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York C420 Exercise Bike Review – Should You Buy It?

For someone who wants to stay fit and healthy but cannot find the time to visit the gym regularly, exercise bikes have been my companion for many years already.

After arriving from work or from a business trip, I could just mount my bike and pedal away to get rid of the fats stored in my body from several days of leading a sedentary existence. Time has never been a constraint because I can work out day or night as much as I want.

After years of using my old bike, I find my daily exercise boring. I read about the latest exercise bikes and it made me think about the ancient exercise bike I have. I started browsing the internet to find something really cool, and that’s when I discovered the York C420 exercise bike.

I immediately placed my order and excitedly waited for my newest exercise companion. When it finally arrived, I lifted the package as gently as I could to make sure that it would never get damaged. I took it out, placed it next to my ancient bike, and saw a big difference. I tried it immediately and discovered that this bike is much, much better than my old one.

When using it, I can check the monitor for the number of calories I burned, the rate per minute, the distance I covered and the time it took me to reach those distances. Knowing how I am doing during each exercise gives me an idea if I need to push more or if it is time to take it slow.

For me, the York C420 exercise bike is the best cardio equipment for staying physically fit without having to make regular visits to the gym.

Overview of the C420 Exercise Bike

The York C420 exercise bike can make every owner proud of it. It has an ergonomic design, allowing the user comfort while trying to stay fit and shed off some extra body weight. Despite its compact and slim body, it is highly durable and can easily carry a user that weighs 150kg.

The York 420 exercise bike has heavier flywheel compared to other exercise bikes allowing it more resistance. With a larger LCD screen, it is easier to read or see whatever is displayed. This exercise bike comes with 17 built-in programs, 12 of which can help in achieving the user’s fitness goals while the other five includes heart rate control, watts, manual, as well as programs set by the user.

With the pre-set programs, you can experience a change in resistance when your console is displaying a flat or hilly terrain. The heart rate control program changes the resistance automatically from easier to harder using the heart rate I had before engaging in the exercise.

I was surprised to see that I was able to achieve a heart rate that is 60% to 85% higher than what I had when my heart is resting. This is the best target that I was able to hit in the many years that I had been using an exercise bike.

A Closer Look at the York C420 Exercise Bike

Take a closer look at the York C420 exercise bike and you shall discover several features that make it stand out when compared to other exercise bikes.

Electronic Resistance with 32 Levels

With its 32 levels of electronic resistance, the York C420 exercise bike is great for a user of any resistance level. You can start from the lowest level to the highest without experiencing any glitz. The transition from one resistance level to another can be done smoothly for better performance.

Durable Parts

The York C420 bike is made of durable components. To make the pedal extra strong, it is fitted with a 3-crank system that is guaranteed for durability. The flywheel is heavy at 12kg and the bike itself has a capacity of up to 150 kilograms.

Easy to Adjust

The York C420 exercise bike has adjustable parts to make exercising at home a pleasant experience. It has vertical and horizontal seats padded with cushion for a comfortable ride.

The handlebars can easily be adjusted to the desired height. The pedals have straps to keep your feet in place while you are pedalling. With secured straps, you can take any riding position and your feet shall stay on the pedal.

Placed in front of you within easy reach is a receptacle to hold your water bottle. Since you must remain hydrated during the workout, a water bottle holder can make exercising a convenient experience.

17 Work-out Programs

The York C420 exercise bike comes with 17 workout programs. Twelve of these programs are pre-set and aim to help you achieve your fitness goals easily. The rest takes care of watts, heart-rate control, manual, and user-defined programs.

Large LCD Display

The LCD screen of a York C420 exercise bike is larger than that of other exercise bikes. The LCD display is in bright blue colour, making it easy to read your performance and track the distance you have covered, the time. speed, pulse, and your rate per minute.

Power Saving Feature

The York C420 exercise bike is powered by electricity. When you stop pedalling for four minutes, the console will go to a sleep mode to save electricity.

Built-in Sensors for Heart Rate

This exercise bike comes with a heart rate pulse sensor built into the handlebars. This means that you can monitor your heart rate while working out.

Transport Wheels

Transferring the York C420 exercise bike from room to room is made easy by its transport wheels. You can move it even on uneven surfaces without taking unnecessary movement because of its stabilizer feet that can be easily adjusted.

Step-through Design

This exercise bike has a step-through design, which means that you do not need to lift your foot to mount or dismount it. This makes riding the exercise bike easy and convenient.

Easy Storage

The York C420 exercise bike is 101 centimetres high, 62.5 centimetres long and 13.9 centimetres wide. It is small enough to store behind a door or beside a desk or closet. Because it is small, it is also light, allowing you to bring it anywhere you want to go so that you can do your exercise even if you are not at home.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a heavy flywheel at 12-kilogram
  • It has 32-level electronic resistance.
  • Made of durable parts supporting a maximum capacity of 150kg
  • It has adjustable handle bars and seats
  • It has 17 work-out programs
  • It has a large LCD with blue lights for easy reading
  • It has a power-saving feature
  • It has heart rate pulse sensors
  • It has transport wheels
  • It has a step-through design
  • Limited flywheel resistance, may not be suitable for advanced users
  • Limited resistance level for fitness buffs
  • Limited capacity – not for users who weight more than 150kg

Should You Buy It?

I had a great experience using this product. It really helped me become physically fit. If you are just starting using an exercise bike and you do not weigh over 150 kilograms, buying the York C420 exercise bike is worth your money.