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HyperIce Hypervolt Percussion Massager Review

Percussion massagers don’t need to cost you a fortune. With the right combination of technology and more judicious use of materials, manufacturers can come up with equally-effective percussion massagers without necessarily jacking up its price so much that it becomes out-of-reach of ordinary folks like us.

Thankfully, there are companies that listen to what people are saying and I will share with you one such device. The HyperIce Hypervolt percussion massager may not be as robust as the Theragun G2PRO, but it sure can soothe stiff and sore muscles, improve recovery, and help overall mobility. Best of all, it comes with a price tag that more pocket-friendly.

Overview of the HyperIce Hypervolt Percussion Massager

Buy Hypervolt in Australia

The HyperIce Hypervolt Percussion Massager is a nifty gadget you can find in Australia that is designed specifically to sooth tired and sore muscles wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. This product comes with several technological innovations that even higher-priced gadgets fail to incorporate into their respective designs.

While the Hypervolt doesn’t provide information on the actual amount of force delivered with each percussion movement, it does operate with a much faster rate. This cordless percussion massager moves at a very quick pace of 53 to 54 oscillations per second.

This amazing speed makes it feel more like vibrations instead of the slower yet more forceful tapping or hammering motions on the body. I do believe some folks prefer this handheld type of massage as it is generally not that discomforting for them.

Unfortunately, this also makes the Hypervolt less efficient when it comes to the activation of deeper muscle tissues.

The real gem in the Hypervolt is its Quiet Glide Technology. You could very well be having a friendly chat with your neighbour or officemate while letting the Hypervolt do its work. The noise it makes is audible, but never to the point that you will get irritated.

Reasonably Priced, Quiet, with Long Battery Life

This makes it exceptionally useful for those situations when soothing your tired muscles can no longer wait that you’d have to apply the Hypervolt right there and then. Use it in the office or even at the side of your bed while your hubby or wife is sleeping. Don’t worry; they won’t know you’re trying to massage your achy muscles.

It comes with a longer-lasting battery, too; up to 3 hours to be precise. It even comes with LED light battery indicators that give you a visual cue as to the amount of charge you have left. There are no triggers as well. You simply push a button and you’re massaging. To speed it up, just press the power button again. Simple.

And for those who are complaining about the hefty price tag of some portable percussion massagers, the Hypervolt comes with a much friendlier Australian price tag. It can still be pricey for those who are on a rather tight budget.

However, when you consider the different technologies embedded into the design of the Hypervolt, you’ll know it’s priced just right.

A Closer Look at the Features of the HyperIce Hypervolt Percussion Massager

Powerful High-Torque Motor

The Hypervolt is designed with a powerful high-torque motor that delivers up to 3200 percussions every minute. That’s an astonishing 53 to 54 oscillations every second. Unfortunately, I found no additional information as to the amplitude or even the amount of force delivered by the Hypervolt with each oscillation.

What I can tell you is that, when it comes to raw power (the pressure applied by the device with each up-down movement), this is still way behind the G2PRO. In hindsight, I do believe the massaging action is not necessarily in an up-down motion or a percussing motion. Rather, it is more of vibration.

This should account for the slightly lower ‘hammering’ feel of the Hypervolt. Nevertheless, it is still a powerful massage device. It is great for those who prefer vibrations rather than the tapping motions of percussion massagers.

Quiet Glide Technology

This is one feature of the Hypervolt that I truly appreciate. The high torque motor featuring Quiet Glide Technology in the Hypervolt is something that even the famed G2PRO doesn’t have. It’s not a real deal-breaker, but if you’re the kind of person who would like to relieve your tired muscles even while you’re in the office this is one feature you will really need.

I am just not sure the actual noise level of the Hypervolt. All I can say is that it is definitely louder than a foam roller, but never as loud as your ordinary industrial power tool. It is still audible, but not to the point that it will disturb your partner’s slumber or even the focus of your officemate.

Adjustable Speed Settings

Did I say the Hypervolt came with 3200 oscillations per minute? Did I also say that you can easily adjust the speed of these oscillations? I did not, did I?

Well, the Hypervolt percussion massager comes with 3 different speed settings that max out at 3200. I am just not sure about the speed of the first two levels, but what I can say is that Level 2 is just right for making you feel so relaxed that you’ll doze off in a matter of minutes.

Interchangeable Massager Head Attachments

The Hypervolt percussion massager also comes with 4 different interchangeable head attachments that you can easily interchange. There’s a ball-shaped attachment, a two-prong massage, a dampener, and a flat-head attachment. Unlike the G2PRO, though, this one comes with a fixed 90-degree angle to the handle so you won’t be able to adjust the positioning of the massager heads.

Long Battery Life

This is another thing that you’ll love about the Hypervolt. While it produces 3200 percussions per minute, its battery can run a full 3 hours of continuous use. I did get slightly less, however. But it is still better than others. Compare that with the G2PRO’s mediocre 40-45 minute runtime and you’ll know that you’ve got a clear winner in the Hypervolt.

It even comes with LED light battery indicators. Some gadgets don’t have graduated LED lights so the only time you’ll know your rechargeable lithium ion battery is dead is when the gadget won’t run anymore. The Hypervolt comes with 5 LED lights that serve more like a countdown indicator.

Ergonomic, Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Design

The Hypervolt looks like your hair blower or hair dryer. The handle is a bit bulky for my taste, but it’s just me. It weighs about 1.13 kilograms which is about the same weight as the G2PRO.

Pro and Cons

  • Powerful vibration-like massaging action which some people prefer over percussion movements
  • Adjustable speed settings that max out at 3200 oscillations per minute
  • Very easy to control and use with just a simple press of a button; it doesn’t require pulling on a trigger and holding it that way for it to operate
  • Wonderfully whisper-quiet so you can use it anywhere without disturbing anybody else
  • Extra-long 3-hour battery life for extended use
  • Friendlier price
  • The angle of the massager head attachment cannot be adjusted
  • Black and grey colour scheme may be too boring for some people
  • May still be expensive to some people

Should You Buy It?

The HyperIce Hypervolt percussion massager is not perfect. However, given its price point and remarkable quiet operation plus fully adjustable speed settings and long battery life, it’s a pretty good machine. Click the link below if you would like to check out this product.