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FitTrack Dara Smart Scale Review

4.9out of 5


Stepping on the scale can be daunting for some, and it’s understandable. That number can either make or break your day. But the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale is a game-changer. Step onto this device, and you get an overview of various body composition measurements, from body fat to muscle mass. These data points give you that much-needed inspiration to be healthy and stay that way!

With a smart bathroom scale so accurate, it’s no wonder FitTrack scales in Australia have been a huge hit.

Overview of the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale

The FitTrack Dara Smart Scale is unlike any bathroom scale you’ve stepped on before. Aside from displaying your body weight (up to 180kg), it also gives you 17 other health indicators when you pair it with the FitTrack Pro app.

Setting it up is easy – insert the batteries, download the app, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth then stand on the scale. Real-time accurate readings are ready in under 20 seconds!

What’s more, is that you can track the body measurements and health progress of up to eight users. It’s sleek, lightweight and user-friendly. You wouldn’t mind saying hello to this smart bathroom scale every day.

One of the best things about this FDA-approved scale is the reliable manufacturer behind its construction and design. By combining smart technology and our health needs, FitTrack can make products that provide individualised results. Understanding our bodies more, in turn, empowers us to stay on a healthy track.

A Closer Look at the Features of the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale

The FitTrack Dara Scale and your fitness goals are a perfect match. Health buffs have been raving about it and giving it high star ratings. So, if you’re keen on understanding what the buzz is all about, then read on this FitTrack Scale review to learn more about its features.

Full body composition analysis

Instead of just letting you know how much you weigh, FitTrack Dara takes a more comprehensive approach. Thanks to its built-in technology, this scale can provide a total of 17 body composition measurements.

It can give you accurate readings of your standard weight, BMI, BMR, body fat ratio and bone mass, to name a few, right in your smartphone. With this feature, you can get a quick physical exam anytime, at home and for free!

Having a record of your body stats has other benefits. One of which is that it helps you identify problem areas in your body even without physical manifestations. A fit-looking person, for example, may have low hydration levels or muscle mass based on the scale’s measurements.

This way, you can address health issues before they occur or worsen. Here are ways how these metrics benefit other users:

  • Fitness enthusiasts. Anyone who’s into a healthy lifestyle can benefit from this smart scale’s detailed body composition metrics. For example, a person trying to lose weight can use the scale to confirm successful fat reduction or muscle gain.
  • Sports professionals. The FitTrack Scale has an Athlete Mode that allows athletes to monitor specific stats relevant to their sport. With this device, a boxer can easily track his muscle-mass development, while a bodybuilder can regularly check his subcutaneous fat level.
  • Doctors and nutritionists. Health experts can rely on this scale’s metrics and near-clinical accuracy when giving out diagnoses or checking patient progress. FitTrack even has a working Medical Advisory Board to keep its products on top of scientific advances.

Dual BIA technology

Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) is a method for measuring body composition, mainly fat and muscle mass. This technology works by sending a weak electric current through your body. Don’t worry! It won’t feel a thing.

The frequency passes through body water quickly then slows down as it encounters body fat. These signals are then computed and recorded as numerical data.

The FitTrack Scale has two frequencies working together for better accuracy. It has a +/- 3% accuracy rate, to be exact, which is exceptionally high compared with other smart scales. With twin BIA technology, it can deliver results in seconds, too.

The use of BIA for measuring body metrics, however, makes the scale unsuitable for some users. For example, people with pacemakers and other electronic medical implants are not allowed to use it. The electric signals could potentially interfere with the operation of their medical devices.

Pregnant women, on the other hand, should seek the advice of their doctors first before using the scale. Also, for users under 18 years, this scale can only measure their weight and not all 17 health metrics due to active body growth.

Quick and easy set-up

Now, this scale may sound super smart and scientific, but you don’t have to be a techie to make it work. To help you visualise how easy it is to set up, here are the quick steps you need to do:

  1. Insert four AAA batteries at the back.
  2. Set the scale on a flat surface.
  3. Install the FitTrack Pro app to your Android or iOS device and create your profile.
  4. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth (select “my device” then the “+” sign).
  5. Stand on the scale with bare feet.

Your results should be on display in about 10 to 15 seconds. After that, all you need to do next time is turn on your Bluetooth, go to the app and step on the scale! The FitTrack Scale is compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health and most fitness apps, too.

Some users of FitTrack scales in Australia did encounter minor glitches when setting it up. A common issue would be difficulty connecting the smart bathroom scale with your smartphone. You can resolve this, though, by reinserting the batteries or reinstalling the app. Moreover, FitTrack has helpful videos for quick troubleshooting in their FAQ page.

User and family-friendly system

Ease of use is, for me, the best feature of this smart bathroom scale. With a user-friendly device, you’ll be keen to use it often and explore its features. Here are some commendable points I found:

  • Straightforward instruction manual.If it’s your first time using a smart scale, then you won’t get lost and confused with the FitTrack Dara. Its manual has all the info you need to set it up, connect it with the app, change the unit of measure and more. The visuals also make every step easy to follow.
  • Easy-to-navigate app. When it comes to user experience, the FitTrack Pro app is top-notch. It gives the details you need without having to go through page after page. And while the app displays 17 different body metrics, each one is presented in clear line graphs. They are even categorised in groups, depending on your health status (standard, low, high or very high).
  • Multiple users. This FitTrack Scale ensures that you and the entire household stay in tip-top shape. Its ability to store data of up to eight users means you can track your family members’ health or progress. This feature also makes the scale an excellent choice for coaches and personal trainers handling different athletes or clients.
  • Handy infant mode. Even little ones can hop on the healthy bandwagon when you have this scale at home. To use the baby mode, step on the scale alone first, then step back on with your baby. The app won’t show the 17 health metrics, but it will help you keep track of your baby’s weight, even before his regular check-ups.

Portable design

All these smart features of the FitTrack Dara come wrapped in a beautiful package, literally. From the clean, white exterior to its sleek glass top, the scale will look attractive on any surface, in every room.

It’s like any other 25cm square-shaped weighing device that we see in the market. But this conventional design also makes it easy to tuck underneath the bed or flush against a wall corner.

Another thing that’s worth noting is its weight. At less than 1.5kg, this smart bathroom scale is easy to move around the house or pack in your gym bag. With its brightly lit LED screen, you’ll have no trouble reading your body weight either.

Compared with regular scales, FitTrack scales in Australia can be a bit expensive. However, considering its performance plus all the bells and whistles, new and seasoned fitness enthusiasts will find it worth the investment.

Pro and Cons

  • Provides 17 health insights with +/- 3% accuracy rate
  • With patented dual BIA technology for enhanced accuracy
  • Easy to set up even for the first-time smart scale users
  • Can weigh up to 180kg and display results in less than 20 seconds
  • User-friendly FitTrack Pro app works for both Android (5.0 and up) and iOS (10 and up) smartphones
  • Scale syncs with Google Fit, Apple Health and most fitness apps
  • Has athlete and infant modes
  • Allows up to eight different users and works for most body types
  • Sleek and portable design to suit any surface or room
  • A bit pricey for those who don’t do regular weigh-ins
  • May show measurement inaccuracies and connectivity issues
  • Batteries need to be replaced (or recharged) within 3 to 6 months
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and people with electronic implants
  • Does not display full body composition results for users under 18

Should You Buy It?

It’s undoubtedly a great addition to anyone’s fitness arsenal. The FitTrack Scale’s comprehensive body analysis, accurate readings and customisable results can benefit serious athletes, weight watchers and people with medical conditions.

Smart device fanatics and non-tech savvy users alike will surely give its performance and looks two thumbs-up. Yes, it’s on the high-end range, but its unique features make up for it. Moreover, using it to keep your health in check may help avoid unnecessary medical expenses in the long run.

And if you’re just about to start your first-ever fitness journey, FitTrack Dara is the best companion. The smart bathroom scale might even be your ticket to a fit and healthier you!