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Portzon Adjustable Deluxe Dumbbell Weight Review

Every now and then, there are gym and fitness equipment that catch your attention. It is either they offer a unique feature over the competition or they have a friendly price. In some instances, it can be both.

This is what the Portzon Unisex Adult Adjustable Deluxe Dumbbell offers. It is a good buy if you are new to the world of fitness or strength training. Find out if this is the one for you or if you deserve a much better adjustable dumbbell.

Overview of the Portzon Unisex Adult Adjustable Deluxe Weight

The Portzon Unisex Adult Adjustable Deluxe Weight is a good-quality free weights designed for beginners. It has a 20-kilogramme maximum weight setting and a minimum of 3. It is on par with conventional free weights; although it pales in comparison with other adjustable dumbbells on the market.

This gadget does not come with the usual dial to adjust its weight. Instead, it features a handlebar that serves as the adjustment mechanism. A small display window at the top of the inner plates provides information on the current weight setting.

Uniquely designed dumbbell

The gym equipment features a sturdy construction and a sensible design. It follows the traditional design of a barbell and not the typical styling of adjustable dumbbells. The handlebar provides good grip for better stability during lifting.

While the Portzon may look very affordable at first, its price is only for a single dumbbell. Other systems come as a pair. This puts the Portzon at the same price range as the PowerTrain. Meanwhile, the Lifespan Fitness Cortex remains the most affordable as a pair.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Portzon Deluxe Adjustable Dumbbells

Modest Weight Range

I always believe in the notion that the eyes can play tricks on the beholder. This is what the Portzon does. On the outside, it looks like a very tough exercise gadget that can replace 16 ordinary dumbbells. And with a price tag that is less than what a Bowflex system can cost you, the Portzon is indeed a remarkable device.

Despite its awesome good looks, the Portzon is not for the avid bodybuilder or the strength training fanatic. First, this gadget has a modest weight range that maxes out at only 20 kilogrammes.

The Lifespan Fitness Cortex, for instance, tops the charts at 40 kilogrammes. We are talking about a single dumbbell here. The Bowflex, on the other hand, comes in at a max weight of 23.8 kilogrammes per dumbbell.

Second, it only comes as a single dumbbell. Other systems always come as a pair so you will have a dumbbell in each hand. I am beginning to wonder whether the gadget’s affordability is meant to confuse buyers or not.

If you buy two Portzons, you would be better off buying either the Lifespan Cortex or the PowerTrain. You get a pair of adjustable dumbbells for a price that is about the same as two units of Portzons.

Nevertheless, the weight range of the Portzon Deluxe still merits attention. It is still beneficial for beginners and those who prefer to work with “lighter” free weights.

Simple Adjustment Mechanism

While I was disappointed with the maximum weight of the Portzon, it did surprise me with its weight adjustment system. I have to say this is one of the most intuitive designs I’ve ever encountered.

Unlike other systems with a twist-and-lift mechanism, the Portzon Deluxe Adjustable Dumbbell does not have any dial or knob. Instead, the handle itself serves as the adjustment mechanism of the gadget. A simple twist of the handle changes the weight of the dumbbell from a low 3 kilogrammes to as high as 20 kilogrammes.

Since there are no knobs, it would be quite difficult to determine if you are already in the correct weight setting. Portzon addressed this, too. The Portzon Adjustable Dumbbell features a window at the base of the weight plates.

This displays the current weight of the dumbbell. The handle locks into place as soon as you select the weight. This improves the safety of the dumbbell.

Good Construction

I cannot say whether the Portzon has an excellent construction or not. What I can say is that the build quality is good enough for its price. The weight plates come with a matte finish. I can only guess that underneath this layer of finishing is solid steel. The handle also comes in steel. Portzon added nylon to provide for a more secure grip.

As for the cradle, it feels sturdy enough. This is despite the fact that it is made of lightweight plastic materials. There is one issue, though. I find the length of the handle to be a bit short.

Given the radius of the inner weight plates, it would be impossible to execute certain exercises without your arm hitting the outer edges of the weight plates. Regardless, the Portzon still qualifies as a sturdy adjustable dumbbell. The handle feels grippy, too.

Sensible Design

The Portzon Deluxe’s design is very straightforward. If you look at it, the dumbbell looks like a contracted version of a barbell. Only the handle is short. The weight plates take on the symmetrical design of barbell weights. It is unlike the other adjustable dumbbells on the market that follow a rounded shape.

At very least, the design is unique in itself. You will never be accused of using a Bowflex or any other dumbbell that has rounded weight plates.

Pro and Cons

  • Modest weight range for beginners
  • Easy to select the preferred weight of the dumbbell
  • Good weight range for increased exercise versatility
  • Sturdy handle and base
  • Weight selection windows eliminate guesswork of current weight setting
  • Very affordable
  • Only comes as a single-piece adjustable dumbbell
  • Maximum weight not enough for advanced users and seasoned bodybuilders
  • Width of the handle may not be ideal for people with extra-large hands

Should You Buy It?

The Portzon Deluxe Adjustable Dumbbell has its own pluses and minuses. However, because of its modest maximum weight, this is a gadget that is best for beginners. You can still get it if you want. Do keep in mind that its price tag is for a single dumbbell and not as a pair.