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Muscle Percussion Massager Gun Review

When it comes to portable percussion massagers, I can say with absolute confidence that the Muscle Massager Gun has more features than meet the eye. I have seen and used a lot of these products on the market. Many of them look impressive, only to fail when it comes to delivering the goods. The Muscle Massager blew me away.

Here’s my review of this awesome product.

Overview of the Muscle Massager Gun

The Muscle Massager Gun is one of the newest percussion massagers ever to hit the Australian market. It comes with a sleek and ultra-modern design that integrates a few neat digital features.

This percussion massager features a small and powerful brushless, high-torque motor. It can produce an awesome 3200 oscillations or vibrations per minute. And while it is powerful, the motor has a surprising whisper-quiet operation. This gadget will only produce an almost-imperceptible 35-decibel noise.

This percussion massager comes with 20 different speed settings from as low as 1,200 vibrations per minute to as high as 3,200 vibrations per minute. It features a very simple and very easy to use digital display. It is easy to read, owing to its high contrast screen. The button layout is simple and uncluttered.

The package already comes with 4 massager heads. This is enough to relax tired and aching muscles as well as joints and trigger points. The head attachment mechanism is also very straightforward. It draws its power from an advanced lithium polymer battery. This provides the gadget a surprising battery life of between 4 and 9 hours.

The only lament about the Muscle Massager Gun is that you cannot adjust the angle of its massager head unit. Nevertheless, the device compensates for this by giving you an extra-long and ergonomic handle. It allows for reaching that area in your back.

Its Extreme Quiet Operation is a Bonus!

For these features, you can expect to pay several hundreds of dollars. However, the Muscle Massager Gun has one of the friendliest price tags on the market. This provides it an exceptional value to those who want a remarkable percussion massager without breaking their bank.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Muscle Massager Gun

20 Adjustable Speed Settings

This is a feature that may not be awesome to most people. However, one should be able to appreciate the implications of having 20 different speed settings. It allows for better fine-tuning of the device to meet your very specific needs.

If you only need a very light massage, you can touch the “+” or “-“ sign to set the device to speed level 1. This sets the Muscle Massager to produce 1200 vibrations per minute. This is equivalent to about 20 vibrations or oscillations per minute. I did try to find out the amplitude of each vibration. However, I cannot find any.

Regardless, what I can assure you is that the 20 oscillations per second performance of the Muscle Massager is more than enough to help you feel more relaxed afterwards. Crank the speed up anywhere from level 5 to 8 and you are already in the zone of rehabilitation training.

This is perfect for folks who are resting after a very strenuous workout. It allows them to repair their damaged muscles by delivering the right levels of vibrations for stimulating muscle tissue repair.

Increase the speed between levels 9 and 12 and you will awaken your muscles. Speed levels 13 to 16 is for the relaxation of the muscle fascia. For athletes, bodybuilders, those who require more intense massaging action, they can set the speed to anywhere between level 17 and level 20. This gives you a maximum of about 53 to 54 oscillations or vibrations per second.

In case you are wondering how it fares in comparison with other percussion massagers, the maximum oscillations per second of the Theragun G2PRO is only 40. The Muscle Massager has a maximum of 53 per second.

4 Replacement Massager Heads

The Muscle Massager also comes with 4 replaceable massager heads. I think this is already a standard. Most of the percussion massagers I have encountered on the market already come with a 4-piece massager head kit. It is not a surprise that the Muscle Massager percussion massager will also have the same kit in its package.

The large Round head is ideal for working large groups of muscles. I find it very useful in massaging the lower back, the hamstring, and the glutes. If you need pain relief for your joints or certain points in the body, then you can use the Bullet head attachment.

The Flat massager head is great for any part of the body. Its flat surface can deliver simultaneous vibrations over a wider surface area. If it is stiff neck or aching back that you are complaining about, then there is the Fork head. You can think of it as a pair of Bullet heads.

Replacing the different massager heads is also easy. One quick snap and the unit secures into place. I have found some percussion massagers that have very complicated massager head replacement mechanisms.

Powerful and Quiet Operation

I have to say that this is the best thing about the Muscle Massager percussion massager. I have read percussion massager reviews Australia and they all point to this particular feature. It remains one of the device’s most important attributes.

The Muscle Massager Gun comes with a 12/24-Volt DC motor. It has a high-torque engineering. It is powerful enough to deliver up to 3200 massaging actions per minute. You would not believe how much power can come from a very compact device. This is what makes the Muscle Massager Gun so fascinating.

The DC motor comes with a brushless design. This provides it with an almost-whisper quiet operation. The company says that its product only produces 35 decibels of noise. If you are wondering how “quiet” this is, normal human conversation has a noise level of about 60 decibels.

The average noise in our homes is about 40 decibels. The sound of a whisper, soft music, or the rustling of the leaves is only 30 decibels. At 35 decibels, the noise level of the Muscle Massager Gun is a lot closer to being whisper-quiet.

Why is it necessary to point this out? Well, if you look at the portable design of the gadget, you would want to bring it with you anywhere. Unfortunately, using a percussion massager in public can annoy other people.

You will not get that condescending glance from a seatmate or an officemate if you use the Muscle Massager Gun. This is because they will never know you are using it.

The same is true if you are going to use it at home. Your partner can snore all he wants. You will never disturb him in his sleep. I have also tried using it while listening to music and watching my favourite TV program. The noise is imperceptible.

Long Battery Life

Most of the portable percussion massagers I have used come with lithium ion batteries. They should last at least a couple of hours of continuous use. Unfortunately, all I can get is a mediocre 60 to 90 minutes’ worth of massaging action.

On paper, the Muscle Massager Gun’s battery looks impressive. It can last about 4 to 9 hours, depending on the speed setting that you use. This is understandable. The low speed settings will not require that much power. You can extend the battery life to about 8 to 9 hours. And if you are going for the levels 17 to 20, then 4 hours of use are still impressive.

I think the reason for this is that the Muscle Massager percussion massager utilises lithium polymer instead of lithium ion. It has a higher power density compared to lithium ion batteries.

This also helps explain why this percussion massager can keep on operating a lot longer than lithium ion-powered percussion massagers. Keep in mind that it only has a 2400 mAh lithium polymer battery. Other products come with 3000+ mAh of lithium ion.

Compact, Intuitive, and Ergonomic Design

The Muscle Massager Gun comes with a minimalist and compact design. The handle does not feel slippery. It has a good textured surface that also feels wonderful in the hands. This is remarkable given that the gadget is only made of ABS plastic material.

The handle comes with an integrated LED indicator strip near the base. It gives you an idea of the level of charge of the device.

The Muscle Massager Gun also comes with a neat digital display. The digital information comes in an eye-friendly blue light. The screen displays two very basic information: speed and battery level. There are also three soft-touch digital buttons at the bottom of the screen. There’s the “+” and “-“ symbols on the side and the power button in the centre.

Pro and Cons

  • Compact and portable design and professional-grade, durable construction
  • Powerful and ultra-quiet motor with 20 speed settings for multiple user applications
  • Easy-to-read display and very intuitive user controls
  • 4 massager head attachments and Intuitive user interface
  • Massager head angle not adjustable

Should You Buy It?

The Muscle Massager Gun percussion massager is one of the best I have ever seen. It has a very sleek and compact profile for increased portability. Its biggest pluses are its 20-speed settings, powerful motor, and whisper-quiet operation. The best part of it is that it will not cost you more than a few hundred dollars.