Best Smart Bathroom Scales Australia 2020 – Buying Guide

If you are a person who is embarked on a fitness regime, either to lose weight or simply one who wants to be healthy, chances are you already have your own weighing scale. This is because, just like myself, you also want to check your weight regularly. You want to know if your fitness plan is working for you or not. Am I right?

These days, weighing scale have evolved into one of the best companions you can have especially when you are losing weight or if you are following a fitness program.

They are no longer mere bathroom weighing scales because just like cellphones, they have become “smart” as well. Gone were the days that these bathroom scales are merely there just to tell you how light/heavy you are.

Nowadays, they can do far more than just those things. These “smart bathroom scales” can even track everything about your weight including body fat, BMI and even your heart rate.

Some can even be linked to your smartphones and other devices just so you can track your improvements. It may show you the bone density, muscle mass or even the amount of your hydration while you exercise.

There are also some smart bathroom scales that can even tell you what is the weather today so you can be informed if you can do an outdoor workout. Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you are on the look-out into buying your own smart scale, I have short-listed some of the best smart bathroom scales available in Australia.

Top 5 Smart Bathroom Scales in Australia

ImageBrand/ModelSpecial FeaturePowerMy RatingWhere to Buy

FitTrack Dara Smart Scale

Weight management app4 x AAA Batteries5/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

Qardio Base 2 WiFi Smart Scale

Smart FeedbackUSB Rechargeable4.8/5

Check the Price

Fitbit ARIA 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Up to 8 users3 x AA Batteries4.6/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

RENPHO Rechargeable Smart Scale

Track 13 body metricsUSB Rechargeable4.5/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

Withings Body+ - Smart Body Scale

Weather forecast integrationRechargeable Battery4.4/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

eufy Smart Scale P1

Up to 16 users3 x AAA Batteries4.3/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

Buying Guide for Smart Bathroom Scales

Here is some in-depth information that you can use to fully understand everything about smart scales.

What are smart scales?

Smart scales are bathroom scales that resembles ordinary scales but with the added connectivity feature. It enables to provide information by simply connecting it with other gadgets or devices.

The big difference between the regular scale and the smart scale is that, smart bathroom scales can compile more than just your average weight. It helps you keep data about your health, such as body mass index, heart rates or bone density so you can use it in the future.

What’s best about these smart scales is that they have the ability to get in sync with your fitness trackers and other health applications which will help you monitor your progress as you continue doing your own program. An added benefit for you especially if you are really set to achieve your fitness goals.

How does smart scales work?

Smart scales use BIA or the bioelectric impedance analysis in order to get your body measurements. This BIA has a very weak and undetectable electric current that will simply pass through your feet in order to get a reading. The readings will provide results on the state of your body during your weigh in. They are consistent and accurate, hence you will be able to monitor your progress as you go through your fitness program every day.

These results are then transmitted to any device or gadget compatible with the smart scale. Once the results are gathered, you can keep them and be able to share it with your doctor, fitness instructor or health care professionals so they will be able to guide you through your journey for a healthy lifestyle.

What are the things that smart bathroom scales measure in your body?

As previously mentioned, aside from providing you with your weight it goes beyond that. Let’s go and take a look at it:

  • Body Mass Index or BMI: the body mass index or BMI is one of the good indicators of your health status. It incorporates the weight and height and tells you if you are overweight, underweight or if your height is proportionate with your weight. A high BMI means that you have a lot of body fat which may be bad for your health.
  • Body fat: the body is made up of fats and muscles. When you lose weight, it does not always mean that you are losing unwanted fat. Sometimes you are just merely losing water or muscle mass and this is what smart scales can tell you. It can determine what your present body fat is and what have you lost during your exercise.
  • Bone mass: another added feature of smart bathroom scales is its ability to measure bone mass as well. This will help you know if you are at risk of having osteoporosis and help you take measures in preventing it such as taking supplements, adjusting your exercise and even your diet.
  • Muscle mass: if your goal is to increase muscles and overall strength, you definitely want to lose weight as well. However, if you are simply using a regular scale, you might get alarmed to see that you are gaining weight not knowing that what you may have gained are muscles. With the smart scale, you will be able to know all of these information and not be alarmed.
  • Hydration level: this is also important as it allows you to know whether you need to get hydrated and drink a lot of liquids to replenish your body’s fluids after workout.
  • Heart rate: smart bathroom scales can also determine your heart rate when you step on it. It tracks it over time so you will be able to know the health of your heart as well.

Things to Consider When Buying Smart Bathroom Scales

It is truly amazing how such a small item can help a lot in your health and fitness journey. Since you may already have an idea on how it really works and what it can do, you can finally decide what kind of smart scale you can purchase. Consider what information you really needed. Majority of smart scale users consider knowing their weight, body fat and BMI.

Next, know how many people might be using the smart bathroom scale in your household. If you are not the only one having a regular fitness regime, then look for smart scales that can support multiple users and be compatible with different apps.

Check for its maximum weight capacity as well. Most have 180 kg capacity but there are some that might be a bit lower. So make sure that it will support your need.

Then, look for smart scales that have clear displays and easier to use and read. Be sure that the scale you will choose will be able to accommodate you – they should be sturdy and big enough so that you can fit exactly on the scale when you stand and have an accurate reading.

Lastly, check for the scale’s resistance to humidity. Since scales are mostly placed inside the bathroom, you must look for scales that won’t malfunction when exposed to a little moisture, water and heat.

FAQs on Smart Scales

Are smart scales worth it?

Yes they are. As you have learned earlier, smart bathroom scales are more than just giving you the numbers of your weight. They are the best companion in order to monitor not just your weight, but your overall fitness as well. You don’t need to go to the clinic just to get a reading. You can simply keep the data and do it in the comfort of your home.

How accurate is a smart scale?

Like all other consumer-grade smart scales, there will always have some small margin of error. But these smart scales are made to provide you information that are “close” to your specified body measurement and weight. The BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis) can fluctuate at times due to some factors. However, the information that are generally given is acceptable to determine the composition of your body over an extension of time.

Can low battery affect scales?

Yes. Generally, smart scales have batteries in order to function. Having low battery will make your smart bathroom scale sluggish and might not provide an accurate information. So at the first sign of any fluctuation, make sure to examine the batteries and replace it with fresh ones. Be sure that all of the connections are well connected so you can use them well.

How often should I weigh myself?

It is advisable to weigh yourself once a week. This is because there are a lot of factors that can change in your body every day like water retention. Weighing yourself consistently at the same time will give you a more accurate information on the progress of your fitness plan. Also keep in mind that when you weigh, try doing it every morning with a tracker and at the same way every time.