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Lifespan X22 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 

4.5out of 5


Are you looking for Lifespan Fitness X22 Elliptical Trainer review? If yes, please read on!

Most beginning fitness enthusiasts would want an elliptical trainer that affords them a great combination of affordable pricing, superior craftsmanship, and good old-fashioned rear drive mechanism to help them move more naturally. And while the market can be inundated with so many similarly-looking devises it is not also unusual that you’d be picking the wrong one.

Thankfully, I’ve come across one of the best elliptical trainers in the Australian market. I am pretty confident you will find exceptionally appealing, too.

It’s got what most novice fitness buffs would call as their perfect companion in their pursuit for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Well, I’d say enough of the talk and let us take a look at what really makes the Lifespan X-22 Cross Trainer such a very appealing proposition in the home fitness market.

Overview of the Lifespan X22 Elliptical Trainer

For its price, I’d say the Lifespan X22 Cross Trainer is a great deal especially if you happen to be fast enough to avail of the ongoing discounted promotional prices that are currently available online. For its price point you clearly don’t expect anything much from the X22. Yet the X22 comes with features that you would expect from an elliptical trainer of a much higher price range.

That being said, the Lifespan X22 is easily one of the best and most practical elliptical trainers for newbies as well as for individuals who are suffering from joint and musculoskeletal problems that an ordinary treadmill simply won’t do. It’s also great for advanced beginners in the fitness circuit who is looking for more affordable machine.

The Lifespan X22 is everything that you would want from an entry-level elliptical trainer or perhaps even more. Let us start at the way it is constructed. It may only have a 1.6 by 1.31 metre footprint but it sure is sturdy and reliable enough to accommodate even a 130 kilogram individual. This combination of substantially large footprint and heavy weight gives the X22 a reliably stable base.

Compact, great features & value for money

The flywheel is something that is somewhat of a standard, being only 7 kilograms in weight. Yet, for its price range, I find the use of a full magnetic resistance flywheel to be quite a surprise since you’d expect it to come with the cheaper fan wheel type. I just wish the flywheel were a bit larger and heavier, although I guess that would really be asking too much already.

Nevertheless, the extra-large plates on the pedals are a welcome addition. I believe if you’ve got a rather gigantic feet, then this will come in as a pleasant feature to have. At least, you won’t be worrying about your feet not being firmly planted onto the X22’s pedals.

Speaking of the flywheel, it is quite smooth. Unlike other cross trainers in the market, pedalling on the X22 doesn’t produce any of that awkward machine-like noise. It really is silent. Go forward or backward, it doesn’t really matter since it’s more like walking on clouds.

The incline of the pedals is not adjustable so I really cannot change the level of difficulty on my ‘climb’. Not that it’s a big deal since its computer programmes are quite comprehensive.

For its price you may think the X22 will come with some really mediocre computer programmes. The thing is, it’s one of those features that I am really fascinated with the X22. And here’s why.

It comes with thirteen different workout programs that are perfect for those who would rather leave everything to the machine. But for the fitness enthusiast like me, having 4 customisable programmes on top of the 13 are simply tops. That’s not all, the X22 happens to come with 5 programmes that are based on the heart rate. It also features a body fat calculator, something that folks with body image issues will find quite exceptional.

As I have said, the Lifespan X22 may not have all the things you’d want from a premium quality elliptical trainer. However, being that it is well under $1000, then it comes in as a machine that packs a lot.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Lifespan X22 Elliptical Trainer

Fully customisable training programs

Even some middle-of-the-pack elliptical trainers only come with less than 10 programme presets on their machines. The X22 bests all of that by including a whopping 13 pre-programmed workouts plus the opportunity to create your very own 4 custom settings. Honestly, this is one of the best features of the Lifespan X22, highlighting the company’s understanding of the uniqueness of each individual who is ever going to lay their feet on the pedals of the X22.

It also features 5 heart rate control programmes designed for those who are more conscious about their cardiovascular performance than their physical development. Pulse sensors are duly integrated into the X22-s handlebars, eliminating the need for a separate set of chest straps. Although I honestly think a chest strap would have made a whole lot of difference as it ensures greater accuracy in heart rate readings.

The X22 also comes with a Recover Mode for allowing us to ‘cool down’ after our workout. I think this is a useful feature since we all have the tendency to forget the importance of cooling down just as some of us forget that warming up is also important.

While the X22 doesn’t come with a modifiable incline, you can easily change the level of resistance with a tough of a button. The onboard computer works synergistically with its magnetic flywheel system that provides variable automatic resistance. There’s no need to second-guess the levels of resistance you need to dial in every time. I find programming the X22 to suit my needs to be pleasantly easy.

The console is quite inviting, too. True, it doesn’t come with a lot of fancy buttons and controls like the ones we see in treadmills and other exercise machines, but the X22 can more than hold up its own. The large LCD display presents all the info I need at just the right angle to my line of vision.

Ample stride length

The Lifespan X22 comes with a 36-centimetre stride length. Unfortunately, you can’t expect the stride length to be adjusted further. However, I find it quite optimal for my size.

Heavy duty magnetic flywheel

As you may already know, the heavier the flywheel the better is the elliptical trainer especially in terms of giving you smoother, almost-effortless operation. When combined with magnetic resistance system you can expect the operation to be somewhat whisper-quiet. This is something that is very evident in the X22.

The machine comes with 16 different levels of resistance or tension. Even if the X22 doesn’t come with adjustable incline, the modifiability of its tension levels makes it an exceptionally wonderful machine.

Stable, durable, and sturdy construction

 The Lifespan X22’s footprint only measures 131 centimetres by 160 centimetres making it quite a compact package. However, don’t let this compact design fool you since it can easily handle any individual who weighs less than 130 kilograms. Its tubular steel frame feels absolutely sturdy.

Pros and Cons

  • 7-kilogram heavy duty flywheel for smoother operation
  • 16-level fully automatic variable magnetic resistance for effortless customisation of workouts
  • 13 plus 4 plus 5 preset workout programmes, customisable workouts, and heart rate control modes, respectively
  • Additional Watts, Recover Mode, and body fat calculator modes
  • Built-in contact sensors for cardio modes
  • Sufficiently sturdy construction with durable and compact design
  • Stable platform with roller wheels
  • Slightly short stride length at 36 centimetres
  • Tubular steel frame, not really made of high carbon premium steel
  • Slightly mediocre user weight capacity at 130 kilograms
  • No adjustable incline


The Lifespan X22 promises to deliver a workout that is as good as any high-end cross trainers. The point is that for its price it does have some features you don’t normally get from its class. The X22 is quite sufficient for those who would like to embark on a fitness journey without negatively affecting their joints.


Here are some of the testimonials that I could find online from those who purchased Lifespan X22 Cross Trainer:

I purchased on of these from lifespan and I love it. I’m a big guy and I get a sweat up and do between 30 and 60 mins a day its not the easiest to put together but once finished its worth the wait. I love it and so do my two daughters


There was a lot of pieces to put together (took about 3 hours) but it’s a great machine. Super quiet and comfortable and lots of options though the calorie counter is very inaccurate but that’s not what I bought this machine for. It’s sturdy, sold and does as it should so I’m very happy with it. Toll forgot to ship it so it was late but LifeSpan delivered as promised a great piece of exercise equipment that will get used for years to come. I’m very happy with my purchase and the service from LifeSpan. I would definitely recommend this elliptical and LifeSpan to anyone looking for fitness at home.

Sepi Nolan