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Aeropilates Reformer 651 Review

I have seen friends who made the mistake of considering only the price tag of the Pilates machine that they chose to buy. In the end, they suffered more problems because of the equipment’s poor construction. I have found a home Pilates machine that offers exceptional value.

The Aeropilates Reformer 651 provides a great combination of performance, durability, and affordability. I promise you, this is one Pilates device that you don’t want to miss.

Overview of the Aeropilates Reformer 651

The Aeropilates Reformer 651 is one of the latest Pilates equipment to hit the market. It comes with a few accessories that can help enhance your overall Pilates experience.

For starters, there is the Cardio Rebounder that’s meant to turn this piece of exercise equipment into a worthy cardiovascular trainer. Not only does it work to give you the muscle toning and flexibility that you need; it can also enhance your endurance.

This home Pilates machine comes with four resistance bands or cords that give you substantial levels of resistance. They are adjustable so you can fine-tune the resistance levels to your needs.

Hard-core Pilates practitioners may feel the maximum resistance of this equipment to be inadequate, however. But when it comes to novices and advanced beginners, the Aeropilates Reformer 651 hits the sweet spot.

Reasonable price point that comes with Exceptional Value

The frame is quite deceiving. It looks as though it is not sturdy enough. But given the fact that this Pilates equipment can handle a 136-kilogramme individual, it is as strong as you’d hope it to be. The platform glides in a seamless manner along the rail.

It comes with ample padding to never hurt your back. The shoulder support and headrest also come with adequate cushioning to make your workout routine more comfortable. The foot bar and hand and foot straps come with their respective paddings, too.

In addition to these features, Aeropilates is also including the Primer Plus. This is a DVD that introduces beginning practitioners to the art of Pilates. There are workout exercises for beginners. Your purchase also comes with free access to the company’s online workout videos.

For all of the innovations introduced into the Aeropilates, you’d expect it to come with a hefty price tag but it doesn’t. Because of this, the Aeropilates Reformer 651 is an excellent choice for Pilates practitioners who demand performance at a reasonable price.

A Closer Look at the Features of the Aeropilates Reformer 651

Adjustable Resistance Levels

One of the most important things people will appreciate about the Aeropilates Reformer 651 is its resistance cords. Unlike many Pilates equipment I have seen and used, this one comes with four extra-strong resistance cords. I am not sure about the material used in the manufacture of these cords.

What I do know is that they are tough. Otherwise, the machine will not be able to withstand the pulling force of a 136-kilogramme user.

What I like about these resistance cords is that they are very easy to adjust. There are no complicated setups. This way, you can choose the level of resistance that your body is prepared to work against.

On a personal note, I find this Pilates machine feature to be excellent for newbies and advanced beginners. For hard-core Pilates enthusiasts, however, the resistance levels may not be enough.

Don’t get me wrong. The resistance levels of the Aeropilates 651 are commendable. I only think that the maximum level of resistance that it delivers may not be substantial for people who require greater force. Nonetheless, it is a very minor drawback and one that is the result of a very subjective assessment on my part.

The Aeropilates Reformer 651 offers enough variability in its resistance levels to help you achieve your goals. If you want to exercise your core muscles, then you can always adjust it to the light resistance level. If you want to give certain muscle groups a good workout, then you’ve got to ramp up the resistance levels, too.

Durable Construction

The Aeropilates 651 Pilates equipment features a frame made of high-carbon steel frame. It measures 219 centimetres long, 87.6 centimetres wide, and 51 centimetres high. It is one of the “longest” reformer machines I have ever seen. This can be an issue for individuals who may not have ample space in their homes.

What took me by surprise is the Aeropilates 651’s weight. The Byron Bay Studio Pilates Reformer, if I am correct, weighs a whopping 100 kilogrammes. It would be almost impossible to move the Byron Bay Studio Pilates equipment without asking for any assistance.

This is never an issue with the 651. This machine comes with a surprising weight of only 45.45 kilogrammes. It is still heavy but you can move it a lot easier than a 100-kilogramme machine.

I do have some misgivings about the steel frame. In my opinion, it does not look as sturdy as its manufacturer claims. The reason I said this is because the steel bars are thinner than those I’ve seen in other Pilates equipment. But then again, if it can accommodate a 136-kilogramme individual, then I’d say it is still a strong and durable platform.

The Aeropilates Reformer 651 is stable enough, owing to its wide frame. The leg supports also come with non-skid heavy-duty rubber. Regardless of how much you move on the sliding platform, you can bet that you will feel safe. That is how I feel whenever I use this home Pilates machine.

Patented Cardio Rebounder

Without a doubt, this is the Aeropilates Reformer 651’s best selling point. For those who may not appreciate what this contraption does, the Cardio Rebounder may look like an ordinary foot board. What you may not realise is that this panel has a very unique design.

It is like a trampoline that’s oriented in a vertical manner instead of the usual horizontal orientation. The platform comes with multiple resistance cords that resemble that of bungee cords. They provide resistance for the feet to work against.

On that note, it would be like jumping on a trampoline. The only difference is that you are lying down on the Pilates machine padded platform. What makes it quite unique is that you will be working against the resistance on the platform. I can tell you with all honesty that it is not easy. Well, that is if you crank up the resistance levels to the max like I did.

But the point is that working against resistance while “jumping” horizontally on the Cardio Rebounder can increase your heart rate. After a few minutes of doing the “horizontal rebounding” on the Aeropilates 651, I read 145 beats per minute on my fitness tracker. This is almost the same heart rate that I get whenever I use the treadmill, running at 8 KPH at a 5-degree incline.

The Cardio Rebounder is a smart feature that can separate the Aeropilates 651 from the rest. At the very least, you can use this Pilates equipment to improve your cardiovascular performance. Who says that a reformer machine is only for improving one’s balance, flexibility, and strength? With the Aeropilates 651, you can also improve your endurance.

I can only assume that this feature will also be beneficial for people who want to lose weight or those who want a flatter tummy. It can also strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Optimised User Comfort

Every component of the Aeropilates 651 that’s in contact with the human body comes with ample padding. For example, the sliding platform comes with padding that feels like that of a hospital mattress.

The shoulder pads and the headrest also come with adequate padding. It is like having the support of a firm pillow on both your head and shoulders.

The standing platform at the base of the Aeropilates Reformer 651 also features ample cushioning. Your feet will never get in contact with the cold steel. The hand and foot straps also come with their own plush materials. Aeropilates call them “furry”, but I would prefer to use the term ‘velvety’ instead.

I have several other Pilates equipment in the past. Some of them are higher priced than the Aeropilates 651. Yet they cannot provide the same level of comfort that I have experienced in this machine. This is a big plus, if I may say so myself.

Pro and Cons

  • Adjustable resistance levels mean greater versatility in terms of targeting specific muscle groups
  • Works as a cardiovascular trainer and not only for flexibility, balance, and muscle toning
  • Durable and reliable construction that can accommodate persons weighing up to 136 kilogrammes
  • Fully-padded, 50.8-centimetre wide sliding platform for greater stability and comfort
  • Great price for the different features that the machine provides
  • Requires some assembly
  • Extra-long footprint may be an issue for homes with limited space
  • Number of resistance cords may not be sufficient for hard-core Pilates practitioners

Should You Buy It?

The Aeropilates Reformer 651 sets the bar in modern Pilates equipment. It comes with several neat features that you would expect from a high-end fitness machine. The good news is that Aeropilates comes with a friendlier price tag. It is a great option for those who want a great all-around Pilates machine without causing them to go bankrupt.