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DECJ Vibration Machine Review – Good for Starters

Please note that I was informed this product has been discontinued. You can check the other recommended models here.

I met a few friends during the holidays asking me about vibration machines. They have heard from a common friend how effective the machine is when it comes to helping our friend lose some weight and tone up some of her muscles. These friends of mine, however, wanted something more robust yet perfect for their status as newbies in the field of vibration machines.

On hindsight, I am pretty sure other folks are also looking for such a vibration platform they can use right in the comfort of their homes and help them start on a journey towards a much healthier lifestyle. The DECJ Vibration Machine I am going to share with you in this article is not the best in the field, but can offer you some interesting features that I am sure many of you will also find appealing.

Let’s get right to it.

Overview of the DECJ Vibration Machine

The DECJ Vibration Machine offers novice health and fitness practitioners with a simple yet effective mechanism to help them achieve most, if not all, of their fitness objectives. The machine doesn’t really have any feature that can be considered as one-of-a-kind, except that it does try to create the best blend of structural soundness and feature richness at a price that is just right.

Forming the core of the DECJ is a microcomputer DC system that delivers 24 volts of power. While the rating is quite commendable, do keep in mind that there are machines that can do better. What’s worse, you may find the 10-speed settings of the DECJ to be inadequate for most users.

However, DECJ addresses this by integrating into the design of the vibration machine 5 different sports modes that can be interesting for those who absolutely hate dialling in the required settings for a particular sport. At the very least, this is one area that the DECJ did marvellously.

A massager is also built into the vibration platform of the DECJ. It’s a nifty addition that is quite handy when it comes to alleviating soreness in the soles of the feet. The integration of a Bluetooth speaker is also noteworthy.

One can easily connect with any Bluetooth enabled device to play your favourite songs, making vibration exercises a lot more engaging and relaxing at the same time. Obviously, there’s a lot to be improved on when it comes to acoustic quality, but it sure is better than having none at all.

Portable, Lightweight and a Massager too

The DECJ may look slightly larger than other vibration platforms in the market, but it is still portable and lightweight enough to be lugged around. I’ve seen folks place the DECJ on a treadmill without running the treadmill, of course.

The idea is for them to have rails to hold onto. Even on its own, the DECJ is a stable machine. The suction-cupped feet secure it to the floor. However, it is imperative that the floor has a non-porous surface for the suction cups to really work.

The vibration platform comes with oversized nubs for superior grip and greater stability especially when standing on the device. The platform itself is divided into three zones that correspond to what DECJ considers as its three modes of resistance. The outermost sections offer the greatest resistance while the ones near the centre come with the least resistance.

Overall, the DECJ Vibration Machine offers just the right number of programmes to help almost anyone in their health and fitness goals.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the DECJ Vibration Machine

Smart Exercise Programmes

Featuring 5 major sports modes and 8 smart modes, the DECJ Vibration Machine is an intuitive device that is sure to help tone and strengthen the muscles of almost anyone who steps onto its robust platform. My only lament is that the DECJ only comes with 10 speed settings whereas other products can go up to 100 or even more.

On a more positive note, however, I believe the 10-speed settings is carefully calibrated to work in tandem with the different sport and smart modes that the machine offers. There’s a programme for yoga practitioners, runners, casual walkers, and those who lead a more active lifestyle. There’s also a High-end mode which is definitely something worth your while if you’re looking to make more dramatic improvements in your fitness.

A nifty inclusion in the package is two resistance bands so you can always think of other ways to tone and strengthen the muscles of both the upper and lower extremities. Most machines I was introduced to never came with resistance bands, so DECJ’s inclusion does come as surprising. At least, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate elastic band to rev up your exercises.

Powerful and Quiet Motor

Under the vibrating platform of the DECJ is a 24-volt motor that hums an audible tune. Not to worry, though, as the motor is quiet enough you can practically use it at the side of the bed where your partner sleeps and you won’t rouse him or her from his or her sleep.

It is quite remarkable what a 24-volt motor can provide since other products I have tested or have been introduced to come with higher voltage motors. That being said, one can only assume that the design and engineering of the DECJ is more advanced than what its price tag is showing.

For some folks, this might not really be a good sign since the voltage rating of any device is often related to the power that it delivers. With a 24-volt motor, I won’t be surprised if people will think that the machine is underpowered.

The motor delivers sufficiently powerful triangular oscillation vibrations on the platform to help contract those muscles from the feet up.

Simple yet Effective User Interface

Most vibration machine platforms do not come with a large LCD display that allows for better visualisation of device settings. From time elapsed to vibration modes and the intensity of the vibrations and a whole lot more, there clearly is no need for guessing as everything is on the screen.

The interface can be controlled in two ways. You can either use the accompanying wireless remote control device or touch the display screen itself. There will always be exercises where one method of device control takes precedence over the other.

On a more personal note, however, I prefer having the remote since I no longer have to bend just to touch the screen.

Personalised Entertainment

The DECJ already comes integrated with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can turn it into a nifty sound platform. Honestly, this is something that I would expect from something that is priced somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand Aussie dollars or so. But, not this one.

While there are still a lot of improvements that can be made in terms of the quality of the acoustics emanating from its speaker system, one cannot argue with the fact that this is a neat feature. You no longer need to plug those cumbersome ear buds with their cables dangling on your sides and getting in the way to a more comfortable fitness regimen.

It is quite easy to pair a Bluetooth enabled music-playing device to the DECJ vibration machine so you’ve got a boombox that doubles as a great tool for losing weight and for strengthening and toning the muscles.

Sturdy yet Lightweight Construction

Weighing in at a measly 9 kilogrammes and occupying only a relative small space of about 81 centimetres wide and 48 centimetres deep, the DECJ Vibration Machine is portable enough that it can be brought anywhere, literally.

The combination of premium-quality ABS materials and high-carbon steel give it structural soundness that can easily handle a full-grown individual weighing up to 150 kilogrammes.

The vibration platform also comes with extra-large nubs, giving you a more secure foothold. The included resistance bands can also be used as a stabilising tool, just in case. Adding stability to the DECJ are four suction-type feet that effectively secures the vibration machine to the floor.

The vibration platform also features magnetic pressure massagers, although I doubt it works if you’re going to wear your sneakers on the DECJ. I find standing on the platform barefoot or at least with socks can truly help you “feel” the massaging action of this feature.

Pro and Cons

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  • 5 sports modes and 8 different smart modes offer varied effects for different individuals with different exercise or health and fitness needs
  • Quiet yet powerful motor with variable triangular oscillation vibration speed settings
  • Robust, lightweight, portable, and durable construction
  • Dual control mechanisms – remote and touchscreen
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker for personalised entertainment while on the vibration platform
  • Additional foot magnet pressure massager



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”4″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • A little bit more expensive than products with greater speed settings
  • Maximum vibration speed may be inadequate for advanced users



Should You Buy It?

The DECJ Vibration Machine is a good choice for novice health and fitness practitioners. However, if you’re already in the advanced phases of fitness, this machine is simply underpowered, especially when it comes to the variability of its vibration speed settings.

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