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Body Solid PowerCentre Combo Bench Review


If I’m being honest, Body Solid’s PowerCentre Combo Bench looks exactly the same as a lot of multifunctional benches or FID benches out there. However, you should not take it against the product because weight benches have the same structure wherever you go.

I personally like the fact that it looks sleek with its silver-coated high-tensile-steel and the black padding it has for the bench. For weight benches, you don’t really need to have flashy and colorful equipment.

The PowerCentre can do different adjustments – flat, incline, and decline. This means that you can focus on different muscle groups with this bench. Aside from that, what makes this bench ideal for a lot of people is that it can adjust height positions.

If you want the overall bench to be higher, then you can do so. I didn’t need the height adjustment, but it’s a great plus for those who want variety in their workouts.

To know more about the PowerCentre, here are the things I like and dislike about it.

Take a Closer Look on the Body Solid PowerCentre Combo Bench

There is a lot more to mention about the PowerCentre Combo Bench. Here, I’ll go into detail about the specs and how they fare based on my experience with it.


They were not joking when they said that it was made from high-tensile strength-wielded steel. This type of steel is for heavy-duty uses which makes it the right base frame for lifting heavy weights. The mainframe itself has dimensions of 46 x 43 x 77 inches.

Overall, the weight of the whole product is 52 kgs. This is largely from the steel frame and the thick padding in the leg developer station. Because of its weight and size, the PowerCentre combo bench is not for transporting from area of the room to another. It is meant to be in just one place because it isn’t foldable either.


The bench is made up of a DuraFirm seat with thick padding. This gives extra comfort for when you are lying flat on your back.

The leg rollers were not spared as well, which makes it a huge plus for the PowerCentre. Instead of having a thinner padding for this section, it has extra-thick padding similar to the bench. It is even softer than the bench so it’s comfortable to do knee, thigh, and hamstring exercises with it.


The PowerCentre’s weight capacity is 270 kgs for the bench. For the leg curler, the maximum load is 60 kg. If you are not going for anything hardcore in weight training, this is more than enough to do a number of different weights.


Unfortunately, the PowerCentre is not foldable, but what it missed in the easy-storage department it made up for the attachments that you can put on it. One of the attachments that are commonly purchased is the Lat Pulldown Attachment. This is an added station that you can place right in front of the seat. Take note that you have to buy this separately.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the PowerCentre Combo Bench

Because the PowerCentre Combo Bench is a piece of multifunctional gym equipment, here are a few things you should consider before buying it:

1. Workout Routine

As you already know by now, the PowerCentre is not something you should buy if you only do weight training occasionally. It is an all-in-one bench where you can exercise your core, legs, and arms. If you don’t do weight training that much, you shouldn’t buy this bench.

Personally, I would recommend simpler benches for people who just do dumbbells. This will also help manage your budget. On the other hand, I do all the weight training exercises, so if you’re like me, the PowerCentre is the perfect fit for you.

2. Budget

One of the more common concerns of people is their budget. Buying home gym equipment is no joke especially if you are on a tight budget. If you are, then the PowerCentre will be too expensive. It will cost even higher if you don’t maximise its full capacity.

However, if you do have the budget, I suggest buying this product. For a few more added bucks, you are able to have a multifunctional bench that is both sturdy and durable. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s definitely something you can take advantage of.

To add to that, if it still seems expensive, you can divide the cost to the average number of times you’ll use it in a year. That’s what I do whenever I feel that shelling out this much money for one instance is too costly.

3. Space

Lastly, you have to consider space. I took the plunge when I bought this because I have limited space at home. However, it was worth it because then I didn’t have to buy other gym equipment. It was just a treadmill, a small space to place my yoga mat, and that’s it. Because this combo bench is all I need for all my weight training workouts, it ended up saving more space than if I bought different equipment for my different weight exercises.

Pro and Cons

  • All screws are fit perfectly – feels very secure
  • Sturdy – uses extra heavy steel frame
  • Supports multitude of exercises – great for targeting different body parts
  • Thick foam rollers
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Costlier than the average bench
  • Not foldable
  • Not easily movable as it is heavy at 52kg

Final Thoughts on the PowerCentre Combo Bench

In summary, I love the PowerCentre Combo Bench. It’s all you can ask for when it comes to your weight training requirements. Both beginners and advanced gym enthusiasts can have a blast with this product.

If budget and space are not an issue, then this is something you should invest in. It will last for a long time and the quality does not diminish even if you use it for more than a year.