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Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager Review

After coming from an intense workout, you will often feel very sore. From aching muscles to immovable joints, these can make you feel like giving up. This is where a portable percussion massager can be very helpful.

Different brands have different ideas about what “portable” means. Shogun Sports, for instance, defines it as something lightweight and compact yet powerful enough to deliver the solution to your problems. Join me as we check out Shogun Sports’ Ninja Percussion Massager.

Overview of the Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager

The Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager is a compact gadget that can help sooth sore muscles in a jiffy. It is a great tool for relieving muscle pain while also facilitating better range of motion of the joints.

It is lightweight and has a compact size that makes it ideal for use anywhere, anytime.

The Ninja is capable of delivering vibrations from as slow as 500 strokes per minute to as fast as 2,500 strokes per minute. There is a speed level adjustment knob on the handle of the Ninja.

Incidentally, the handle can be quite large for individuals with small hands. Nevertheless, it still feels solid and secure to hold.

Shogun Sports includes 4 massager attachment points into its percussion massager. One can also change the angle of the massager arm, allowing for the massaging of different parts of the body. The motor is quiet but delivers enough power to relieve muscle pain.

The ninja also comes with a replaceable battery.

The Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager is a great tool to have for on-the-go muscle relaxation. It would not surprise me if you decide to get one for yourself, too. Before you do, let’s check out the features.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager

True Portable Design

We often have varying definitions of the word “portable”. For some, as long as they can bring the device anywhere with them, then that gadget is already portable. For me, I like to define portability as a combination of small size and lightweight characteristics. T

he Shogun Sports Ninja Percussion Massager ticks both requirements.

This device is smaller than most of the percussion massagers I have tried before. It fits right in my hand. Feels comfortable, too. My only complaint is that the handle is a bit large, or should I say, bulky.

If a person with small hands is going to use this, I doubt is she will be able to hold it with a secure grip. Regardless, the small size of the Ninja means I can put it in my bag anywhere I go. It also only weighs less than 2 kilogrammes, so it will not put that much weight on my bag.

Easy Operation with Adjustable Speed Settings

One of the things I do not like about some percussion massagers is the design of their trigger. You have to squeeze and hold the trigger to make sure the device keeps on delivering the percussion.

It can be very tiring keeping the trigger depressed. There is also the risk of not getting a constant vibration because of fluctuations in pressure on the trigger.

The Ninja already comes with a dedicated on/off button. Press the button and the device turns on. You can then focus on massaging those points in the body that need massaging. Once you are done, press the button again to turn it off. It is a very simple solution that also guarantees more constant pressure on your muscles.

You can also adjust the number of percussions per minute in this percussion massager. It maxes out at 2,500 strokes per minute. The lowest limit is 500 strokes per minute. At least, you can always fine-tune the vibrations to suit your needs.

Quiet Operation

This may not be a big deal for some folks, but I know many who do. Since the device is a portable massager, you would want to bring it anywhere. It is a gadget that is not only ideal for post-workout massage.

It can be a great tool for soothing tired muscles after walking several miles in one of your holiday trips. Massage yourself in the car, the taxi, the airplane, or anywhere else.

This is where the Ninja’s quiet motor will be very handy. You will never disturb your fellow passengers’ sleeping. You will also not bother your officemates in their work.

You can sooth your muscles without ever annoying anybody else. The Ninja percussion massager’s quiet operation makes this possible.

Adjustable Massager Arm with 4 Attachments

One major drawback of a small and compact percussion massager design is that there may be areas that you will not reach yourself. For example, the centre of the back can be quite difficult to reach unless you are one of the lucky individuals who is very flexible.

The Ninja tries to address these issues by incorporating an adjustable massager arm. You can position the massager arm at 0, 45, and 90 degrees. For some people, this may not be enough. For the rest of us, however, the angle adjustments already allow massaging hard-to-reach areas.

This Shogun Sports percussion massager also comes with 4 massage heads or attachments. There’s a large ball for targeting large muscle groups and a small ball for general use. There is a cone attachment for activating trigger points.

I love the flat massager attachment, though. It allows me to warm up large muscle groups before hitting the gym floor.

Pro and Cons

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  • Small, compact, and lightweight design; perfect as a travel buddy
  • Built solid; will last many years
  • Improves range of motion and relieves pain
  • Maximum speed of 2,500 strokes per minute is perfect for sore muscles
  • 6 adjustable speed settings allow for greater versatility
  • Does not require holding onto the trigger
  • Quitter operation than other percussion massagers
  • Replaceable 2,000 mAh battery



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  • The small size may not allow for self-massaging certain parts of the body
  • Handle is a bit large; people with small hands may not grip it properly



Should You Buy It?

Different folks define “portable” in different ways. Shogun Sports designed its Ninja massage gun available in Australia to be a good combination of compact size and lightweight characteristic. It is a massager that you can bring anywhere and not only to the gym.