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Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

4.7out of 5


More and more people are now into weight training. Today people work out not just to become sexier but also to gain strength. One way to develop strength and skeletal muscle size is by lifting weights. This can be done in the form of weight stacks, dumbbells, and weighted bars.

Many people prefer dumbbells as they are more compact and easy to use and store. The Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells are a great option if you are looking for handy and adjustable handheld weights to train with. So, let’s see what these dumbbells have to offer.

Overview of Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells

Vulcan has been known to manufacture fitness equipment that can be used for both home and commercial gyms. The Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells are great home fitness equipment for those who do not have the time to visit a gym.

These adjustable dumbbells come in pairs and are available in two sizes. They are offered in pairs of 20kg and 32kg with a minimum weight of 2kg for both sizes. Since they come in two sizes, it is perfect for those who are just starting to train and those who are looking for a heavier set.

Suitable for both advanced and beginner lifters

Unlike other systems that have a minimum weight of 4kg which can be too heavy for beginners, the 2kg minimum weight for Vulcan adjustable dumbbells are just perfect for most beginners.

They are made from premium machined steel for sturdy and durable dumbbells. They are also ergonomically designed for easier usage. Adjusting the weights is made easy with the simple twist-lock mechanism. The dumbbells are also easy to put back in.

Another great thing about these Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells is that they can be flipped to perform overhead exercises. You don’t need a different set of exercise equipment for your shoulder press and triceps extensions. Unlike other adjustable dumbbells where the workouts you can perform are very limited.

The handles have rough knurling patterns to provide a better grip during the workout. The knurling patterns are comfortable to hold even with different kinds of exercise. The handle is 10cm long, although many adjustable dumbbells have the same size, it may be a bit short for people with big hands. But those with regular-sized hands and even smaller hands can comfortably hold the dumbbell.

The compact design makes it easy to use anywhere and does not require a lot of space. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts with less clutter since you can perform several exercises with these adjustable dumbbells.

Overall construction is well built and durable. The price is just right considering the number of exercises you can do with just a set of dumbbells. No need to purchase other exercise equipment for some workouts, that also means less mess to pick up after every session.

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A Closer Look at the Features of Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells

Let’s take a closer look at these dumbbells to find out what they can offer and if these are the right ones for you.

Available in Two Sizes

As mentioned earlier, the Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells are available in two options. It comes in pairs of 20kg and 32kg. Having two options make it easier for both beginners and experienced ones to choose which one works for them better.

Compared to other brands that are only available in one size. Some people may find the weight range either too light for them or may not be able to maximise if the set is too heavy for them. By giving the users two options, they can pick the right set or pair they need for their workout.

Broad Range of Weight

Both sets can be adjusted in variable weight increments with just a twist of the handle to suit every lifter’s need, whether they are a beginner or professional. The minimum weight is 2kg, which is just the right weight for those who are just starting their weight training.

  • 20kg – 2kg, 4kg, 8kg,16kg, and 20kg
  • 32kg – 2kg, 4kg, 8kg,16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28, and 32kg

The weight increment is also perfect for other exercises that can be performed with the Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells. The gradual weight increment is just right so as not to overwork the muscle.

Simple Twist-lock Mechanism

The twist-lock mechanism is very user-friendly. All it requires is to twist the handle on your desired weight and it will lock the dumbbells in place. You only need to lift it and proceed with your workout.

They are easier to adjust to your preferred weight compared to other adjustable dumbbells. It locks the plates securely and the holder keeps the other plates in place. No need to worry about plates being scattered on the floor or from wobbling and falling from the holder or cradle.

Compact Design

True to its name, these Vulcan adjustable dumbbells have a compact design. The 20kg is 35cm long and the handle is 10cm long with a thickness of 35mm. While the 32kg is 43.4cm long and the handle has the same size as the 20kg.

When you purchase any of the two sets, the holder is included. However, you need to purchase the rack or stand separately. The size of the holder for the 20kg size is 40cm while the 32kg is 48.4cm long. Both have a width of 18cm.

With their size, they are very handy to use almost anywhere. You don’t need a big area to place it and perform your workouts. They are easy to store. The dumbbells can easily fit in a cabinet or you can just place them on a stool. The black and silver colour gives them a clean and sophisticated look.

Well-built Construction

To ensure durability, the Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells are made from high-quality materials. They are made from machined steel for next-level precision. These are well-built and more durable than other adjustable dumbbells.

Rough Knurled Handle

The handles have a rough knurling pattern to avoid the dumbbells from slipping while doing your exercises. The non-slip knurled handle makes it easy to lift the dumbbells without hurting the hands. It provides the right amount of grip even when performing overhead exercises. Users will feel secure while lifting these heavy dumbbells.

Wide Range of Exercises

Because the dumbbells were designed so they can be turned upside down, they can be used to perform overhead exercises. Some of the exercises you can perform with these versatile dumbbells are shoulder press, triceps extensions, skull crushers, dumbbell rows, dumbbell curls, and a lot more.

Fast Delivery

Vulcan has a nice shipping system as orders can be received in such a short span of time. All orders that are in stock can either be dispatched the same day or the next business day which is pretty fast.

Based on my experience, the packages are well-packed and secured to avoid any damage to the equipment. The deliveryman was courteous and helpful to assist me carry the equipment. He also called ahead of time to inform that the packages are on its way. I received 2 boxes (each contained 1 dumbbell).

Pro and Cons of the Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells

Just like any product, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s find out what the pros and cons of these adjustable dumbbells.

  • Comes in pairs and are available in 2 sizes
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced lifters
  • Made from high-quality machined steel
  • Compact design and handy
  • The twist and lock mechanism allows plates adjustment easier
  • Easy to use, very user-friendly
  • Has a wide range of weight
  • The minimum weight is just right, especially for beginners
  • The variable weight increment is gradual, just right that it won’t overwork the muscles
  • Dumbbells can be inverted for overhead exercises
  • Can perform a number of different exercises, which saves you money from buying other equipment
  • Less workout equipment to clear out
  • Has really good grip
  • Space saver and easy to store
  • Fast delivery and items are secured and well-packed
  • Has excellent customer service, very responsive
  • The length of the handle may not accommodate those with lifters with big hands
  • Only comes in one colour

Should You Buy It?

The Vulcan Compact Adjustable Dumbbells is easily one of the best out there. It is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability. It is also ergonomically designed so it’s easy to use. Compared to other adjustable dumbbells they are easier to adjust with just a twist at the handle.

Plus, lifters can easily perform other exercises, even overhead workouts since it was designed to be inverted. Also, this is suitable not only for experienced lifters but also for beginners since the minimum weight capacity is only 2kg.

So, should you buy this? They are definitely worth your money, even if it costs a bit more than a standard adjustable dumbbell.

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