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Best Home Gym Australia 2024 – Extensive Review

One thing I like about a home gym is that it can fit right into a spare room or the garage. I can then perform weight training right in my home. A home gym is a one-station fitness equipment that allows you to perform as many exercises as possible.

Picking the right home gym is thus crucial to help you achieve your fitness goals. And if you are at a quandary as to which of the best home gyms in Australia to buy, I am here to help.

Commercial fitness centres and gyms all over Australia use only home gyms that can provide their clients with as many workouts as possible in a single station. I did my research as to which of the many brands of home gym equipment gyms and fitness centres use.

My thinking is that if these machines are great for commercial use, then they should also perform well in the home.

Here is the list of best home gyms in Australia compared:

Product Name
Maximum User Weight N/A
My Rating 4.9/5
Where to Buy
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Image CORTEX SS-3 Home Gym
Product Name
Maximum User Weight 100 kg
My Rating 4.8/5
Where to Buy
Product Name
Maximum User Weight 120 kg
My Rating 4.7/5
Where to Buy
Product Name
Maximum User Weight 150 kg
My Rating 4.6/5
Where to Buy
Product Name
Maximum User Weight 200 kg
My Rating 4.4/5
Where to Buy

** N/A indicates there is more than one component of the home gym with different maximum load weights. (ie. The rack has a max load weight of 250kg including the user while the bench has a max load weight of 450kg including the user)**

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Gym

I am aware that the products I included in my list of the best home gyms in Australia may not be what you have in mind. If you wish to shop for your own multi-station fitness equipment, I would suggest considering the following things:

Fitness Goals

It is very important to define what you want to achieve first. Having a clear goal will help you determine the right fitness equipment to bring home. For example, is your goal to tone and sculpt your muscles to become the next Mr. or Ms. Olympia in the next year or so? Or is it to simply strengthen your muscles so that you will become more effective in the performance of your other activities?

If your goal is to achieve general fitness or manage your weight, then a home gym with a simple design should be enough. Dumbbells, adjustable bench press, and resistance bands can all work to help achieve your goals.

People who have been training for quite some time often want to achieve more muscle development, increase their fitness levels, and do more serious strength training. As such, they need a home gym that can help in the achievement of such goals. This often comes with heavier weights, more weight plates, and a barbell rack. These are in addition to the other features that you would expect from a beginner’s gym set.

For advanced trainers, a home gym is often a supplemental tool to what they have in a professional gym. Their goal is to safeguard their gains during those times that they are not working out in the gym. The equipment that they may require is one that can augment the different workouts performed in the gym.

Current Needs

To help you in the determination of the most appropriate gym equipment to buy, you may want to assess your current needs. Do not think about what you wish to have or what you want to have. Wants and wishes are different from needs.

Determining what you need at the moment can be challenging. One way to do this is by looking at your current state of training. Look at the exercises that you are doing in the gym. Are there any workouts that you need to perform that existing gym equipment cannot provide? If so, then you’ve found one particular need.

You can also look at your fitness goal. Think of the different exercise machines that you need to help accomplish your goals. This will help identify the right exercise equipment to include in the home gym.

It is also crucial to consider the muscles that you need to target. There are exercises that target specific groups of muscles. The exercise equipment you have in the gym may not target these muscles. You will have to look for a home gym equipment that does.

Types of Fitness Equipment

Woman Using Bench Press

Multi station home gyms often differ in the number of exercise platforms that they provide. For example, there are those that will only give you weights and a bench press. Others may include a punching bag and a speed ball to go with the training equipment.

Some home gyms are so simple that they comprise a combination of portable exercise equipment. They may include dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise balls, ab workers, sit-up bench, and mats, among others. These are basic fitness equipment, although, extensible.

There are also free weight stations that come with power racks. They hold plates, barbells, and dumbbells for strength training needs. You can also find workstations that employ composite or steel bands as tools for generating resistance.

All of these depend on your current needs and what you want to achieve. That is why it is very important to have a very clear goal before you start choosing a home gym.


How much you are willing to pay is always a major consideration when buying anything. It is best to align your budget with that of your goal. For example, if your goal is only for basic general fitness, then you only need very simple equipment. You do not need to spend more than AUS$500 for such a set.

If your goal is a more serious strength training program, then you must purchase exercise machines that can help you achieve this goal. Weights and other strength training machines will cost you several hundreds of dollars. Expect to shell out close to a thousand Australian dollars for these systems. For multi-platform home gyms, the price tag can reach more than AUS$1500.


Always consider the space that you have at home. Multi gyms that integrate cardio, strength, and flexibility training can occupy a good amount of floor space. As much as possible, try to check if you have a room that is at least 4 metres long, 3 metres wide, and 2.5 metres high.

These dimensions are often enough to accommodate the most complex multi gym on the market. If not, measure the area of the room you wish to put the home gym in. Use this information in your search of the best home gym for yourself.

Buying the best home gym does not have to be difficult. Always think about the considerations I shared with you when choosing the right gym equipment. If not, you can always choose from the best home gyms in Australia I listed for 2022.