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ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle Review

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle is a stylish bike that delivers all the things that you will ever need and want from an in-home exercise bike. This well-equipped bike challenges novices and intermediate riders alike through fun and sweaty cardio sessions without leaving the comforts of home.

If you’re looking for a bike that can test your limits, the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 will push your boundaries and a whole lot more. In this article, I deliver a comprehensive ProForm Smart Power 10.0 product review.

I hope that after this review, you can make a wise decision of adding this equipment to your home gym.


Overview of the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle Bike

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle is a mid-range studio bike that promises to deliver the most bang for your buck. Its durable frame contains a long list of features, some of which can only be found in high-end bikes. The built-in software alone will allow you to experience interactive bike rides and workouts while accurately tracking your workout progress.

The stylish build, sturdy engineering, and the latest workout tech features have made the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 a popular pick among sensible customers who need an in-home bike for cross-training.

Additional features that will convince you of its prowess are listed down below. Apart from the pros, I also listed down a few potential drawbacks when choosing this exercise bike. Lastly, I will give you a sound recommendation on whether the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 is truly worth the investment.

A Closer Look at the Features of the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle Bike

Below are some of the unique features of ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle Bike that may help you with your decision whether or not to add this smart exercise bike into your home.

Professional Personal Training at Home

The built-in software from iFit delivers an engaging workout experience. Through its streaming workout programs hosted by expert personal trainers, you will never get bored while sweating it out at home.

The exercise programs are themed and powered by Google Street View hence you are simulated to bike at challenging real-life cycling routes all around the world. And no need to control the bike resistance as the program makes the automatic adjustment so you can focus on pedaling your way to fitness.

Another useful feature of Smart Power 10.0 is that it can keep track of your workouts and synchronize it on your smartphone, too.

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle comes with a free 1-year membership to iFit so you can enjoy a long list of immersive bike workouts on demand. You may take advantage of LiveCast classes that are updated daily which can surely increase your motivation to push yourself to work harder even when at home.

Perfect Fit Adjustment

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 was built with ergonomic adjustability in mind. ProForm engineers recognize the fact that consumers come in a wide range of weight, height, shapes, and sizes, hence this bike was built to facilitate a wide range of riders.

This bike model from ProForm was made to easily adjust to most user heights. It features both horizontal and vertical adjustment. The seat can be moved up, down, forward, and backward in just seconds. The handlebars can be raised or lowered based on the reach of your arms or according to your desired riding posture.

The adjustment controls are in crank-style operation, so you can easily free up the seat and handlebar stack with few half-turn clicks, making it one of the easiest to operate bikes on the market today.

The handlebars were ergonomically designed with comfort in mind. Its non-slip quality reduces rider fatigue, especially during long cycling sessions.

The bike is also outfitted with optional toe cages, so you can remove or install it whenever desired. You can swap to SPD clips or other preferred pedals for better biking experience. The seat is true to road bike form as it is compact and slender. If you find the seat uncomfortable, you can swap it with a cushy seat of your preference.

Additional Hand Weights for a Full Body Workout

This ProForm Smart Power 10.0 Cycle is more than just a bike. It gives you a sweaty cardio sesh by powering your legs, and with its pair of 3-pound hand weights, you can now start toning your upper body, too!

When not in use, simply place the hand weights into its dedicated holder.

With LiveCast classes you can follow your trainer through different routines for a full-body workout. The exercise programs can be executed while on the bike and there are off-bike classes as well.

Interactive Screen Enhancing your Biking Experience

The interactive features of the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 mean that you are getting a challenging and fun cycling experience on and off the bike. With its SmartSwivel design, you can pivot the 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen up to a 180-degree angle in either direction. You may also tilt it up or down, which allows you to follow all routines from different angles.

In combination with your iFit membership, you can easily track your fitness program and vital statistics on the screen. This dynamic fitness software keeps track of all workouts on a calendar, so you can assess your progress as well as record important statistics.

Stats including calories burned, distance, time, heart rate, elevation, and average watts just to name a few. These details may also be accessed on any mobile device via the iFit app.

The ProForm Smart Power 10 also features an audio port that allows you to play music from any of your gadgets. The bike is outfitted with dual 2-inch speakers, so you can push to your favorite tunes during your workouts.

Wide Range of Riding Resistance

With 22 digital levels of resistance, you can take complete control of your riding experience at home. If you are a beginner, you can start with less resistance and progress to higher resistance as your progress with your training. The Silent Magnetic Resistance or SMR is a patented feature that allows users to adjust the intensity of training without workout interruption.

The ProForm Smart Power 10.0 guarantees a smooth ride with its inertia-enhance flywheel which makes use of momentum. The flywheels are ready to perform as intense as you do with every workout. It has a faster gear ration and excellent weight placement, both of which deliver a more natural striding experience each time you bike.

Pro and Cons

  • Solid steel construction that is built to last
  • Designed for easy moving
  • 10-inch Smart HD Touchscreen Console with all the bells and whistles
  • Reach your fitness goals with iFit Interactive Personal Training
  • iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled Workouts
  • Limited 1-year Free iFit subscription


To summarise, the ProForm Smart Power 10.0 is indeed a thoughtful purchase for avid riders who want to take their riding experience indoors. It is a reasonably-priced bike for those who want to use it for cross-training purposes.

The major selling points are its easy adjustability, immersive workouts, and free 1-year iFit membership. The 10-inch touchscreen and the dual 2-inch speakers are great features that allow users to exercise based on both mood and intensity.

It is a worthy investment if you aren’t too keen on some of its minor drawbacks. It’s an excellent studio bike that will enhance your fitness in a variety of ways via its interactive on-demand, LiveCast and iFit Coach Live classes, too.

Although there are other indoor exercise bikes with more high-tech features, the ProForm Smart Move 10.0 meets most of the needs of novice and intermediate riders.