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RxGun V2 Percussion Massager Review

In my on-going search for the best percussion massagers Australia, I came across a neat-looking gadget that looks more like the Theragun G2PRO but works just like the HyperIce Hypervolt percussion massager. It is even priced a lot friendlier than the Hypervolt, making it a worthy option for those who require an everyday massager.

Let me share with you the overview of the RxGun V2 Percussion Massager so you will have a much better idea on whether to pick this baby or the others in the market.

Overview of the RxGun V2 Percussion Massager

The RxGun V2 Percussion Massager is being positioned as mid-level professional-grade percussion massager designed to soothe and bring relief to tired and sore muscles. It boasts of a simple gun-type design that comes with a modestly-powered motor to deliver 2,500 oscillations per minute. On that note, it should be understood that this is not essentially a true-blue percussion massager, but rather a vibration type of massage platform.

One thing you’ll notice about the RxGun V2 is that its motor produces a very loud noise. When set to its maximum speed setting of 2,500 OPM, it is even louder than the Theragun G2PRO at 113 decibels. By comparison, the G2PRO maxes out at 107 dB.

Of course, if this bothers you, then you can whittle the speed down to its lowest setting. Still, it is a very loud 104 decibel that will be ringing your ears. Besides, putting it in the lowest speed setting is like negating its so-called massaging action. Why? Well, its highest speed setting is slightly lower in terms of force to the 2nd level speed setting of the HyperIce Hypervolt.

Compact and Lightweight, Professional-Grade

Still, this is not to say that the RxGun V2 doesn’t have any wonderful features. It looks like the Theragun G2PRO and functions like the HyperIce Hypervolt percussion massagers. It comes with a gun-type design, making it ideal for those who prefer such a style. It’s lightweight and compact, too. Sadly, you cannot adjust the angle of the massager head attachments.

The percussion movements are, in reality, vibrations. This makes it akin to the Hypervolt system. However, I would like to point out that despite similarities in their massage mechanism, the Hypervolt is better than the RxGun V2. Thankfully, it has a lower price point which makes it appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

A Closer Look at the Features of the RxGun V2 Percussion Massager

Good Massaging Action

The V2 comes in with a modestly-powered motor to deliver its superb massaging action. I’ve been trying to find out more about the motor that is powering the RxGun V2, but I couldn’t find any information about it.

What I can promise you is that the massaging action on the V2 feels more like vibrations rather than the pounding or true percussion movements we see from the likes of the Theragun G2PRO.

In this regard, I believe it is a lot similar to the vibration movements of the HyperIce Hypervolt. That being said, I find its 2,500 oscillations per minute to be lower at 41 to 42 oscillations per second. The Hypervolt comes in at 53 to 54 oscillations per second.

Nevertheless, it still is a good device for soothing sore and tired muscles, but don’t expect it to give you the same performance as the G2PRO. This should be perfect for folks who prefer a vibratory effect from their machines rather than a pounding or tapping effect.

Professional-Grade Construction

The RxGun is designed to be compact and lightweight professional-grade percussion massager. It is commonly used by professionals in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics. It’s made of heavy-duty 6061 and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminium and completed with hard-anodised coating which further improves its durability.

The massager head attachments or tips are also made of anodised aluminium giving it a more robust yet lightweight design. Personally, I love the styling a lot better than the G2PRO as it feels a lot more comfortable on the hands. But that’s me.

Trigger-activated 3-Level Speed Adjustment

This percussion massager also comes with variable speed settings allowing you to easily adjust the speed of the percussion vibration action up to 2,500 oscillations per minute. Cycling through the 3 speed settings is rather easy as it is trigger-activated.

When compared to the Hypervolt, however, I find its maximum speed setting at 2500 oscillations per minute to be roughly equivalent to the 2nd level speed setting of the Hypervolt.

This should give you an idea of the massaging power of the V2. It’s not much, but at least it’s giving you the chance to vary its speed. This is unlike the G2PO that comes with a single speed setting.

Interchangeable Massager Head Attachments

The RxGun V2 already comes complete with 5 interchangeable massager head attachments including a ball tip for optimum comfort and general soothing of tired muscles. The dome-shaped tip is perfect for percussing over sore muscles while the fork leg tip allows for more precise unknotting of muscle tissues at two adjacent points.

It also comes with a flat tip which I find convenient for warming up the muscles just before hitting the gym. Of course, the V2 also comes with a cone tip for stimulating certain trigger points. At the very least there’s no need to worry about buying tips or attachments anymore.

Plus, these are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium.

18-volt Rechargeable Battery

The RxGun V2 comes with an 18-volt rechargeable battery which I find a bit confusing. It’s rechargeable, but it’s not made of Lithium Ion but rather Nickel Cadmium. This exposes it to more pronounced battery memory effects. On paper, the V2 should last about 90 minutes when operated at full speed. The one I used had a much shorter battery life at less than an hour.

Pro and Cons

  • Modestly-powerful massaging action that delivers 2,500 vibrations per minute for optimum muscle relaxation
  • Fully adjustable speed settings that are activated via a trigger mechanism
  • Lightweight and robust construction made of aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Comes with its own carrying case
  • Friendly price
  • Not for deep muscle tissue activation
  • 18-volt battery is made of NiCd not Li-Ion
  • 104- to 113- decibel noise level; even noisier than the G2PRO

Should You Buy It?

The RxGun V2 promises to be a more practical alternative with a lower price to the Theragun G2PRO and the HyperIce Hypervolt. Unfortunately, that’s just about the only advantage it provides. It does make for a good massager for those with simple muscle aches or soreness, but not for deeper muscle tissue problems.