The last one is the bullet head. The bullet head is mostly for pain points. It gives a strong deep tissue massage, so it’s perfect if you want to release tension in the pressure points.

I recommend testing it out on a lower intensity level so that it doesn’t surprise your pressure points. If you’re not used to intense pressure massages, then this requires getting used to.

When it comes to changing attachment heads, doing so is fairly easy. All you have to do is turn off the device, remove the current attachment head and replace with your preferred one. Make sure not to touch the area where you attach the attachment head because it may hurt your hand.

Control Panel

The control panel of the Healsage Pro Massage Gun is found at the top of the handle. It’s parallel to the attachment heads.

This massage gun’s control panel is quite unique compared to other brands as it is touch screen. It definitely feels sleeker compared to other ones.

Multi-Function Button

The Healsage Pro Massage Gun’s control panel has a multi-function button that you can use for turning the device on and off, and change vibration modes.

To the upper right of the button, there is an auto mode indication. When this is turned on, that means that the Healsage Massage Gun’s automatic vibrations are activated.

HealPlus AI

What are automatic vibrations? This is a feature unique to this device. It is a special AI mode which Healsage names it the “HealPlus AI”. When this is switched on, the device automatically adjusts the vibration depending on how hard you apply the pressure.

When you press hard, the vibration shifts to a crescendo vibration, but when you lighten your press, it gradually changes to a fade-out vibration. I’ll talk more about these vibrations later.


Four Vibration Types

I mentioned the vibration types above. Unlike other massage guns, the Healsage Pro Massage Gun offers different modes of vibration. Just to give you a reference, other massage gun’s vibrations vary only in terms of speed but not the actual style of the vibrations.

AI Mode

The AI vibration is a lot like a smart adjustor. What do I mean by that? Because this type of vibration uses artificial intelligence, it automatically adjusts the vibration and the pressure depending on how strong you press the device to your muscles.

Fade-out Mode

The second vibration is fade-out vibration. This is when the vibration slows and lessens in intensity. This is ideal for muscles that are very sensitive. You can also use this vibration type when you want to relax or cool down.

Wave Mode

Similar to the fade-out vibration is wave vibration. This is a fluctuation type of vibration, so you can use this when you want to relax or when you want to mix up your massage a little bit.

Crescendo Mode

Finally, there’s the crescendo vibration. This is the exact opposite of the fade-out vibration. Taken from its name, the crescendo vibration increases intensity as you press the massage gun to your muscles.

This is ideal for muscles that need deep tissue massage or if you just want an intense massage after a tough workout.

Robust Design

I’ve raved about the Healsage Pro Massage Gun’s design a while ago because it is very durable. The finish of whole device makes me feel assured that it is made of high-quality products.

The handle is comfortable to hold because it’s made with a silicone grip. Since I have small hands, the handle can be a little too big for me, but you might find it just the right size. Just below the grip is a small area showing the power and battery life of the device.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Healsage Pro Massage Gun lasts about 6 hours on a fully charged battery. If you’ve fully drained the battery, then expect it to charge for 2-4 hours.

To not damage the battery, keep the device turned off whenever you charge. Once you plug the device, you should see the indicator light at the bottom turn on. It will show that it’s 100% charged, too.

Pro and Cons

  • Has the HealPlus AI mode
  • Comes with 6 different attachment heads
  • High percussion rate for intense massages
  • Features different vibration types
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Angle of the attachment heads not adjustable

Should You Buy It?

Healsage Pro Best Massage Gun Australia

If you’re looking for a percussion massage gun in Australia that is durable and stands the test of time, then the Healsage Massage Gun is a good choice. I love how strong and durable it is. It’s definitely something you can use all the time without showing any signs of wear and tear even after a few months.

The Healsage Pro Massage Gun is a good buy especially if you plan to use it for a long time. I recommend that you get yourself one to help ease the stress you experience from a workout or a full day of sitting at a desk.