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Lifespan Fitness Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

4.9out of 5


Please note that there is a newer model of the Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell. 
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I understand the frustration of many individuals looking for an adjustable dumbbell set. There are many that look similar. One of the things that separate them is their price. However, experience often tells us that getting the cheapest item does not always spell good things in the long run.

Lifespan Fitness is the exception. This is a brand that many gyms rely on to deliver high-quality exercise equipment at very affordable prices. This is what the Lifespan Fitness Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell Set provides.

Overview of the Lifespan Fitness Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

Lifespan Fitness is a brand that we can all rely on for good quality products at affordable prices. This extends well into the Cortex, Lifespan’s adjustable dumbbell set. This gym equipment features a weight range of 2.5 to 48 kilogrammes. It includes an easy-to-turn knob that allows users to dial in their desired weight of the dumbbell.

Features a Smart Lock mechanism for safety

The weight plates are made of solid steel. The handle also comes with premium-quality steel construction. The handle provides an excellent grip because of its textured finish. It also comes with a contour that follows the natural shape of the hands.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Lifespan Fitness Cortex Adjustable Dumbbells

Wide Range of Weight

The Lifespan Fitness Cortex comes with a weight range of 2.5 kilogrammes to 48 kilogrammes. The 48-kilogramme weight limit is for the pair of Cortex dumbbells. A single dumbbell can provide a maximum weight of 24 kilogrammes.

The wide range of weights provides users with the chance to perform many exercises using a single gym equipment. It is also perfect for beginners as it is for advanced trainers. However, its maximum weight may still not be sufficient for those who have been training for many years.

Adjustable Weight with Smart Lock Feature

There is one thing that I like about the Lifespan Cortex – its adjustable dial comes in increments of 2.5 kilogrammes. The settings are also written in kilogrammes. Most of the adjustable dumbbells I know come with dials that have pounds as their unit of measurement. Personally, I find it cumbersome to convert pounds into kilogrammes for you to determine whether you have the correct weight setting or not.

Aside from the fact that the dial already comes with kilogramme labels, adjusting it is also as easy. It utilises to the twist-and-lift feature. I only need to dial the weight setting that I want and then lift the whole thing from its cradle. There is no need to guess the weight that you are lifting. Turning the dial is also easy; unlike some systems that require some force to turn.

Once set to the desired weight, the smart locking mechanism secures the plates in their place. You can almost imagine what will happen if there is no mechanism to lock the weight plates. They’ll be moving around their axis and create instability.

You have to keep in mind that the weight plates are not complete discs. They have this groove in one section that allows the smart lock to grip. Because of this groove, there is a tendency for the free weights to be unbalanced.

Solid Construction

All the weight plates of the Lifespan Cortex come with solid steel construction. There are four plates on each side of the Cortex. Each one tapers to form a unique rounded shape towards the dial end. I can say that Lifespan Fitness did a good job of the dumbbell’s construction as it feels sturdy in the hands.

The handlebar is also made of steel. It has a textured surface to ensure a better grip. There is also a rubberised section that further improves grip. Unfortunately, it does not cover the whole length of the handlebar. It only secures the middle half of the handle.

If there is one thing I dislike about the Lifespan Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell, it would be the length of the handle. I can fit my hand so there is no problem there. It may not be wide enough to allow people with larger hands to use it. I have seen adjustable dumbbell sets with larger grab handles.

Overall, however, one can always depend on Lifespan Fitness to provide you with a well-constructed device.

Compact Design

The Lifespan Fitness Cortex comes in a compact design. This translates to a more efficient management of your floor space.

To put it in perspective, Lifespan Fitness designed the Cortex to replace 15 pairs of conventional free weights. That is a huge amount of space that you can save. I know a lot of my friends will love the Cortex because of its small footprint. At least, they will never have to worry about space issues anymore.

Pro and Cons

  • Wide weight range for greater range of exercises
  • Easy to operate adjustment mechanism
  • Leaves a very small footprint
  • Equivalent to 15 pairs of standard dumbbells
  • Smart locking system for greater security and safety
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-grab handle
  • No accompanying fitness app to track training progress
  • Maximum weight of the dumbbell may not be enough for some individuals

Should You Buy It?

The Lifespan Fitness Cortex Adjustable Dumbbell Set offers individuals with an affordable solution to their strength training.