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Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller Review

4.4out of 5


Massages are important in maintaining muscle health and increasing flexibility. But if you’re going to get a massage every day just to prepare for your workout, then prepare to waste a lot of money because massages are not cheap. Besides, it’s absurd to go to a spa every day just to reap the benefits of a foam roller.

It’s a good thing there’s already a vibrating foam roller in the market. You no longer have to endure painful muscles every after workout where the pain drags on even after a day of recovery. Personally, this is one of the best products for fitness-oriented people since weights.

If this is your first-time hearing about vibration rollers, then you’re lucky because here we’re going to discuss how the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller fares compared to others in the market.

Apparently, this product is famous among fitness enthusiasts because of its 4-level vibration intensity. Let’s take a look if it’s as good as what people say.

Overview of the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller

The Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller is said to be the perfect gym accessory if you want to keep muscles loose, increase flexibility, decrease recovery period, and save money on physio visits.

It comes with a 4-setting vibration intensity which ranges from low to high plus an additional setting for pulsation. You can easily choose from these 4 if you want to prepare for a workout or if you want to recover.

The Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller is relatively bigger than your average foam roller. Rather than being 14 inches long, it goes as long as 17 inches. This makes it more convenient for people who plan to use it on the back and on both legs at the same time.

But wait, it’s not heavy. I was wondering about this myself and I could hardly believe that it was just less than 1.7 kilograms! If you’re looking for lightweight and portable, the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller is for you.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller

A vibrating foam roller may be very simple and compact to look at, but it has a lot of features that help give that hand-massage feeling that is beneficial for your muscles. Let’s take a look at the major features of the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller.

Surface Design

I’ve mentioned earlier about the surface design of the Vulken. Since it is made from plastic, it has a hard exterior that is not often very muscle-friendly for beginners. In this case, it’s best to use the low vibration settings to give a milder foam rolling session.

As for the actual surface design, it has shallow ridges in between longitudinal sections of the roller. However, since they are shallow, they don’t necessarily act as grooves that deepen the massages. It has the same design all throughout and there is no flat surface.

Vibration Settings

Like I said earlier, it has 4 vibration settings namely, low, medium, high, and auto. The low setting vibrates at 1200 rpm, the medium at 2000 rpm, and the high setting is at 3800 rpm. On the other hand, the auto setting can range from 1200-3800 rpm and has a pulsating effect.


The full length of the product is 17 inches. It is enough to cover one’s back even if the person has a broad body type. The diameter is 6 inches, so it’s not so bulky and wide. It can even fit properly in a medium-sized gym bag.

Pro and Cons

  • It has 4 vibration settings
  • It is lightweight despite being in the bigger range
  • Absolutely quiet during operation
  • Eco-friendly – uses environmentally friendly material
  • Affordable price point
  • Short battery life – only lasts 2 hours
  • Does not have grooves and ridges on the surface – lacking deep tissue massages
  • It’s tough – made of hard material

The Benefits of the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller

A lot of people claim that a vibrating foam roller has more benefits than a normal roller. I’ve done some research on this and I can say that this is true. A vibrating foam roller does have a lot of benefits. I listed some of the most important for those who are deciding whether or not they should buy one.

1.      Reduced muscle tension

Muscle tension doesn’t happen during post-workout. Your muscles can already be tensed even if you’re just doing a few stretches. A vibrating foam roller can help release that tension.

Muscle tension results from the binding of collagen in between the muscles. This is due to prolonged inactivity or repetitive motions. When collagen binds together, they tend to occupy space and force your muscles to a shortened position, hence, the tension.

With a foam roller, you reduce the binding of collagen. It then allows your muscles to loosen up and relax.

2.      Increased blood circulation

If there is anything my physiotherapist has taught me, it would be that proper blood circulation is important. Without it, your organs will fail to work properly which causes a lot of diseases and illnesses.

The same goes for muscles. If blood does not properly circulate among your muscles, it lacks the oxygen it needs to carry out its function. A vibrating foam roller can help reduce your body’s overall tension and stimulate proper blood flow. You can apply this on your arms, back, and even gently on your neck.

3.      Promotes relaxation

If you’re coming from an intense workout session, there are moments that you already feel your muscles aching or your legs and arms shaking. Although this won’t go on for a long time, having a foam roller can lessen the amount of time you need to recover.

Vibrating foam rollers are meant to increase relaxation because they slowly release the tension that your workout created. To do this, you should use a low to medium setting and let the roller stay in the same spot for at least 5 seconds before moving it to another position.

4.      Efficient massages

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it’s impractical to get massages or visit your physiotherapist for your muscle pains. If you just want to do some flexibility massages, then a vibrating foam roller can do the job for you at a more affordable price.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller is a great accessory for those who are non-beginners. It’s very affordable compared to other foam roller models and it is made from high-quality materials. The size also makes it versatile when it comes to doing different pre- and post-workout movements.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a durable foam roller.