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Powertrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

4.6out of 5


There are people who have been training for many years that they now need heavier free weights. Many of the adjustable dumbbells on the market have a maximum weight rating of about 20 kilogrammes per dumbbell.

Such gym equipment is not enough for these guys. This is where the PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set can be very handy. It has one of the heaviest weight ranges among adjustable handheld weights in Australia.

Overview of the PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set

What sets the PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set from other gym equipment with the same design is its maximum weight. Whereas others can only provide a maximum of 20 kilogrammes, the PowerTrain offers 40 kilogrammes per dumbbell.

This translates to a combined weight of 80 kilogrammes since PowerTrain comes as a set of two. The minimum weight of each dumbbell is 4.5 kilogrammes. This is more than twice the minimum weight of other systems. Some users may find it to be too heavy for comfort. For others, however, it feels right.

Heavy weight dumbbells for power trainers

The cradle upon which the PowerTrain rests features a sturdy plastic construction. It comes with an arched bottom to help minimise scraping against the floor. It has a solid design and will never wobble on its own. The weight plates are all constructed of high-grade steel. Adjusting the weight of the PowerTrain is also easy. It integrates a twist-and-lift mechanism that simplifies the process of weight adjustment.

The handle of the PowerTrain dumbbell measures 10 centimetres long. People with hands that are wider than 10 centimetres may have problems holding the dumbbell. For those who have smaller hands, the handle feels solid. It comes with a textured grip that helps stabilise it in the hand. The rubberised grip is a welcome addition, although it does not occupy the entire length of the handle.

The PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set replaces 17 pairs of conventional free weights. It does not take up too much space. You can place other things in the space that you’ve saved. However, the fitness equipment is still larger than either the Bowflex or the PowerBlock.

This adjustable dumbbell set from PowerTrain offers the kind of weight that power trainers need. It has a reliable construction and a friendly price to go with it. It does not come with a dedicated fitness app, however.

A Closer Look at the Features of the PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbells

Wide Range of Weight

As I said in the beginning of this review, the PowerTrain is one of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells on the market. It maxes out at 40 kilogrammes per dumbbell. If you lift both dumbbells, that is equivalent to 80 kilogrammes. It is like lifting a barbell.

The implications of this feature are immense. It is perfect for individuals who find a 20-kilogramme weight to be insufficient for advanced and professional trainers.

I have been training for many years myself. I can say that the maximum weight of the PowerTrain is its biggest asset. My my muscles contract to their fullest when I dial in the PowerTrain to its max setting.

The minimum weight of the PowerTrain is 4.5 kilogrammes. Most of the adjustable free weights in gyms come with a minimum weight setting of about 2 kilogrammes. This gives the PowerTrain more than twice the weight advantage. On the other hand, beginners may find it difficult to lift the dumbbell.

Twist-and-Lift Adjustment Mechanism

The PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell follows the design principle of the Bowflex when it comes to adjusting its weight. One only needs to turn the knob at both ends of the dumbbell to the desired weight. Once locked into position, it is all a matter of lifting the dumbbell from its cradle.

I think this is a lot more convenient than the adjustment mechanism in the PowerBlock Elite. A locking mechanism secures the different weight plates as you lift them out of their cradle. This also helps ensure that the weight plates will not be wobbling in their place. It also secures the dialled-in weight setting.

Sturdy Construction

The weight plates and handle of the PowerTrain come with solid steel construction. I am not sure if the handle comes with stainless steel or it is solid steel and plated with chrome. However, it does provide a reliable grip. My only lament is that the width of the rubber grip is not wide enough. Some folks may have issues holding the dumbbell properly.

The space between the two opposing weight plates is also a bit small. At only 10 centimetres, it is not wide enough to accommodate all sizes of hands. People with extra-large hands may not be able to hold and grip the handles very well.

Small and Compact Design

Without the weight plates, the PowerTrain looks small. It becomes a chunky piece of fitness equipment when you put it in its cradle. The PowerTrain is still a compact adjustable dumbbell, nevertheless.

The PowerTrain is bigger than both the Bowflex SelectTech 552 and the PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells. It measures 45 centimetres long and about 22 centimetres wide. When set in its cradle, the PowerTrain is about 25 centimetres high.

I think the length of the PowerTrain is still acceptable. After all, this adjustable dumbbell set aims to replace 17 pairs of your standard dumbbells. You can use the floor space that you save for other useful purposes.

Pro and Cons

  • Exceptional maximum weight limit at 40 kilogrammes per dumbbell
  • Very easy to adjust the weight with a simple turn of the dial
  • Saves space; can replace 17 standard dumbbells
  • Solid and reliable construction with sturdy cradle
  • Good price for its features
  • Minimum weight of 4.5 kilogrammes may be too heavy for some beginners
  • 10-centimetre long handle may not be large enough for people with big hands

Should You Buy It?

The PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell Set is perfect for people who want heavier weights to strength train with. It is very easy to use and comes with a compact design that saves you a lot of space. It has a good price, too.