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BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 Review

This model is no longer available. Check out this review on the newer model BH Fitness Inertia Treadmill G588.

Whether you want to burn calories and slim down, maintain cardiovascular health, or simply retain your current weight, a treadmill is an effective method of realising those fitness goals. It is also easier on your joints.

A model like the BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 will ensure you will get your physical activities done every week in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what we think about this specific treadmill unit – which might be the model for you.

Breaking Treadmill Monotony

Many people rely on the treadmill to perform their physical routines. However, some find it quite limited since you can only walk and run on it. That is why some folks give up on it after using the equipment for a while.

Treadmills need not be boring though if you primarily use them only to cover the desired distance. One way to deal with treadmill monotony is to make use of the treadmill’s programs, vary them, or come up with your routine.

The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 has excellent presets that will motivate you enough to keep going. Another way to break the monotony is to use the HIIT technique in your treadmill regimen.

To use the HIIT concept is to vary the intensity of workouts using the treadmill. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training treadmill routines concentrate on alternating brief bursts of intense exercise by modifying the speed or incline and followed by toned-down recovery.

Doing treadmill routines mixed with HIIT in a unit like the Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 can also serve as a choice routine for people who do not have enough time to perform more than an hour of intense physical activity, the length of time that health experts often recommend.

Several minutes on the treadmill doing HIIT exercises not only saves you time but will also help build endurance.

HIIT is a very time-efficient approach to exercise since the pacing is quite fast. It is more fun to do since there’s plenty of room for variety. Variety, in turn, helps keep you motivated. Performing HIIT workouts also means you still burn calories even following the workout – one can burn 100 calories within 24 hours.

Do not depend on the same routine whenever you hop on the treadmill. Build your own or look for treadmill workouts online. You can also ask a trainer about workouts that you can do on the treadmill. Remember to choose workouts that are suitable to your fitness level.

Overview of the BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805

The BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 has features that will win the hearts of fitness buffs who depend on treadmills to keep them fit and healthy. For starters, it is built for convenience, safe exercise, and quiet operation.

The unit presents a sleek, streamlined commercial-grade structure and more room to walk and run. The wider frame is supported by 17-cm ST52 steel tubes for stability and strength. The high-quality cambered surface steel design is also an eye-catcher along with its larger monitor. A bigger monitor means you can easily read your data even in the middle of a workout.

Working out on this treadmill is quite a comfortable experience since it’s strong, stable, and has a wider surface at 58 cm and 160 cm. The handrails are equipped with easy-grip cushioning for extra support and safety during intense exercises.

The treadmill is built with a 6.5-horsepower AC motor which is sturdy enough to tolerate even the most intense running exercises. Precise speed control is delivered through its efficient design. This one will not emit so much noise as well, thus your workouts will be in peace and you can crank out music without unnecessary noise distracting you.

The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 model offers 36 training programs to accommodate all fitness levels, thus making it a good unit for beginners and seasoned gym buffs alike. The speed the treadmill provides ranges from 0.8 to 25 km per hour while its incline ranges from 0 to 18 levels.

You won’t be confused and distracted while managing your exercise progress because the treadmill has the convenient contact pulse management feature. This lets users control their progress during workouts.

Worried about maintenance? The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 is a pretty low-maintenance unit since it will not require owners to check it on a regular basis since it’s designed to operate without lubrication.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Endurance Athlete Treadmill

Bigger LCD Display

The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 has a design that will indeed catch your attention. The reliable cambered steel frame, complemented by high-quality surface polish, presents the entire unit with style.

The multi-layer painting technology with an automotive-grade silver finish is the icing on the entire fitness equipment cake. It does not only give the whole ensemble a uniform and sophisticated look, but it also adds to the durability of the treadmill.

Other than its fine appearance, another detail that will catch your eye is the large monitor seated on top of the unit. The touchscreen LCD, with its wider dimensions, means users won’t have to squint or lean closer to the monitor during walking or running routines.

Data is laid out clearly on the sizable monitor so users can read information without hassles. It also means safer workouts for everyone.

The data that the treadmill provides includes the time, speed, calories, body fat, pulse, and distance covered. It’s displayed on the monitor in a manner wherein users can read each metric unmistakably. Keeping track of your fitness progress is done easier here.

Furthermore, the treadmill allows 3 user profiles to be saved into the machine. Anybody who wants to use the equipment can track their progress thus making the model a nice unit for a family.

Wider Range Of Preset Programs

Most treadmills have built-in programs but do they have 20? In my experience, not all treadmills have

The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 presents a total of 36 training programs for its users. That way, all user types will be covered from beginners to regular exercise enthusiasts. This also means there is a nice range of exercise routines that you can try out.

For better exercise progress management, the equipment presents a system that realises this measure. The treadmill comes with a convenient contact pulse measurement feature.

With this one on hand, users get to simply control their progress on the treadmill. It is automated and motion-tolerant so you can determine if your heart rate has increased enough to burn calories without tackling several controls on the treadmill.

Vary the intensity once you get the hang of the equipment. If you are a beginner and want to further motivate yourself to exercise every day, it would be great to change intensities now and then. If you lose weight using the equipment, you can then opt for maintenance exercises and take a rest from high-intensity ones every so often.

Changing your routines will prevent you from experiencing training burnout, which is common with a treadmill, a piece of equipment that only provides a space for users to run and walk.

High-quality Quiet AC Motor

A good treadmill has a dependable motor; even better if it allows you to work out in peace. One of the best highlights of the Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 is its efficient AC motor that delivers 6.5 horsepower.

The build and competent quality of the motor give the treadmill the power to endure even the most intense running workouts. This is an excellent treadmill to do HIIT-inspired walking and running exercises.

While it has enough juice to give way to high-intensity running workouts, the motor is one quiet worker, too. Exercise equipment that operates relatively quietly is always a welcome feature particularly if you live with family or other folks.

It also means there won’t be any grating, excess noise that might wreck your fitness motivation. With the treadmill on, you can listen to your choice tunes while running or walking without such annoying noises in the background.

First-rate Treadmill Built

Another factor that you will notice about the treadmill is its running and walking surface. It’s wider at 58 cm and 160 cm. Furthermore, it comes with an oversized, hard-wearing cambered frame. The unit is supported by a 17 cm ST52 steel tube while the commercial-grade cambered steel surface design is meant to strengthen the whole ensemble. It can accommodate up to 160 kg of weight.

Even though it’s wider and has enough length to accommodate all user types, the treadmill is still provided with features that will make using the unit safer. For one, it has quality handrails. The handrails have a sufficient size and are also padded for extra comfort and support. You won’t forget to hydrate as well since this one already includes a cup holder.

You need to take care of your fitness equipment so it will last longer. It’s comforting to know that the Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 does not require any maintenance since it’s built to remove the need for lubrication procedures, thanks to the innovative HST Phenolic Wax System.

Robust Suspension System

The suspension system for this equipment is also another matter that you need to consider if you are looking for a quality treadmill. Since it covers a good deal of intensities, it has to withstand shock during serious, fast running exercises, right?

The Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 treadmill has fine shock absorption. While you will not feel like you are running on clouds, the impact that results from every hard step you do on the belt is not drastic.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality cambered steel design
  • Quiet 6.5 HP AC motor
  • Excellent speed and incline range
  • Bigger LCD monitor
  • Wider running and walking surface
  • Larger safety handrails
  • Zero-maintenance treadmill
  • It may not fit smaller homes due to size

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Final Verdict

So, what can we say about the BH Fitness Pro-Action Series Treadmill G6805 model as a whole? We find this unit an excellent treadmill option for it has features that will no doubt, motivate you further to maintain a healthier, toned, and strong bod.

The selection of preset programs accommodates many user types so they can accomplish whatever fitness goal they want to achieve. If you wish to burn fat and lose weight or keep your legs strong, just choose a program on the treadmill that suits your objective.

This one is durable and will last many running and walking workouts. The quality cambered steel frame of the unit is capable of enduring fast workouts and user weight up to 160 kg. The wider belt or surface also means it’s good for several size types.

The monitor has a bigger size and contains all the data you need to keep track of the workout. Even during strenuous running exercises, you can still clearly monitor your progress thanks to the sizable LCD display.

Lastly, it has a stylish appearance and there’s no need to do maintenance procedures on it. It is easy to use and take care of.

Being a Health Constitution’s reader has its perks! Enter the code below for a 5% discount. For a high-value product like this treadmill, the 5% discount is already a gem.

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